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Will you be my bridesmaid?


The proposal was amazing, the ring was all you dreamt it would be, and you couldn’t be happier.  You said yes to the perfect guy, and now it’s your turn to propose – to your bridesmaids!  Your ladies are going to be there through all the planning ups and downs, risking life and limb to ensure your day is the best it can be.

Proposing to your besties is a huge trend for today’s bride.  Some brides go all out with their proposals, making gift boxes with shirts saying “Bridesmaid”, bridesmaid wine glasses, and a bottle of champagne.  Another fun idea is a balloon filled with confetti.  Your unsuspecting bridesmaid must pop the balloon showering them in confetti, and read the note that was inside asking them to be your bridesmaid.  It’s an instant celebration!

We have heard stories of brides proposing to their girlfriends on one knee with a ring box that has a Ring Pop inside, asking them to be their bridesmaid.  Or If you know your crew has a sweet tooth, why not ask them to be by your side with some cookies or cupcakes.   That’s a treat they are sure to love.  How will you propose?

Paige & Derek – Sea Isle Yacht Club

Paige had a beautiful garden vision for her day at the beach. We used hydrangea, roses, tea roses and lots of draping eucalyptus! The centerpieces were so fun to make, we had a variety of vases, footed bowls and tall fluted vases. The mixed designs really created a fun garden mix, accented with rustic wood slices. We love this design style that is simple, beautiful and timeless.

Photo credit – Brook Bakken Photography

View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/boer-wedding

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is the color green’s real time to shine.  In honor of all things Irish, florists like to pay tribute to Ireland’s green landscape.  Designing arrangements that really play up green’s true hue. Some gorgeous blooms are: Green garden roses, mums, hydrangea, tranquilium, orchids, berries..BUT you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with out Bells of Ireland!  These tall spiked blooms, are a symbol of luck, making them a true St. Patty’s Day Flower!

Order our “Springtime in Ireland” arrangement on our website !


Fabulous Favor Ideas


We have all been there at the end of a wedding and all receive our wedding favors.  Some are greatly excited, while other guests could care less and leave them on the table. Here are some examples of some favors that your guests will love.

1. Food.  I start number one with food, because that’s is what the people want.  In recent surveys, most guests said they would love the favor if was something to eat. Some examples are homemade cookies, mini cakes, pretzels, candy, and many more.  There are all sorts of ways to add a cute saying with your food favor of choice, Like “We just tied the knot! C & J” on a bag with a soft pretzel inside. Your guests will love it, and it will give them something to snack on at the end of the night.

2. Wine opener, or beer opener.  A gift with a purpose are always good choices as good favors.  Many people lose these small objects, and are always in the need for another beer opener.  It is a great way to remember your wedding date, years down the road when they use it at a part, or get together.

3. Succulent plants.  These small plants make great favors, and with proper care your guests can have these for years to come as a small reminder of your wedding date.  Succulents are a great favor for a garden or rustic theme wedding.  They will have your guests scooping up any and all extras from you.

4.  Sparklers, or confetti launchers are great favor ideas. It gets your guests to interact in your wedding.  They will also look great in photos. Plus, they are super amounts of fun. Who doesn’t like confetti?

5. A Donation.  Some couples feel favors are a waste of money, and they would rather see that money go to a good cause.  Some couples have a charity of their choice in lieu of favors.  Having a cute sign, or putting it in your program are a good way to let guests know about your choice to donate instead of favors.



Helleborus come in different variations of  white, pink, purple, and green. People like planting them in gardens, because they bloom in mid- late winter, and will help to fill empty garden beds. They are mainly found in Europe, Turkey, and parts of Russia, and can thrive almost anywhere they are planted. Hellebore blooms in late winter (sometimes when snow is still present) and continues into spring, with a long 8-10 week bloom period. Helleborus has a lot of nicknames, including “Christmas Flower”, “Hellebore”, and “Snow Rose”. However, don’t let these sweet names fool you. Helleborus is actually one of the most poisonous plants when ingested.

Check out our blog on Moon Flowers, they bloom at night!

Don’t forget to change your clocks!


Daylight savings is Sunday, March 12

You have probably heard of the term Day Light Savings, or at least heard the saying, “Fall back, or spring forward”.  Daylight savings has not always been around. It’s new in terms of the dawn of time.  Daylight Savings just turned 100 years old. It started in Germany in 1916 in the time of WWI.  They introduced daylights savings time and turned clocks ahead, on April 30th, 1916.  The purpose was to reduce the use of artificial light, to save fuel for the war effort.  Many countries in the Northern Hemisphere use Daylight Savings Time, but not all. Actually, the number is less than 40% of the countries in the world use DST.  Daylight savings time starts in March and ends in November, when the country returns to standard time.  This makes better use of natural daylight.

The official term for this phenomenon is “Daylight Saving Time,” and not “Daylight Savings Time,” as searched by many people on Google. Some countries refer to DST as “Summer Time.”

According to research done by Finnish scholars in 2006, DST affects the health of people and disturbs their sleeping patterns by making them more restless at night.

Though several countries have adopted DST, many of them do not observe it on the same day — resulting in confusion for international tourists and business communication.

The American states of Hawaii and most of Arizona do not observe DST. U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam also do not observe DST.

One of the United States’ founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, conceived the idea of daylight saving in 1784.

Jamie & Daniel -Sheraton, Society Hill Philadelphia

This was a pretty wedding designed with a simple garden flowers in lavender and blush. Jamie loved succulents, so we added a few into her mix of hydrangea, garden roses, dahlias, eucalyptus, and sweet touches of Queen Anne’s lace. These giant balloons are an awesome photo prop! So fun and lovely!

Photo credit: Asya Photography

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Mellina & Joseph – Laurita Winery

Laurita WineryBranches Catering

We love this couple, they are so sweet! Mellina and Joseph live in Brooklyn, NY but really wanted a relaxed country wedding. Once they found Laurita winery they fell in love with the space and the vineyards. The flowers they choose to use were understated garlands, and simple seasonal blooms. So happy to be a part of this special day. Wishing these two love birds all the best!!

Photo Credit: Lily Szabo

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Snow Drops – the first sign of spring


                In nature one of the first flowers to poke through the snow is called a “Snow Drop”.   They are a tiny bulb flower, that has drooping ivory blooms, almost like little bells.  Snow Drops prefer winter on the colder side, and don’t bloom in regions that have a milder winter.  They grow about 3”-4” tall, and are great for your garden path, or even grow great in pots.  The best time to plant your Snow Drops are in the autumn. The snow drop has the meaning of purity and hope. They get the meaning of rebirth, by being one of the first flowers to break through the snow.  These tiny, beautiful blooms are now becoming endangered.  Their popularity has been growing, and people are digging up bulbs, which is helping lead to their demise.  The Snow Drop needs pollination to create seeds, but because you need bees for that, and there are not may bees in January, if at all. They are having a hard time reproducing in the wild.  Some countries, have made it illegal to dig up Snow Drop bulbs.  We hope these little blooms will always be around to remind us that spring is right around the corner.

Find out more about another delicate white flower, the Paper White, Here

Meet Our Favorite Local Farmers


Muth Farms

                We pride ourselves in buying as locally as we can, and having the freshest flowers possible for our customers.  Muth Farm is located in Williamstown, NJ and owned by two sisters Mary Ellen and Margaret.  They had a passion for flowers since a young age.  Their flowers are carefully tended, and organically grown using sustainable methods, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  They love growing rare variety of flowers, along with the classics.  They grow many flowers such as: Lisianthus, Dahlias, Sunflowers, Zinnias, and many more unique wild flowers.  Their love and care for their blooms, show on each and every flower they grow.  They also grow and sell fresh produce, which is available at their farm stand May  to October.


Formisano Farms

  Most flowers come from all over the world. Israel, Thailand, Holland, and South America to name a few.  But what people don’t know is some are grown here, locally in New Jersey.  We pride ourselves in the fact we buy local when we can, especially from New Jersey farmers.  Formisano Farms is located in Buena, NJ, the heart of Atlantic County.  Farmisano Farms has been in the Farmisano family for four generations, since 1908.  They grow seasonal flowers like dahlias, and sunflowers, as well as unusual pods and foliages  that add that unique touch to our arrangements. They also grow and sell produce as well.  We see this farm staying around for more generations to come. Read more about the benefits of supporting local farms here!

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