Calla Lily Bridal Place Card Frames

Calla Lily Bridal Place Card Frames

Calla lilies are extremely elegant flowers that can really add an air of perfection to your wedding reception because they bring a soft feeling to your wedding table decorations and the whole décor of your wedding no matter what your theme is. Calla lily accessories go great with fantasy weddings, princess weddings, or any other theme that you can ever imagine. Using calla lily accessories will really show your guests how much thought you put into your wedding, but little will they know that you simply went online and found some great tips about your wedding favors and found amazing products that fit your personality.

One of the most confusing parts of a wedding is the seating arrangements because your guests don’t really know quite where they are supposed to be sitting during the meal at your wedding reception. The best way to solve this problem is, obviously, to label certain tables with the names of guests so that they can easily find their seats. It is highly important to remember your decorations when choosing place card holders for your tables because you want them to enhance the look of everything you’ve worked so hard to put together. Calla lilies, as mentioned before, will be a great way to add to your decorations while putting a functional piece on your table. Take a look at some of these beautiful calla lily design wedding place card holders.

Magnet Frame in Calla Lily Design

You know that you and all of your guests love to put things up on the refrigerator because it is a conspicuous place to display things that you would like for everyone that comes into your house to see. This magnet can be placed on your wedding tables with photos in it or simply a card with the name of the guest and your own personal thank you. Afterwards, your guests can take this magnet frame home and place it on their own refrigerator or other magnetic surface in the household so that they can display their own pictures or simply use it to hold something up as a display or memento. Calla lilies make this frame extra-elegant as they wrap around the whole frame.

Ivory Resin Calla Lily Place Card Frame

This place card frame is an exquisite and unique design with a cut that makes it especially appealing to anyone who glances at it. Better yet, it can become a functional decoration on your table when you put a slip of paper on the inside and write a personal message to your guest or simply write down their name so that it is easy for them to know where they are supposed to be sitting. These will certainly help to make your wedding go more smoothly.

Sophisticated and elegant, these calla lily design frames make festive favors for weddings, showers and more.

A striking flower, symbolizing purity and love, the calla lily has earned its place among the most popular wedding adornments. Designed in durable white poly resin, these elegant favors feature an oval opening that reveals a detailed three dimensional calla lily glistening with embedded rhinestones.

The frame is a pearl white finish. A rectangular picture window, with a black hinged opening on the back for easy insertion, holds a 2″ x 3″ picture and can also hold a place card or message to the guests on your event day.