Climbing Rose Bushes

Climbing Rose Bushes

Of all the rose varieties, the climbing rose is one of the most beautiful.  The climbing rose is not really a vine and is also referred to as a rambler, trailing rose and everblooming rose.  Keep in mind when rose planting, that they do not naturally grow in a vine-like method.  But they are the ideal ornament to grace any archway, fence or any other structure in and around any garden. With just a little help the climbing rose can be minipulated to grow over a fence, arbor or gazebo.

As the rose grows carefully tie it to the desired framework.  With a little imagination, you can create a beautiful effect on a garden wall, fence, over a gate or almost anywhere you decide.  Climbing rose plants that are trained to grow laterally rather then vertically often produce more blooms.

Climbing roses that are coaxed to grow vertically have small clusters of buds.  The climbing rose will need that same type of care as other roses in your garden.  As with your other rose varieties they require over five hours of direct sun.  Even climbing roses that are said to do well in the part shade still need about four to five hours of direct sunlight a day.

When planning to grow climbing roses in your garden, take into consideration the height or length that these types of roses will grow to.  Some species of climbing roses can grow to be around thirty feet in height.  Some may only reach seven feet.  Pick a structure to attach your rose to that is strong enough for it.

Your rose will thrive if your home has the right climate.  Another thing to consider is which type of climbing rose is going to suit your garden.  Some varieties of climbing roses are everbloomers which means that they bloom all throughout the growing season.  Other varieties are spring bloomers meaning they only bloom in the spring.

One thing that is different when tending your climbing rose is that it does not need to be pruned as often.  There is no need to prune the plant for the first two years.  This is because, contrary to other roses, if a climbing rose is pruned often it will have less blossoms.

Actually, with basic rose bush care you really only need to cut back your plants every 3 to 4 years.  Even then, pruning consists of removing small canes and old or less vigorous canes at the base of the plant.  This should promote new, healthier growth to take place.  The young, fresh growth can be woven throught the trellis or other object you would like the rose to attach itself to.

Roses and especially climbing roses, need time to develop into the plant you are desiring.  This type of rose takes some time to get rooted and grounded before you begin to see an abundance of blossoms.  In time you will have a beautiful trellis, fence or arbor just filled with beautiful rose blossoms.

Want to learn more about caring for and maintaining your roses. Rose Bush Care will give you tips and information on how to properly take care of your roses to keep them healthy and ensure that you get large, healthy, colorful, and fragrant blooms.