Our favorite fall flowers

Fall weddings can be very romantic with the warm color leaves sprinkling down from the trees in shades of burgundy, orange, yellow and rich red.  This makes the perfect backdrop for such an event.  There are very beautiful flowers that grow in the Fall.

Here are 5 of our favorite seasonal Fall blooms:

  1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers grow locally here in late Summer and Fall making them a budget friendly option.  Their bright sunny blooms bring a lovely accent to the deep rich red and orange Fall tones.

  1. Dahlias

These unique blooms are a favorite of many brides.  Their blooms range from small and delicate to a large dinner plate size bloom.  They come in a wide range of colors to compliment any wedding color.

  1. Mums

Mums are a great way to bring Fall into your wedding.  Using mum plants as altar arrangements adds a beautiful Fall touch to any wedding.  These blooms are available as both plants and fresh cut blooms.  They are available in a variety of bold and beautiful colors such as purple, burgundy, orange, copper and yellow.

  1. Celosia

Celosia comes in a light and airy “feathered” variety or “coxcomb” variety which resembles coral in the ocean.  Popular celosia colors are its dark burgundy, red, orange and fuchsia.

  1. Bi-colored rose

These roses are grown all year round, but really got the spot light during the fall. Popular fall roses are high and magic, or circus rose.  Its bright yellow and orange petals make them a true show stopper. They look amazing in all aspects of the wedding from centerpieces, bouquets, cake flowers and other décor.

Jamie & Daniel -Sheraton, Society Hill Philadelphia

This was a pretty wedding designed with a simple garden flowers in lavender and blush. Jamie loved succulents, so we added a few into her mix of hydrangea, garden roses, dahlias, eucalyptus, and sweet touches of Queen Anne’s lace. These giant balloons are an awesome photo prop! So fun and lovely!

Photo credit: Asya Photography

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Mellina & Joseph – Laurita Winery

Laurita WineryBranches Catering

We love this couple, they are so sweet! Mellina and Joseph live in Brooklyn, NY but really wanted a relaxed country wedding. Once they found Laurita winery they fell in love with the space and the vineyards. The flowers they choose to use were understated garlands, and simple seasonal blooms. So happy to be a part of this special day. Wishing these two love birds all the best!!

Photo Credit: Lily Szabo

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Congratulations Ha & Robert <3

Ha & Robert

Hamilton Manor – Hamilton, NJ

Something Blue Wedding Photography

We are in love with this November wedding for so many reasons. At the first meeting with Ha, we had discussed a romantic garden style wedding with vibrant fall flowers with touches of pale blue. So much romance in the air along with the perfect collection of roses in bright red, bronze and gold caramel tones accented with draping eucalyptus foliage.  These ethereal organic garden bouquets were finished and detailed with long streamers from the bridesmaids dress fabrics. Love this!

blog_081_sb1_4192blog_045_am2_0078  blog_127_sb1_4668

The ceremony began in the early evening at The Hamilton Manor in Hamilton, NJ. The romantic setting was magical with a candlelit aisle and scattered petals. The classic white pipe and drape back drop created a simple, understated intimacy.

blog_140_sb1_4907 blog_162_sb1_5038 blog_165_sb1_5046


The reception room at The Hamilton Manor was gorgeous with hardwood floors and the ambient lighting. The centerpieces varied between low lush with pillar candles and tall designs on gold vases. The cakes were adorable, three miniature wedding cakes in blues and golds created perfectly. These photos are my favorite of the season! To see more amazing photographs visit www.somethingbluenj.com

blog_189_sb1_5509 blog_190_sb1_5463 blog_195_am2_0275_2


So happy to be a part of this special day!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Straight from a Wedding Florist

How much do wedding flowers cost?

A note from the florist:

As a wedding florist, weddings are my life.  Week in and week out, I plan, prep, create and design wedding flowers.  When the weekend arrives, I’m delivering, overseeing set up, styling and watching it all come together.

It takes much dedication, it is my passion and I love my job!

There is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes that many are unaware of, which separates flower design as a profession vs. flower design as a hobby.  A wedding requires much organization, paperwork and sourcing,  along with finding the best flowers and materials for the event.  My team meets to discuss the details and requests of the clients.  This allows us all to collaborate on the event design.

The week of the wedding flowers are received, processed, hydrated and thorns removed.  They go into a cooling period in the fridge for 24 hours to follow. It is important to know the care of each flower variety to ensure success for an event.

Something Blue Wedding Photography (www.somethingbluenj.com

Something Blue Wedding Photography (www.somethingbluenj.com)

An experienced florist who has been designing and preparing flowers for hundreds of weddings before yours  is well worth the money.  Here’s why:

Quality Product – You need your flowers to be right the first time because there are no “take twos” for your wedding day!

Design Meetings – Our process begins with the client scheduling their first design meeting.  At this first meeting you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to lay out the details of your wedding – the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s.  We will also ask a few design questions about your colors, details and theme.

Then a floral consultation begins, at this point I want to get an overview of your wedding flower ideas and arrangements. I love when the client is an open book expressing favorites and dislikes. The client usually will come with photos and style boards to share ideas of the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets and centerpieces. We use our portfolio of designs to help further clarify the direction of details and designs.

Professional Planning – Once the designs are decided, we will have colors established and style direction for the event. After the style we have to be sure that the budget matches the dream.  I begin to break down the various elements, including which flowers and foliage will be needed and the quantity for each. As a professional florist there a lot of moving parts like what type and how many vases to buy, along with the when and where to deliver bouquets and coordinating setup time(s) for the ceremony and and reception.  I am required to be organized in my thoughts and creative in spirit at all times.

Detailed Organization – Once your wedding day is getting near, the next step is to start ordering an negotiating with local suppliers and growers. We need to confirm availability, create recipes for each design, contact and communicate with your ceremony venue, reception venue and wedding planner. The planning of delivery involves logistics along with staffing, time schedules and other final details.  As the florist, I have many details to juggle and organize – all of which is included in your price.

We are here to make it easy but all of this takes time.

Tiffany Atlas Photography (www.http://atlasweddingphotography.com/)

Tiffany Atlas Photography


When budgeting for your wedding we find that there are no loop holes or secrets. You will always get what you pay for.

Remember flowers will be in all of your photos so you want them to look good. Hiring an experienced florist will prevent you from falling victim to the broken, wilting bouquets.  Be sure to ask your florist how they handle and care for their blooms.  An experienced and knowledgeable florist will gladly explain their care and handling process because they are proud of what they do – it is their work of art.

Designing flowers looks easy but there is so much to the art. Many years of experience and expertise go into those blooming arrangements.

Each florist has their own price points.  We don’t keep our prices secret.  This allows our clients to get an initial idea of how much they can anticipate to spend.  Please CLICK HERE to view our general pricing guide.

Is there Such Thing as Black Flowers?

To most people’s surprise there is a new trend sweeping modern brides. The color black! From the wedding dress to flowers, to bridesmaid dresses to invitations, making it a true black tie affair. Some brides choose to go a chic modern look, or choose to shake it up and go vintage in a 1920’s theme. It’s a great way to incorporate black into your wedding.

A question florists are asked by most of these trendy brides is, “Are there such things as black flowers?” Unfortunately there are no truly black flowers grown in nature. To achieve that true darkness of color, it would have to be dyed, but there is hope! Nature does provide some of the most beautiful dark blooms. For those who would like a black and white affair, there are white anenomes and white gerbera daisies, which have a black center, making the black stand out against their ivory blooms.

As for truly dark flowers, the colors, come in an extremely dark burgundy, and plum black. You can find these colors in such blooms as black magic roses, black plum dahlias, black jack tulips, deep plum mini callas, and many more. Contrary to belief, the famous flowers, the black dahlias, are not actually black, they are a deep rich burgundy. Theses deep colored beauties may not be black, but when placed in a bouquet or centerpiece these blooms give off the dark flower effect brides are looking for. These wonderful flowers may have you wanting to add a touch of the dramatic to your black tie affair.

black flower collage ballroom callas dahlias gerbs

A Steampunk Wedding

A new trend for the quirky Bride, on the wedding scene, is Steampunk. Steampunk incorporates aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century style with industrial steam-power. It is more than just Industrial pipes and grandma’s lace doilies. The ideas of classic, Victorian style with dark silhouettes, long sleeves, lace, high collars and hats, but with a twist. Mixture of Science, fantasy, and vintage style can make for one gorgeous and fun event. The amazing thing about steam punk is you can take it as far as your imagination

Steampunk reinvents these elegant stylings and gives them a somewhat futuristic design by envisioning the technology of the time using steam power or mechanics. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton movies, Sherlock Holmes, or Alice in Wonderland, this theme may be for you. You can go as bright or as gothic as you like, further down the rabbit hole. Steampunk colors consist of antique gold, brass, coppers, black and white, with pops or red or dusty mauve..the choice is yours.

Steampunk style centerpieces can be made of many things you find at an antique store, such as clocks, lamps, globes and quirky pieces, such as hourglasses, keys, gears, medicine bottles and magnifying glasses. It might not be a soft and subtle look for a wedding, but it will definitely add a certain edge and get guest’s heads turning.


The use of your imagination, rock, gothic, Victorian, vintage and a mix of futuristic that is steam punk. If you believe this style maybe for you, start going to antique shops and yard sales and collecting odds and ends that inspire your vintage steam punk style!

Steampunk Blog collage BeFunky Collage

Christine & Steve – Michner Art Museum Doylestown PA

Christine and Steve were such a sweet couple with great style. They both grew up in bucks county and recently have moved to New Jersey. Missing home, they wanted to return to Doylestown for the wedding. The Doylestown Inn were they stayed is a wonderful and a very hip place to stay or eat. They booked the entire Inn with friends and family. Both the ceremony and reception were held in the Doylestown art district at the Michner art museum. The space is a great mix of rustic and modern art. Jeffrey Miller catered the event with their fabulous gourmet fare. Thank you Jessica Cooper Photography for capturing this beautiful day!!

Ceremony_TeterusWedding-2 Ceremony_TeterusWedding-7 Ceremony_TeterusWedding-9 Dress_TeterusWedding-6 Dress_TeterusWedding-8 GR_TeterusWedding-19 GR_TeterusWedding-22 GR_TeterusWedding-23 GR_TeterusWedding-67 GR_TeterusWedding-136 GR_TeterusWedding-168 Portraits_TeterusWedding-6 Portraits_TeterusWedding-68 Portraits_TeterusWedding-74 Portraits_TeterusWedding-93 RDecor_TeterusWedding-8 RDecor_TeterusWedding-23 RDecor_TeterusWedding-27 RDecor_TeterusWedding-32 RDecor_TeterusWedding-38 RDecor_TeterusWedding-43 RDecor_TeterusWedding-44


Haddon Fort Nightly wedding-Haddonfield NJ

This vintage inspired autumn wedding was filled with excitement and personized touches. When we first met Dorcas she was so excited to design her special day. The Haddon Fort Nightly was the perfect space for this Haddonfield wedding. The colors pallet used was pale blush pinks, Ivory, soft greens and a few succulents with a splash of gold. We loved being a part of this charming event with Sensational host catering and Alison Dunn Photography. Best wishes to Dorcas and Andrew! We are also preserving her wedding bouquet for her, in a custom shadow box to help capture their memories.

Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-191 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-229 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-246 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-429 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-431 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-432 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-490 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-590 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-596 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-599 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-608 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-617 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-624 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-630 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-642 Dorcas+Andrew-AlisonDunnPhotography-644

Okito Wedding October 2014 at The Westin Mount Laurel

Westin Hotel Wedding Mt Laurel, NJ  Westin Hotel Wedding Mt Laurel, NJ Westin Hotel Wedding Mt Laurel, NJ  Westin Hotel Wedding Mt Laurel, NJ Westin Hotel Wedding Mt Laurel, NJ  Westin Hotel Wedding Mt Laurel, NJ

Their style was simple chic with a splash of glam! Incorporating gold, fuchsia & plum.
Flowers used: Garden roses, Specialty Hydrangea from Holland &  Ranunculus
Wedding Planner – Isis from Posh events
Photographer – Rashad Pleasant | Photography