Preserve Your Wedding Memories

We preserve wedding bouquets!  Feature your beautiful blooms in a custom framed shadow box with your wedding invitation.  This makes a great keepsake!

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Wedding flower shadow box – Photo credit to Sue B Photography

Preserved Bouquet Art

Floral Preservation Bouquet Art – a unique service offered by our team here at Leigh Florist!

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preserved bouquet art – photo credit to Sue B photography


Alstromeria is one of nature’s most exotic looking flowers, also known as Peruvian Lilies. It comes in a variety of shades and colors, making them a perfect choice for any occasion. The Peruvian lily represents friendship and devotion and come in a variety of colors making them an ideal match for any birthday, graduation, or a “just because” arrangement. A few of the most popular colors include shades of yellow, pink, orange, and white.  The Peruvian lily is a very long lasting flower that has multiple blooms on a single stem, making these a popular choice for designers to place in vases or bouquets.

Alstromeria is native to South America, but now grow all over the world.  It was brought to Europe in the 1800’s, by a Swedish Botanist.  Not long after his discovery of the Peruvian Lily, did the flower gain popularity among flower enthusiasts.  With their meaning of devotion and friendship people quickly started giving them as gifts to friends and family.

Tulip Garden arrangement by Leigh Florist featuring Peruvian lilies (Alstromeria). 


Custom Floral Preservation Art

Custom Floral Preservation Designs Available! We are reserving spots for 2018…

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Preserved Flower Shadow Box – Photo Credit to Sue B Photography

Floral Preservation – The Perfect Wedding Gift

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                Looking to get a gift for a bride-to-be?  Why not give her the gift of memories from her beautiful wedding?  Here, at Leigh Florist we preserve wedding bouquets and create artwork customized to include your wedding invitation, photos and memories.  All shadow boxes are customizable to fit the bride’s style and personality.

You can choose from 3 different design styles:

1. Bouquet shape – a replica of the bridal bouquet.

2. Free form – an organic style arrangement placed around the wedding invitation.

3. Pave – shadow box filled with all of the bouquet flowers – can include ribbon accents, crystals, etc.

Our shadow boxes come in a variety of colors including gold, silver, rustic barn wood, black, etc. Stop in our studio to see all the samples of our frames.  Brides also have the choice of matte color: cream, archival mist, navy blue, and black.

Each shadowbox is custom made, and handcrafted for each bride.  These shadowboxes are a once in lifetime gift. Come stop in and get her a gift she is sure to love!

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Floral Preservation – Everything you need to know!

Preserve your wedding memories and mementos with our floral preservation art!  Simply stop by our shop either prior to, or 1 – 3 days after your event. Our team of professional floral designers and artists  will take outstanding care of your flowers and mementos throughout the preservation and design process.

Artistically designed in our studio:
We preserve your wedding bouquet and create artwork customized to include items such as your invitation, boutonniere, and other mementos recommended weighing no more than a small cake topper.

Shadow Box Designs

Choose Your Design

  • Bouquet Shape – a replication of your bouquet
  • Free Form – an abstract or wreath shape design

Premium Frames

Shadow Box Size Options

  • 11×14 rectangular frame – starting from $425.00 – best to feature a medium size bouquet and standard size invitation
  • 13×16 rectangular frame – $455.00 – best to feature a large hand tied bouquet, oversized invitation and/or small additional keepsakes
  • 16×20 rectangular frame – $525.00 – best to feature a large hand tied or cascade bouquet and additional keepsakes
  • 20×20 square frame – $575.00 – best to feature any size bouquet with keepsakes and invitation, photo and mementos

If you have any questions, or you’d like to schedule a consultation, feel free to give us a call at 856.547.5478, or send us an email at  We look forward to hearing from you and making your special memories last!

Examples of some of the memories we’ve preserved…


Congratulations Sara & Harry!

We wish you a wonderful future together, full of fun and joy!  You were a pleasure to work with, and we wish you all the best!


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Trump National Golf Club – Pine Hill, NJ

Photographer – M2 Photography


  • The Bridal Party
  • Bride and Groom- Newly Wed!!
  • The ladies! (love the boots!)
  • Such a beautiful photograph – how could we not share this?
  • Arch Flowers with a beautiful skyline back drop
  • “I Do!”

2014 Wedding Flowers

In a few months, the 2014 wedding season will be in full swing. Now is the time for brides to begin planning the flowers for their big day. Now that we know what colors to expect, it’s time to consider what flowers will look elegant in the colors of the new year. The Knot claims that the best 10 wedding flowers are roses, tulips, calla lilies, lily of the valley, hydrangea, peonies, ranunculus, stephanotis, sweet peas, and gardenias. These are excellent and classic flower choices, but there are so many other options out there that also come in the projected shades of 2014.

Dahlia Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers

Peonies, roses, and hydrangea look lovely in coral. But other flowers such as snap dragons, spider flowers, and dahlias give texture that really make the already bold shade stand out. For more texture, hypericum berries also come in coral.

Another popular color for 2014 is yellow, specifically in happy, sunny shades. The most obvious choices for a bride who wants cheerful yellow flowers are sunflowers and gerbera daisies. But alstromeria, cymbidium orchids, cremon, irises, and dahlias also come in golden shades. And for even more yellow, mimosa and craspedia add lots of fun texture.

Dahlia Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers

Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, is a brilliant shade of purple. Hyacinth, irises, dahlias, and crocuses also come in very lovely shades of purple. And of course, orchids are available in shades of purple ranging from warm pinky-fuchsia to cool blue-lavender.

Dahlia Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers

While the selection of bright green flowers is slim, there are options such as cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums that will satisfy any bride trying to incorporate non-foliage green into her arrangements. However, there is a plethora of foliage options to lend texture and help create a variety of styles so don’t discount it! Also, if you want to go with a less traditional, bohemian style, limes look great in arrangements or submerged in vases.

Wedding Centerpieces, Tall Wedding Centerpiece, Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers

For the bride who wants to use the dazzling blue shades of 2014, delphinium, clematis, morning glory, and aster are all great choices especially since these flowers are naturally blue. Many flowers such as blue roses are not found in nature and are therefore produced artificially.

For our brave brides who want to use tangerine as their dominant color choice, proteas, dahlias, orchids, and gerbera daisies all come in the resplendent shade.

Kim Forrest, one of the editors for Wedding Wire, predicts that dahlias will be a very popular flower for 2014. Lucky for us, it is a beautiful and versatile flower with a fun texture that comes in many different shades.

No matter your style or color scheme, we can find a way to incorporate the color and flower trends of 2014 into your wedding flower assemblage!


-Lacey Bouchard