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A new trend hitting proms this year is flower jewelry. In addition to prom bouquets, they are also requesting flower rings to enhance their look. Many girls carry their bouquets while they attend their Promenade, but then set the bouquet down while they dance. This is where the flower jewelry really sparkles! It is a beautiful statement piece for girls to wear all night. It is a daintier, more modern rendition of a wrist corsage.

 Flower rings come in all different colors and flower varieties options that would match any prom dress. Some of the best flowers to use for these designs are button mums, dendrobium orchids and ranunculus. Is prom approaching for you or someone you know? Tell them about the flower ring trend! View our online gallery and Call us (856-547-1090) to order.

Not your average prom flowers

It is prom season! We know  you have to first find the right dress — and then the accessories. And the best accessory is always flowers. Your florist can create the perfect floral accessory for you to match your prom dress and unique style. You’ll be surprised at the options. Below are a few to get you started.

Floral necklaces make a beautifully sophisticated statement, perfect for the trendy personality.


Flower rings are a simple and unique accent that you can wear all night!

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Accent your up-do with some hair flowers

HC2 image7

The classic hand held posy bouquet

IMG_0160 image1

A wrist corsage on a upscale pearl or beaded  bracelet. Once the party is over, you have the keepsake bracket to remember the evening.

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Create a set of floral accessories! Including an arm cuff, ring and of course a matching boutonniere for your date.

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Check out our online collection and call us to place an order!

Prom Trends For 2017

Prom dress trends and the flowers that make them pop!

1ffed0867b6bbcea3124e9870f6d9616Pink Bling

Crop Tops!

Crop tops are all over the runway as well as the red carpet. 2017 Prom will definitely be the year of the crop top. A bright and bohemian bouquet or a petite floral ring pair perfectly with the crop top dress.


Flower Power

Bold floral prints come on strong this year. Seen in both long and short silhouettes.  Match the flowers in your bouquet to the florals on your dress!


Crystal and Rhinestones

Crystals and Rhinestones are a trend that will continue in 2017. These shimmering dresses will have you standing out in the crowd.  Incorporate crystals in your bouquet to add that touch of sparkle!


Shades of blue.

Blue is a classic and timeless color.  Tranquil and calming, it looks great on everybody. Pair blue-plum orchids into your prom flowers to add that pop of blue!

Check out our dance and prom collection for 2017 on our website!

How to make your own prom wrist corsage!


Supplies you will need:       Elastic corsage bracelet with metal fasteners

Floral tape

Floral Wire


Floral pruning sheers

Tea Roses and Accent foliage


Step 1: Prepare your accent foliage pieces and tea roses. Cut flower heads about ½ inch from bottom of rose hip. Clean up any outer rose petals that are torn or bruised.

Step 2. Take your floral wire and pierce into rose hip. Push wire through and fold over on either side.

Step 3. Using your floral tape, start wrapping, graduating down, from top of rose hip covering wire. Repeat step 2 and 3.

Step 4. Once you have all of your tea rose heads wired and taped. Cluster 3 of them together and wrap with tape, graduating down like you did in step 2.

Step 5. Add some accent foliage around your cluster to frame it out. Once you have your accents where you like them, wrap with your floral tape to join pieces together.

Step 5. At this point you can now attach your cluster to the bracelet. Lay the cluster on top of the metal fastener, so the top of the tea rose is resting on the top part of the metal fastener. Fold down the metal prongs so that they hold the cluster securely to the bracelet. Using your floral tape, wrap down the metal fastener and flower cluster.

Step 6. Make a 5-6 loop bow out of your ribbon. Fasten bow to wire. Lay bow tight to bottom of your flower cluster. Tape together.

Step 7. Add your 4th flower, and tape to cluster. Repeat for 5th flower.

Step 8. Add more accents and foliage where needed, and tape to cluster.

Step 9. Once you have your flowers finished and all wrapped together. You can finish your stems by wrapping your stem around a pen to curl it up.

Prom 2015 Trends

Dresses:  We are seeing a lot of floral pattern dresses starting to trend.  The patterns have a vintage inspiration, but with a more modern dress design.  We were surprised to find that rompers and jump suits are an up and coming trend for prom as well!  And we can’t forget the glitz and glam with crystals and rhinestones – so pretty!  Check them out!

3462-Shail-K-Cocktail-Dress-F14_400x600 3464-Shail-K-Cocktail-Dress-F14_400x600 3495-Shail-K-Cocktail-Dress-F14_400x600 22753-(44) 97035-Mori-Lee-Paparazzi-Evening-Dress-S15_400x565TBE11548-Tony-Bowls-Evenings-Dress-S15_400x464

Flowers:  We encourage our prom-goers to GO BOLD!  It’s time to have fun, and the flower colors can really be unique and wild.  Contrasting colors like purples and oranges or hot pink and blue really pop for photos, and they look great when coordinated with dress colors.  For those multicolor dresses, we often pull two or three of our client’s favorite colors in their dress and coordinate the flowers to that.

We create:

-Hand held bouquets – ranging from $50 to $150

-Wrist corsages – ranging from $35 -$50

-Boutonnieres – ranging from $10-$18

-Hair flowers – ranging from $10-$25

And we now offer flower jewelry!  You can wear a floral necklace, cuff bracelet or ankle bracelet to the prom!

photo 13 7 WC20 WC19 WC18 IMG_2754BN13 BN1428556_1441130037828_7249054_n IMG_2748

Call us (856) 547-1090 or email us – sales@leighflorist.com to inquire!


Prom 2014

Prom is kind of a big deal. It’s essential to every teen movie, television show, and real life high school experience. It’s an opportunity to get completely dolled up and spend the night dancing and eating fancy food with your best friends. It’s also a great excuse to finally talk to that person you’ve had a huge crush on since you borrowed a pencil from them in 8th grade biology. Yeah, there’s a lot to be said for prom.


Now, the general consensus is that the most important part of the prom is looking your absolute best. The dress, the shoes, the tux, the makeup, the hair, everything has to be perfect. Because prom is such a big night, we always encourage customers to go bold with flowers. Prom is not the night to be shy and reserved. Be flashy! Add glitter and sparkle and drama! There are more options than the simple bouquet or corsage.


The night of my junior prom, I was late getting ready and my date was of course early to show up so I had zero time to do my hair. Luckily, instead of a corsage, I had opted for hair flowers. I just clipped them right behind my ear and that gave me enough pizzazz that I didn’t even need to do anything. Flowers can also be added to head bands for more hair decoration.


Wristlets are like flowery bracelets that are convenient because you don’t have to hold them. You can get disposable ones made with a simple elastic band for your wrist, or you can pick from our selection of beaded bracelets. We will design the flowers so that they can be removed at the end of the night and you can keep the bracelet to wear again and again! We’ve even seen arm cuffs which are like wristlets but wrap around your upper arm which would look great with a spaghetti strap or strapless gown.


For the traditional girl, a bouquet would really stand out in photos. Choose flowers in colors that contrast your gown to really make the bouquet pop.

There are also a ton of way to customize your prom flowers. You can add glitter, rhinestones, ribbons, decorative wire, brooches, buttons, and feathers, just to name a few.


And don’t get stuck with the rose. Yes, roses are beautiful, timeless flowers and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them for your prom. But there are so many other really cool flowers that can help make the statement you are looking for. Consider tea roses, mums, daisies, carnations, dendrobium orchids, cymbidium orchids, freesia, and mini calla lilies for your prom flower selection. While not all dress colors can be perfectly matched by a flower, you can certainly find flowers that will compliment the color of your dress. Also, at Leigh Florist we have TONS of ribbon. We literally have walls of it. We can always incorporate your dress color into your prom flowers by using a matching ribbon.


And don’t forget about your date! Mini callas and orchids make awesome boutonnieres. And if you and your date order together, we can guarantee that your flowers will coordinate so that you both match perfectly!






-Lacey Bouchard

It’s Prom Season!

We are so ready for prom season 2013!  We have tons of glitzy and glamorous accessories and accents that will add a little spunk to your prom flowers!


Here is the display that we created for the front counter.  Look at all of the bright color combinations!  We encourage our prom-goers to stray away from the norm and go with colors and accents that really pop.


So set aside the white rose boutonniere with babies breath and foliage, and spice it up with some decorative wire!  Or add some “blingy” crystals and feathers to your wrist corsage!  Get wild with your imagination!

bout6 HW0_372811

























HW0_372850 HW0_372855

If you would like to place an order for a prom or dance, simply give us a call, email us or stop into the shop!

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Garden Roses

Garden Roses

A beautiful and fun addition to your garden, or a wonderful solution to your bridal bouquet if peonies are not in season, garden roses are a lovely flower!

Their season of cultivation usually runs from May to October.  California is their main origin of growth.  Like a peony bloom, a garden rose is lush and full.

They are more of a true English garden rose, so they are going to have more of a fragrance.  They are more of a vintage style rose.  Their vase life is not as long as a South American rose, but for a one day event, they are still a stunning and ideal flower.    

Here is a chart that names the varieties of roses from one of our awesome vendors, Mr. Fresh:

12 Prom Pointers for 2012

It’s that time again, Prom is coming!  We’ve come up with a few helpful tips from the pros along with all of us here at Leigh Florist to guide to through your floral shopping process.

Tip #1:  Don’t be focused on “matchy matchy” with a single color when it comes to your flowers.  Prom is supposed to be a fun event!   We encourage mixing up your colors to make a more lively and youthful corsage, boutonniere, and/or bouquet.

Tip #2:  Get creative with your design!  Instead of a usual “round” corsage or traditional boutonniere, bring your florist a picture of a uniquely shaped design.  Wire, ribbon, and jewels can be used in so many ways compared to the standard “old fashioned” way.

Tip #3:  Focus more on colors of flowers as opposed to exactly what particular flowers you would like in your prom flowers.  Choosing a lovely seasonal mix of flowers (in a style that you love) allows your florist to provide you with the color combination that you are looking for, and you will avoid limiting them to certain blooms that may not be availble in the proper colors.

Tip #4:  A fun twist on a boutonierre is a pocket square.  These lovely little creations sit right in the edge of the chest pocket of a man’s suit, and they look sharp!

Tip #5:  It is much easier, and less stressful on you and your date if you purchase your flowers from the same florist!  They will coordinate much better because the same people will be making both arrangements :-).

Tip #6: Florists that handle a lot of weddings are very experienced in hand work creations (boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets).  So do some research to help you make a decision.

Tip #7: “Score points, guys! Bring a thoughtful bouquet for mom along with your date’s corsage! Girls, flowers for your mom to thank her are a nice touch, too!” – Prom Girl

Tip #8: Corsages generally range in price from $25 to $35 — sometimes more, depending on what size you would like and what accents you would like to add as well.

Tip #9 – If you would like to give your prom date something unique, think about other ways you can give prom flowers. Talk to your date to see if she would like her prom flowers strung together as a bracelet or necklace. A small, delicate flower such as the mini carnation works magic when used as a prom necklace or bracelet. If this is something that your date would like, take a ribbon, or material swatch, from your date’s dress to the florist so he or she can match the colors perfectly. – LifeTips, Prom Flower Tips

Tip #10: You should talk with your date about your prom flowers. Just as you want your prom dress and tuxedo to coordinate, your flowers should also be similar. The pair of you should talk with your local florist and bring him or her color samples so your prom corsage and boutonniere will match. A girl can bring in a ribbon that matches her dress and the boy can bring in his tie. Florists are more than happy to talk with you individually if you want your date’s flowers to be a surprise until promnight. – LifeTips, Prom Flower Tips

Tip #11 – If you are doing some research online, some guides will tell you to purchase your flowers up to 3 weeks in advance.  Personally for our shop, that’s not really necessary.  If you want to order in advance, you can call us just a week or two before the event.  Don’t wait too long though, if there is something special you have in mind, please do not wait until the day before the event.  Unfortunately if we need to special order anything, we will not be able to get it to the shop with that short of notice. – LifeTips, Prom Flower Tips

Tip #12: Tell your florist what your budget is and ask him or her for ideas. An inexpensive flower used in a lovely corsage style can be just as beautiful as a more expensive bloom. Alstroemeria and lilies are a good choices, as are mini carnations. But your florist will know what the best value is. – AboutFlowers.com


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