Fall Wedding: How To Have A Budget Fall Wedding In The Recession

Fall Wedding: How To Have A Budget Fall Wedding In The Recession

Weddings happen only once and for the lucky couple, it remains the most perfect frame of their lifetime. Here are some ways to organise a fall wedding keeping in mind the recession blues.

Count On The Family

Family comes first may not sound that clichéd in the times of recession. Take the help of your family and friends in cooking a lavish buffet. As experience counts, seek out for help from your aunts and your mother in preparing the traditional meal for the fall wedding. This will help you in saving a lot of moolah by keeping culinary experts and caterers at bay.

Emotional Moment

Recall the good old times when your birthday party decorations were done by your parents and family members? Now ask your family members and friends to step in as decorators for your big day. Not only would you save money, you would also save lots of time. Besides, the entire venue will have a personalised touch.

Grab The Best Discounts

Flowers play an important role in building the mood of the venue. For the wedding decoration, fall flowers will be required in bulk. Going for good quality local seasonal fall flowers rather than exotic varieties will definitely save you a packet. Play it up with natural fall flowers at discount rates for the fall wedding.

Borrow A Place, Don’t Hire

Remember your college parties at some friend’s place? Instead of hiring a venue by paying a hefty amount, seek out friend’s or relative’s garden to host the reception. The idea is to celebrate the marriage along with friends and relatives. Not only will it help you in saving those extra bucks, there will be no fixed deadlines for vacating the venue.

Wrap It With Love

Gifts for the relatives are all about showing your love. There is no point seeking professional help in getting the gifts wrapped. With a bit of smart planning, family members can wrap the gifts equally well. Along with gifts, give away a bunch of fall flowers like lilies and orchids for the ultimate personal touch.

So, plan your fall wedding smartly and keep recession blues at bay.