Fall Wedding Ideas: Avoid Fall Wedding Bloopers

Fall Wedding Ideas: Avoid Fall Wedding Bloopers

Planning a fall wedding but don’t want to be laughed at? To avoid being a laughing stock, here are some wedding bloopers to avoid.

Play Safe, Go Traditional

A fabulous fall wedding need not require going for expensive designer gowns and tuxedos. Do not experiment with your body types and complexions. Stick to the traditional gowns and tuxedoes in shades apt for the season. Orange and brown shades go well with the fall wedding season and are sure to make you look spectacular.

Coordination Works Well

Ensure the attendants, bridesmaids, best men and flower girls’ attires do not look mismatched. They should follow color coordination and look in sync with the theme. Mismatched color coordination might ruin the photograph frames too and you will be ruining it for life. Ensure the fall wedding flowers also match with the overall theme.

Let The Music Play On

Make the fall wedding emphasise more on marriage vows, gospel readings, unity candles and wedding songs et al. Ensure the venue decoration theme is as per the instructions. Brief the music band members about the genre of music to be played. The couple should get their waltz moves perfect before the wedding. You wouldn’t like to trip and be seen flat on the floor on your fall wedding day!

Get Fresh Fall Flowers

It is always advantageous to have fresh flowers for the fall wedding. Get reputed florists for the supply of fall wedding flowers. Ensure the fall flowers are not stale as it would ruin the look. Check out online flower selling sites for a variety of fall flowers.

Cross-Check With The Caterers

Be doubly sure about the food and wine stock. The dining area should be weatherproof. Don’t forget to keep a guest register at the entrance of the venue to keep a tab on the free mongers. Try not to invite your ex-beaus as it can possibly lead to an avoidable scene. Keep the bartenders briefed about the tipsy relatives and pals who can act fresh.

So stay alert while enjoying the wedding to keep such blunders at bay.