Fibonacci’s Sequence

Fibonacci’s sequence is a series of numbers: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, etc.   It is seen everywhere in nature – plants, fruit and flowers.



Flower petals form from the center of the flowers in patterns than mimic the Fibonacci sequence.  You may think that lilies have 6 petals, but in fact the lower 3 petals are known as sepals or “protection petals.”  The sequence is what keeps nature in balance. Sunflower  centers are a prime example of Fibonacci’s sequence – the seeds create spiral pattern.  Unknowingly it does this sequence to maximize space for it to grow more seeds.



If you look at the curve of a wave, and break it up in Fibonacci’s sequence, you will see the tip of the curve blends into the next portion of the wave and so-on, into a continuous spiral.  Fibonacci’s get sequence is all around your world, if you only just look for the pattern.