Jewelry Made From Living Plants!

What better way to show off your green thumb than with literal greenery on your literal thumb? If it feels like a little too much for your everyday life, try one of these for a wedding or special event. Take a peek at some of these awesome living additions to your wardrobe! From buzzfeed.

Succulent Bib Necklace & Ring

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Assorted Succulents Ring & Wrist Cuff

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Wire-Wrapped Air Plant Necklaces

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Moss Ring and Earrings

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If you’re not quite that adventurous, put a planter on your bag or your bike!

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Terrarium Pendant  Necklace

enhanced-buzz-6940-1400773871-4 enhanced-buzz-27768-1400775583-26

To make your own DIY terrarium necklace, check out this tutorial. Full tutorial here!