Flower Meanings

Whether you find the act of giving a rose to a loved one a timelessly romantic act or just a cliché gesture, one thing is certain: the rose is a universal symbol for love and adoration. But roses aren’t the only symbolic flowers. In fact, each flower has its own secret meaning. Now, chances are you have no idea what message you are conveying when you give someone flowers. Depending on the type of flower or its color or how many stems you give, your gift offers more than just a pretty visual. While it’s not likely that the recipient will know anything about flower meanings either, knowing what the flowers mean can help you better communicate what is (or isn’t) in your heart. And hey, it’s always good to get the correct message across just in case the recipient is in fact fluent in flower symbolism.

If you want to tell someone that he or she beautiful, amaryllis or ranunculus will do the trick. Amaryllis symbolizes splendid beauty while ranunculus says you are attractive. Red carnations and chrysanthemums convey the idea of love while tulips are a declaration of love. Beware yellow chrysanthemums and carnations for they represent rejection, disdain, and slighted love.

Also, be wary of the yellow rose. The yellow rose represents great platonic love. To give a yellow rose is to say that you really care about a friend in a way that is not romantic. If you want to give roses to someone you do not have romantic feelings for, yellow roses won’t send those confusing mixed signals that might make for awkward situations. However giving yellow roses to someone you wish to court won’t convey those deeper feelings.

If you wish to present roses to someone you have deeper feelings for, the red rose is the best choice. It stands for love and admiration. Just be careful, a deep dark red can imply sorrow or regret. And the darker the red, the more black the rose becomes which translates to this relationship is over (talk about a huge misunderstanding, right?)

A single red rose says I love you while a dozen roses means be mine. If you really want to go for the gusto, 50 red roses means my love for you is limitless.

If your feelings for the recipient are not yet that strong, a pink rose will let her know that you like her. A single lavender rose means that she enchants you and a white rose means that your feelings are pure.

There are blue roses but they are not naturally made; they have to be dyed that color. Because blue roses are unattainable in nature, the message it gives is the same. Giving a blue rose to someone says, you are an unattainable dream or I want you but I cannot have you.

Valentine’s day will be here before you know it. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be sure to give your girl (or guy, let’s not exclude anyone) the perfect bouquet!


-Lacey Bouchard


Mother’s Day

Spice up your flowers for mom this year with some inspiration from our Pinterest board!


Add grass for a little flair, or use some funky blooms such as protea or succulents!  It’s okay to stray away from the pinks and purples.  Combinations like oranges and greens really pop to create a bright and fun arrangement.




It’s Prom Season!

We are so ready for prom season 2013!  We have tons of glitzy and glamorous accessories and accents that will add a little spunk to your prom flowers!


Here is the display that we created for the front counter.  Look at all of the bright color combinations!  We encourage our prom-goers to stray away from the norm and go with colors and accents that really pop.


So set aside the white rose boutonniere with babies breath and foliage, and spice it up with some decorative wire!  Or add some “blingy” crystals and feathers to your wrist corsage!  Get wild with your imagination!

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If you would like to place an order for a prom or dance, simply give us a call, email us or stop into the shop!

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Valentine’s Day is Among Us!

As Valentine’s day approaches every year, here at the flower shop we start thinking about how it all began…

Valentines has been recorded in history since AD 269 in roman tradition.  Holy Moly!  Simple tokens of flowers and candy known as “confections” were given, and hand written valentines were sent.  As timeless as the idea of love, the tradition of Valentine ’s Day continues…


Roses are not just red.. they are also available in white, lavender, pink, yellow, orange and peach!!

The premium long stem roses we offer are grown and shipped  from South America.  All year rose plants are tended, groomed, and trimmed in preparation for this “rosie”  holiday!

Upon arrival, we quickly unpack them, remove all of the thorns and leaves.   Now they are ready to be hydrated, cut under water and then dipped into a hydration solution.

Each bloom is given top quality care to ensure longevity. After these little babies drink in fresh water for 24 hours they are ready to be designed! A vase is chosen and now the roses are in the design room to be arranged by our floral designers. After finishing accents are added, your gift of flowers is ready to be delivered!!

Now you ask…How do I choose the best possible Valentine’s Day flowers for your sweetheart?

We can guide you through the process in our store or you can shop our website leighflorist.com.

From Sweet and cute to extravagant, sending valentines flowers is a thoughtful and heartfelt way to express your love this Valentine’s Day!!


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Congratulations Shannon & Gabe!

We created trio centerpieces for Shannon & Gabe’s wedding on Saturday February 2nd at the Windrift Hotel in Avalon, New Jersey.  The Windrift was recently (and beautifully) renovated, and the couple’s centerpiece selections played off of the entire space so well!  Check out these pictures of the reception area:

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