Industrial Chic Wedding

The trend of mix metals, and Edison lights have helped shaped this new wedding trend of an industrial wedding.  More and more brides are looking for a blank canvas in order to create their own super modern vision. They seek out old industrial warehouses or more modern venues with more raw qualities. The result? An ultra-chic, modern wedding.  It’s all about bringing the outdoor feeling of the city, indoors.

Choosing your venue – To achieve the industrial look, you must first start with your venue.  Hosting your wedding at a warehouse venue, or even an ultra-modern one, with exposed metal or brick would be an ideal place to tie the knot if this is the look you want to achieve. Some off season farm warehouses will rent out a space for you to use for your reception. Be sure to consider the time of year and weather. If you don’t have a venue such as these around, you can always bring in some outdoor elements, to change the feel of the room.

Wedding Décor – You can achieve an industrial look by thinking outside of the box.  When you think centerpiece, your first thought would be some pretty flowers in a vase but to achieve the industrial chic look consider this…place two cinderblocks on your table, with one its side and place votive candles in the open gaps, with moss around them. Then take little groupings of flowers and scatter them on top and in between the blocks. This will definitely be a great conversation piece among your guests and offer that chic look. You can even add bits of mixed metals, copper piping, and geometric shapes to add different textures.  Something that is very popular is a DIY copper piping candelabra, which is a little more simple and classic but still adds that industrial look, you can find the inspiration on Pinterest.

Extra lighting – Instead of using traditional or existing lighting you can use Edison lights which have grown in popularity lately. They act as industrial décor as well as soft warm lighting for your reception. A great idea for your ceremony is to make a backdrop full of Edison lights and stand in front of it while saying your vows.  It will silhouette you in a brilliance of light.

The most important thing in creating your ideal industrial chic wedding is to include the key elements of mixed metals, soft open lighting, and exposed concrete or brick. This can be a daunting task but there are tons of resources for you to use to help you plan. The industrial modern look is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation, who want to keep some things traditional but with an outdoor modern flare.

This venue is AMAZING. Perfect for that chic modern wedding.

Fill these with soft pinks and white for a simple and breathtaking centerpiece.

How cool is this? Rustic and chic at the same time!

Congratulations Alex and Mike!

Our lovely couple, Alexandra and Mike, were married at the Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill, NJ.

She loved a very natural look for her flowers and decor.  The florals included whites, touches of blush peach, pale blue and pops of raspberry tones.  Her bouquet featured, hydrangea, dahlias, hypericum berries, spray roses and interesting textures like thistles and scabiosa.

Check out the photographer’s blog for some awesome photos!  Shilliday Photography captures such beautiful photographs!

Here are a few snap shots from the blog:

Photo Credit: Shilliday Photography

Photo Credit: Shilliday Photography

Our favorite fall flowers

Fall weddings can be very romantic with the warm color leaves sprinkling down from the trees in shades of burgundy, orange, yellow and rich red.  This makes the perfect backdrop for such an event.  There are very beautiful flowers that grow in the Fall.

Here are 5 of our favorite seasonal Fall blooms:

  1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers grow locally here in late Summer and Fall making them a budget friendly option.  Their bright sunny blooms bring a lovely accent to the deep rich red and orange Fall tones.

  1. Dahlias

These unique blooms are a favorite of many brides.  Their blooms range from small and delicate to a large dinner plate size bloom.  They come in a wide range of colors to compliment any wedding color.

  1. Mums

Mums are a great way to bring Fall into your wedding.  Using mum plants as altar arrangements adds a beautiful Fall touch to any wedding.  These blooms are available as both plants and fresh cut blooms.  They are available in a variety of bold and beautiful colors such as purple, burgundy, orange, copper and yellow.

  1. Celosia

Celosia comes in a light and airy “feathered” variety or “coxcomb” variety which resembles coral in the ocean.  Popular celosia colors are its dark burgundy, red, orange and fuchsia.

  1. Bi-colored rose

These roses are grown all year round, but really got the spot light during the fall. Popular fall roses are high and magic, or circus rose.  Its bright yellow and orange petals make them a true show stopper. They look amazing in all aspects of the wedding from centerpieces, bouquets, cake flowers and other décor.

Quinn & Brian -Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute- Frog Commissary Catering

Quinn & Brian had gorgeous weather for a rooftop ceremony overlooking the city sky.  The Franklin Institute is a truly unique event space. Quinn loved classic white flowers, hydrangea, tea roses, garden roses, dahlias and snapdragons but she wanted to add lots of texture with greens, thistles and plum tones. The centerpieces vases were mixed metals, mercury, gold and silver to add interest to the room.

Thank you Caitlyn Scott Photography for the amazing photos!

quinnbrian-married-646 quinnbrian-married-17 quinnbrian-married-336 quinnbrian-married-807 quinnbrian-married-587 quinnbrian-married-901 quinnbrian-married-824

Dahlias, one of nature’s truly unique flowers.

Nicked named “Tubers”, they are the national flower to Mexico. These fabulous blooms originated in South America and Mexico, in their mountain regions. One of the more hardy flowers to grow, as long as they are protected from wind, making the mountain range perfect protection. Now, mostly grown in North America in the Pacific North West, by farmers, these beauties make one hardy crop. They grow in between mid-summer to first frost, and take about 8 weeks to grow once planted. They need full sunlight, at least 6-8 hours.

The Dahlias bloom in a variation of sizes, from a 10”-12” dinner plate to a small 2” Lolli pop size. Their wide range of colors include red, pink, white, orange, yellow, purple, and many more. Some of the species may have bi-colored stripes, while others may have a variation of color just on the tips of the petals. Contrary to popular belief, there are no black dahlias, they are actually a deep burgundy color.

Florist use dahlias for almost every kind of celebration, while they are in season. The flower meaning of Dahlias is it that they are a symbol of an everlasting union, which make them great choices for engagements, weddings, and anniversary.

Visit our website HERE for fresh seasonal arrangements available for delivery.

Or view our wedding flower portfolio to see our weddings featuring dahlias.

Dahlia Blog collageLeighStyledShoot-143BeachStyled_234BeachStyled_108

Who doesn’t want a lemonade stand??!!

Royce&Kelsey-413  Royce&Kelsey-415 Royce&Kelsey-417

This was a perfect refreshment for a summer wedding at Indian springs golf club in Marlton.

We set up our lemonade stand using our farmhouse rental table with vintage crates, ball jars and seasonal flowers with vines and citrus. The Café Ole dahlias were stunning!

We loved being a part of this sweet couple’s day!  Shifted focus did a great Job capturing the details and flowers.

Julie & Kevin at The Mansion

Julie and Kevin created a really fun wedding! Using a variety of rich fall elements. They requested this awesome hot air balloon design, that really added a WOW to their cocktail hour!  Thanks to Melvin Gilbert Photography.

10484222_968057563211323_6119838756190718100_o 10550093_968057766544636_977294017259814576_o 10553807_968059926544420_7987008151663700555_o 10636904_968058873211192_6833451002993948805_o 10647203_968058333211246_4769718330208293806_n 10661800_968059063211173_5888736162132703468_o 10679526_968058623211217_3382746123686550793_o 10689904_968057746544638_1362899942321794890_n

Amanda & Paul’s Please Touch Museum Wedding

Amanda’s  Hollywood inspired vintage glam wedding with a hint of Great Gastby!
She wanted to support local farms and use as much as possible. Her blush and red flowers looked great with all of her metallic accents. We used locally grown dahlias, hydrangea, lisianthus and hanging amaranthus. We loved her creativity and thought it was a great reflection of her personality.
1 4 6 10 5 8 11 12 9
Ceremony- St Vincent Palotti Church – Haddonfield
Reception: Please Touch Museum – Philadelphia
Photography by: George Street Photography
Wedding Planning by: Kyle Michelle

Muth Flower Farm

Farms are old news. Literally. They’ve been around for thousands of years. My grandparents had one, Old McDonald had one, and New Jersey—the “Garden State” and rockin’ home state of Leigh Florist—has 10,000+ farms according to the NJ Dept. of Agriculture. But farms, especially in the crisp, harvest season that is Autumn, are nothing to be overlooked. Now is the time of year to get together with friends and family and go apple and pumpkin picking. The orange-red views are stellar for walks  and hayrides. And who doesn’t love a hot cup of apple cider? Farms offer this and more to their communities.

A farm we are particularly fond of is called Muth Family Farm and they have something really cool called “Community Supported Agriculture”. This “CSA” program involves people from the community purchasing shares of the crops from the farm’s 16-week harvesting period. This program allows owner Bob Muth to focus less on marketing his crops and more on producing the best quality and most bountiful harvest. Also, the money Mr. Muth needs for the care and maintenance of the farm is already provided to him at the beginning of the season. The CSA program gives members the option of purchasing a mini, medium, or large basket and every week, at a preselected pick-up time, they can come and fill that basket with as much produce as possible. The growers at Muth Family Farms try to produce a wide variety of crops from Arugula to Spaghetti Squash to satisfy all of their members.

Muth Farm_Sunflowers_Dahlias_Lisianthus_Gladiolus_Thistles_Zinnias_New Jersey Flowers


Muth Farm_Sunflowers_Dahlias_Lisianthus_Gladiolus_Thistles_Zinnias_New Jersey Flowers

But this isn’t the only cool thing about Muth Farms. Bob Muth’s work in sustainable agriculture,  soil development, and organic farming have gained him recognition in the agricultural world. His farm even received the 2007 Mid-Atlantic Master Farmer award. Muth Farms was the first organic farm in NJ to receive such accolade.

And the coolness doesn’t stop there. A local bee keeper uses Muth Family Farms as the site for his bee pollination and they are now selling the honey at the farm. And they’re located right in Williamstown, NJ only 26 minutes away from us, 53 minutes from the shore, and 32 minutes away from Philly!

Muth Farms grows a wide variety of blooms.  They provide sunflowers, dahlias, lisianthus, gladiolus, thistles and zinnias – to name a few.

Muth Farm_Locally grown flowers_


Muth Flower Farm_New Jersey Weddings_New Jersey Wedding Flowers_Philadelphia Wedding Flowers_Locally Grown Flowers_Green Weddings

Muth Flower Farm_New Jersey Weddings_New Jersey Wedding Flowers_Philadelphia Wedding Flowers_Locally Grown Flowers_Green Weddings

Agriculture aside, Muth Family Farm also has some spectacular views. Denise snapped some excellent photos of the beautiful barn they have last time she was there. We are big fans of the old, rustic barn look so this is just another reason why we love Muth farms.

So let’s recap: Muth Family farms is one of the leading farms in NJ with its revolutionary views of agriculture, it’s organic, it’s high quality, it supports other local businesses (i.e. the bee keeper,) it’s well located, and it’s just so darn pretty. If you have some time, go ahead and check it out. I think you’ll be pretty fond of it too.


Contact us to find out more about locally grown flowers for your wedding!  For New Jersey, locally grown flowers are available from May to November.

Find out more about Muth Farms – click here!


-Lacey Bouchard


Leigh Florist

400 Amherst Road

Audubon, NJ 08106


Congratulations Erin & Daniel!!

Best wishes, Erin and Daniel, for a wonderful life together!  It was a pleasure working with you!

Ceremony Location: Incarnation Church – Mantua, New Jersey

Reception Location – Hotel Monaco – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photographer – JPG Photography

Take a look at some of the photos we captured during the wedding setup…This place is GORGEOUS!  Erin and Daniel picked some really great centerpieces to tie everything together for their special day!


At the Incarnation Church, we draped sheer fabric down the aisle.  The ends of the pews were accented with tall cylinder vases with pillar candles and petals.

At the Incarnation Church, we draped sheer fabric down the aisle. The ends of the pews were accented with tall cylinder vases with pillar candles and petals.

Wedding Centerpiece_Phaildelphia Wedding Flowers_Dahlias_Hydrangea_Sedum_Dusty Miller_Mercury Glass

Blush and white blooms were scattered down the cake.

Blush and white blooms were scattered down the cake.

Wedding Centerpiece_Phaildelphia Wedding Flowers_Dahlias_Hydrangea_Sedum_Dusty Miller_Mercury Glass

This centerpiece was created in a low mercury bowl - filled with blush and white blooms with cool gray foliage to accent.

This centerpiece was created in a low mercury bowl – filled with blush and white blooms with cool gray foliage to accent.

Half of the centerpieces included silver lanterns and small mercury vases with loose blooms in blush pink and white.  Erin loves dahlias, hydrangea and other seasonal blooms.

Half of the centerpieces included silver lanterns and small mercury vases with loose blooms in blush pink and white. Erin loves dahlias, hydrangea and other seasonal blooms.

The Altar steps were decorated with silver lanterns that were filled with petals and pillar candles.

The Altar steps were decorated with silver lanterns that were filled with petals and pillar candles.