Fall Wedding Ideas: Make The Farewell Ceremony Special In The Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Ideas: Make The Farewell Ceremony Special In The Fall Wedding

For your little girl who paved her way to a new world, it is important to make the farewell ceremony a memorable one. Here are some ways to make the occasion an emotional one.

Make The Most Special Bridal Bouquet

Unmarried girls in the fall wedding wait desperately for the bridal bouquet to be thrown at them. One who gets the bouquet is considered lucky. Ensure the bouquet is bright, colorful and full of fragrance. Make use of satin ribbons and silver sparklers for an exotic look.

Give It A Personal Touch

Assemble all the close relatives and pals to give a good luck speech. It would make her feel more connected. Besides, the highly emotionally-charged mood will get subdued by the potions of humor. Some pals can also volunteer to read out wedding poems on life and commitment.

Make Her Pathway A Cakewalk

Pave the church gallery and exit way with flowers for fall wedding. Ensure the flowers girls are sprinkling flowers and foam spray on the newly-wedded couple. For the couple, it should symbolise a rosy path.

Gift Her A Piece Of Family Memory

Memories last longer and for the bride, it matters the most. Gift her a nicely framed collage of family photographs. It should have pictures spanning from her nappy days to the convocation and beyond.

Decorate The Farewell Car Yourself

Let the professionals take a backseat. Let the family members decorate the farewell car with the most exotic fall flowers available. Check out the florists for varieties of fall flowers like sunflowers and orchids. Do keep in mind that the flowers should stay fresh for longer hours. Make the farewell ceremony a memorable one by lending a personalised touch.