History of Boutonnieres

It’s no secret that most men aren’t really into flowers, especially wearing them. However, did you know a boutonniere is historically the manliest thing you are wearing as you walk down the aisle? If you’re the groom or even a groomsmen, you may be wondering about the flowers you may have to wear on the special day. You may feel silly wearing a flower especially if it’s a girly color like pink, but think about the big picture and how it connects you to your beautiful bride. It ties the two of you together in a special way on your wedding day.

If you read our History of corsages blog then you got a glimpse of where the boutonniere tradition comes from but let’s expand! Some believe that this tradition goes back to ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. They would wear certain colored blossoms to show their support for players who participated in sporting events.

Others believe that the tradition came from the battlefields of the civil wars in England where the bloom or bloom color signified friends or enemies from each other. Boutonnieres didn’t become popular on lapels until the early 19th century when fashions began to change. Bigger coats that folded over revealing the inside of a buttonhole, creating a lapel didn’t become popular until this time.

It is said that boutonnieres became popular for special occasions because flowers provided a perfume effect, warded off evil and disease.

Typically, the boutonniere the groom wears should be a bit different from that of his groomsman. Sometimes they are a fuller design or even a different flower of the same color. The blooms should be pinned to the left lapel of the tux or suit jacket. A good jacket will have a sturdy buttonhole to support the weight of the flower. Some flowers are heavier than others so you will need to make sure it is secured correctly. Most of the time the grooms boutonniere will match the bride’s bouquet and pull them together for a picture perfect look.

Boutonnieres by Leigh Florist



If you have been invited to a wedding in the past couple of years, chances are you have seen the hydrangea flower in either the wedding centerpieces or even in bridal bouquets. If you are big on the meaning of flowers, hydrangea means love and admiration, making it a sought after flower by brides to-be.

Hydrangea was first cultivated in Japan, but they have recently found fossilized hydrangea in North America dating back millions of years. Hydrangea was not seen in Europe until the 18th century when a colonist brought the North American hydrangea plant over to England.

Today, hydrangea mainly grows in the Americas. Big hydrangea heads are many smaller blooms clustered together. The little star-shaped flowers grow along wooden stems and create a big, pompom shape, making them very versatile and very easy to use in arrangements.

The most common color of hydrangea is white, but they also come in a variety of colors; such as blue, red, pink, or purple. In hydrangea varieties, the exact color often depends upon the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Acidic soils produce blue flowers, neutral soils produce pale cream petals, and alkaline soils result in pink or purple. They can also change color, or be bi-colored. All depending on how acidity is added or removed from the soil. Hydrangea is available all year round, making it great for any occasion you would like to celebrate!

Some brides often worry that if they choose hydrangea for their wedding flowers it will wilt easily.  If your florist sources the hydrangea from top quality sources and hydrates each bloom properly, you will have nothing to worry about.  They are a beautiful flower that will compliment any wedding arrangement.

Take a look at a past wedding we created which included hydrangea in the wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces.

What’s a Corsage?

For as far back as we can remember for occasions such as milestones birthdays, graduations, proms,   weddings and even baby showers there have been flowers involved. From table decorations to personal arrangements pinned to a shirt, or tied around a wrist to fresh flowers placed in an up-do or a flower crown on your head. But where did this floral tradition start? Why were people pinning fresh flowers to their clothing?

The word “corsage” is French and originally referred to the bodice portion of a formal dress. Women used to pin flowers to the bodices of their formal wear which was known as “bouquet de corsage”, quickly shortened to what we use today.

In ancient times, flowers were worn to special events in order to ward of any evil. Hence why weddings and special occasions became the main flower wearing events! Some even wore flowers to simply keep themselves safe. It is said that boutonnieres provide the same for men by warding off evil and preventing disease. Back in the 16th and 17th centuries many people would wear corsages and boutonnieres every day to stay healthy, but as time went on they became more common just for special events.

As more time went on, the placement of corsages changed from the bodice to a strap on a dress near the shoulder. The meaning of corsages also change and was less focused on warding off evil or preventing illnesses and became more of a luxury. When courting a lady, a gentlemen would give his date a corsage as a gift for attending an event or dance with him. This is more like what we know corsages to be for today.

The gentleman would show respect to his date’s parents by presenting a bouquet of flowers and usually would pin a flower from the bouquet to his date’s dress. This was meant to represent attachment to another person. Corsages were also given on holidays, and even birthdays to show love and appreciation.

More presently, corsages are still worn for many special occasions. However, fashions and styles continue to change and more ladies will wear a wrist corsage, flower crown, flower ring, or carry a bouquet instead of pinning anything to their beautiful (and expensive) dresses.

A cordage is meant to make someone stand out from others and signify that she is celebrating something very special. Some will even press and frame their corsages to hold on to special memories.

Corsages by Leigh Florist


Alstromeria is one of nature’s most exotic looking flowers, also known as Peruvian Lilies. It comes in a variety of shades and colors, making them a perfect choice for any occasion. The Peruvian lily represents friendship and devotion and come in a variety of colors making them an ideal match for any birthday, graduation, or a “just because” arrangement. A few of the most popular colors include shades of yellow, pink, orange, and white.  The Peruvian lily is a very long lasting flower that has multiple blooms on a single stem, making these a popular choice for designers to place in vases or bouquets.

Alstromeria is native to South America, but now grow all over the world.  It was brought to Europe in the 1800’s, by a Swedish Botanist.  Not long after his discovery of the Peruvian Lily, did the flower gain popularity among flower enthusiasts.  With their meaning of devotion and friendship people quickly started giving them as gifts to friends and family.

Tulip Garden arrangement by Leigh Florist featuring Peruvian lilies (Alstromeria). 


Erin & Kevin

Erin and Kevin said their I Do’s on a beautiful day in Philadelphia, PA. Erin’s crystal beaded gown sparkled in the sunlight and was complimented by her bouquet of soft pink and white blooms. Kevin wore a white bloom with greens to match his bride. The reception took place at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia where the tables were decorated in  soft neutral colors with pinks and greens to accent. Floating candles and tealights were added for a romantic candle lit atmosphere.

Photos by: Juliana Laury Photography
Venue: The Crystal Tea Room – Philadelphia, PA

Bells of Ireland

Molucella laevis, more commonly known as Bells of Ireland, are viewed as a symbol of luck.  Their dramatic profiles make them one of the most recognizable flowers.  Bells of Ireland usually grow up to 2ft tall or higher.  It’s blooms, known as bells or calyx, are a beautiful shade of lime green.  They grow up the length of the stem, and help conceal its defense mechanism, of little white spikes, that can be sharp. So, handle with care! It is open to debate whether or not Bells of Ireland are a flower, or foliage. Contrary to belief, Bells of Ireland are native to the Mediterranean coast lines. They are a part of the mint family. These gorgeous blooms help give a modern flair to any arrangement.  They would be perfect in an arrangement to anyone who just bought a new house, or started a new job to wish them good luck!

Industrial Chic Wedding

The trend of mix metals, and Edison lights have helped shaped this new wedding trend of an industrial wedding.  More and more brides are looking for a blank canvas in order to create their own super modern vision. They seek out old industrial warehouses or more modern venues with more raw qualities. The result? An ultra-chic, modern wedding.  It’s all about bringing the outdoor feeling of the city, indoors.

Choosing your venue – To achieve the industrial look, you must first start with your venue.  Hosting your wedding at a warehouse venue, or even an ultra-modern one, with exposed metal or brick would be an ideal place to tie the knot if this is the look you want to achieve. Some off season farm warehouses will rent out a space for you to use for your reception. Be sure to consider the time of year and weather. If you don’t have a venue such as these around, you can always bring in some outdoor elements, to change the feel of the room.

Wedding Décor – You can achieve an industrial look by thinking outside of the box.  When you think centerpiece, your first thought would be some pretty flowers in a vase but to achieve the industrial chic look consider this…place two cinderblocks on your table, with one its side and place votive candles in the open gaps, with moss around them. Then take little groupings of flowers and scatter them on top and in between the blocks. This will definitely be a great conversation piece among your guests and offer that chic look. You can even add bits of mixed metals, copper piping, and geometric shapes to add different textures.  Something that is very popular is a DIY copper piping candelabra, which is a little more simple and classic but still adds that industrial look, you can find the inspiration on Pinterest.

Extra lighting – Instead of using traditional or existing lighting you can use Edison lights which have grown in popularity lately. They act as industrial décor as well as soft warm lighting for your reception. A great idea for your ceremony is to make a backdrop full of Edison lights and stand in front of it while saying your vows.  It will silhouette you in a brilliance of light.

The most important thing in creating your ideal industrial chic wedding is to include the key elements of mixed metals, soft open lighting, and exposed concrete or brick. This can be a daunting task but there are tons of resources for you to use to help you plan. The industrial modern look is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation, who want to keep some things traditional but with an outdoor modern flare.

This venue is AMAZING. Perfect for that chic modern wedding.


Fill these with soft pinks and white for a simple and breathtaking centerpiece.


How cool is this? Rustic and chic at the same time!

Flower Delivery

Flower Delivery

A fresh flowers delivery ukraine can be the bright spot in anyone’s day and can provide a cheerful reminder of someone’s sentiment for several days. Sending floral arrangements or potted plants to others can represent an expression of goodwill, birthday wishes, romance, encouragement, sympathy or a sentiment of endearment ‘just because’. There are many online florist shops that provide a wide selection of floral gifts as well as same day and next day flower delivery services. A gift selection can even be made in advance and sent automatically on a future date to insure that a celebration is not forgotten for an important time in someone’s life.

Floral arrangements that are freshly cut, potted, dried and even silk manufactured have long held an appeal for home and workplace decorations. Most homes have at least one room that is highlighted by a beautiful centerpiece or that has a potted plant in some corner. In many homes, just about every room displays beauty through floral designs that are either purchased at shops or made by a family member. One of the most beautiful additions to any room, however, is an arrangement received from a fresh flower delivery service. Newly cut stems that explode with color are enough to freshen up any room for any occasion. Many people enjoy replacing each day’s arrangement with a new arrangement for an interesting change in their home.

For many people, the glory of God’s artistry is manifested in His creation of nature. “The glory of the Lord shall endure for ever: the Lord shall rejoice in his works.” (Psalm 104:31) Many are fortunate enough to own and garden their own floristry making it easy to arrange and display the fruits of their labor. For others, a fresh flower delivery is the answer to their requirements for fresh cut roses or daisies added daily to their homes. Some florist shops have standing orders to fill every day that require newly cut floristry in offices, at restaurants or in some homes. Even though silk and other synthetic reproductions of floral arrangements can be purchased, some floral enthusiasts require freshly cut floristry with next day flower delivery services for all their orders.

A wide range of choices including orchids, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and daisies are found in many floral arrangements. One of the most popular next day flower delivery orders that are sent throughout the country for many occasions are roses. Roses can be purchased in many colors including yellow, pink, and red with varying shades of each choice. Red roses have historically been the floral choice for Valentine’s Day as well as for weddings. A single red rose carries the sentiment of romantic love just as much as does a dozen, beautiful roses accented with baby’s breath. Other contemporary choices for special occasions include wild ukraine flowers and greenery well placed in several choices of vases.

Interesting floral designs need not be placed in the typical green vase but can be situated in mugs, jars, bowls, vases, ceramic pots and just about anything that creativity can conjure up. The base of any arrangement can be the accent piece that states the purpose for the fresh flower delivery. Such items as a baby’s drinking cup or a black ‘over the hill’ drinking mug can immediately convey a meaning to the recipient of an order. Traditional floral gifts are no longer the norm and finding a specialty item is not hard for anyone who wishes to browse through many of the huge online companies in order to find something unusual to send.

In fact, most companies also offer designer services through competent staff who are expert in customizing any idea you may have for a special floral production. Special floral arrangements may cost more than the usual pre designed floral arrangements since extra time and effort will be taken to reflect the arrangement anyone has in mind. If there is interest in sending a fresh flower delivery to someone special but not sure what would be best, many florist shops can offer helpful suggestions in choosing the best gift for the occasion.

Professional next day flower delivery services can also be sent that are guaranteed fresh and on time. Reputable companies back their products and services with guarantees to please or your money back. Don’t hesitate to demand the purchase price back if the service that is advertised for freshly cut floristry is damaged or loses its freshness by delivery time. If an order is placed in person, it may be wise to ask to examine which flowers are to be placed in within a particular gift. Since floral arrangements can be perishable, freshness is a must for a beautiful and reasonably lasting gift.

Items such as roses should last well over a week if they are freshly harvested and if the receiver takes care of them. Obviously, however, online flower delivery services do not have the option of personal examination but online stores do offer photos and visual displays of their arrangements. A choice can be safely made which is generally backed by a guarantee for quality. Check out several online floral shops in order to find the right prices, delivery policies and designs for gift floral arrangements that reflect individual taste and budget.

Flower Advisor

Flower Advisor

Subject  : How to Purchase a Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the most fonded by most of the ladies, and also hope that can receive a flower bouquet from someone who is important to her. Whereas, may be some of the gentlemen would think that this is wasteful since the fresh flower may be dry after a few days.

Gentlemen, if you agree the above mentioned. Definitely we could tell you that you have a wrong mindset. Did you know, each types of flower have their own language! This is one of the most helpful tips to let you express the deepest feeling from you heart which is hard to say.

At the special occasion, no matter is on valentine, christmas or birthday, there are suitable to has a flower bouquet as a gift. There are no longer only fresh flower in a bouquet, which the combination with chocolate or beer is being popular nowadays and also a great idea as a gift.

Most of the time florist may be has no enough time to explain to you the each type of flower with the meanings, so you may have to put some effect to search it out without make the misunderstanding. For example, as we all know, rose are most commonly flowering to convey the message of love. Then did you know that no every colour of rose is symbol love?

Ohh?? What a surprise to see this? Could you imagine that you send a flower bouquet with the meaning of hatred or rejection to a lady you are wooing now or you like for some time? What is horrible, right? To prevent this happen to you, my advice here is do some research before purchase.

When you plan to buy a flower bouquet to someone special for you, you should better give up to buy a yellow colour rose bouquet to someone special for you. It is because yellow rose means friendship and rejection. Now you wonder that no every rose mean ‘Love’, right?

Actually buying a flower bouquet is not as hard task, there are 3W you should know before buy:

Ø  Who you want to send? Is mother? Girlfriend? Or just normal friend?

Ø  Why you want to send a flower? Valentine? Christmas? Birthday?

Ø  What is the meaning you want to express? Love? Respect? Joyful?

After you have the answer of the 3W, then you can move the steps:

Ø  Which flower you want to buy? Rose? Lily?

Ø  Which flower shop you decided?

There are some points you have to know before select the flower shop

Ø  There are provide the professional assistant in flower selection

Ø  A nice skill florist, which it able to let you have a beautiful flower bouquet design

Ø  Delivery is available

Ø  A reasonable price

Actually there are not only have to buy flower at the flower shop, with the trend nowadays, many people prefer shopping on the internet which is easier and faster. There many relevant website provide this kind of service.

There are some risk when order from internet. The first thing is the quality of the flower, this is the problem that is hard to justify. To overcome this problem is to looking for the website which is trustable and the reputation is good.  This also must depend on the period of delivery; the longer of the delivery will affect the freshness of flower.

Beside the flower bouquet, flowers are also common use on some ceremony. The most common flower arrangement we know and seen is on wedding ceremony. From the bridal hand bouquet, bridal car, church until house, flower is a perfect decoration to build up a happiness environment.

My suggestion here is to have a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony, you may seek for the professional assistance. There are no only from the florist, the idea from you is most important to have a great celebration and decoration. If you have enough time to do the preparation, you may also able to show the creation to “DIY” a unique bridal bouquet for yourself!

The flower is not only using at the happy and joyful occasion, the sad and memorable functions are also suitable. The vast difference between this two is the colour of flower should be carefully when do the selection.

The colour could tell the emotion, like shinning colour, red, orange is most suitable on joyful party. The happiness able to spread the happiness among us, but the white and yellow colour is difference! This two colour suitable no matter is happy or memorable function, because there are carry the meaning of respect and memorable.

How you can create dazzling summer flower garden designs

You are carried out with your indoors spring cleaning responsibilities. Your windows, floors and furnishings are sparkling. Now it is time to turn you attention to work that’s a bit more appealing ?that of getting your garden in shape. It’s possible you’d like to refresh last year’s look having a new take on flower garden designs, but do not relish the expense included with landscaping services. Even though you may well believe that prosperous flower garden designs are only achieved through the expert landscaper, this simply isn’t true. With careful planning, creativeness plus a little function, you are able to create you own pattern which is going to be the envy on the neighborhood and supply you with a great deal particular satisfaction. Let’s walk by means of the process.

For your purposes of this discussion, we’ll assume that the early spring maintenance and soil preparation responsibilities are total. Except for ‘permanent’ garden pattern features, such as hedges, fences and main pathways, you’ve got a blank slate prior to you.

Effective flower garden designs build on the earlier and coming seasons. For example, a drift of spring flowering daffodils may be inter-planted with early blooming summer annuals, including pansies or phlox. These colorful blooms can serve as an edging, behind which you plant taller, midsummer bloomers, including Marguerites or Marigolds. Several, more robust flower plants ?maybe deep blue or white Agapanthas ?provide textural contrast and carry your lovely flower garden design proper into fall, using a plentiful provide of nicely contrasting flowers by means of the warm season.

Porch railings and fences lend themselves nicely to garden plants having a vining, climbing habit. Some beneficial examples of easy-to-grow annuals include Morning Gory and Black-eyed Susans. These flowers are fast increasing, sturdy plants that bloom prolifically, need tiny care, are drought resistant and simply pulled and composted when their season is over.

Generally speaking, the most successful flower garden designs consist of the mix of annuals, perennials and bulbs. Plants of staggered heights add visual interest as do several leaf textures. Colour is also an significant component of beneficial flower garden designs. Hues that are opposites on the color wheel, just like a deep blue Lobelia plus a bright, rust orange Marigold, supply eye-catching contrast inside your garden. Also keep in thoughts that light colors ‘come forward’ even though darker colors recede, visually. Should you wish to create optical illusions that make the best visual use of the tiny room, a planting of white Morning Glories against your back fence will seem to get additional away when you prepare a thick row of deep red or violet flowers in front from the morning glories.

You are able to see that it is possible to create a brilliant display for the summer garden, selecting the hues and textures you like very best. Your dazzling flower garden layout tips are restricted only by your expanding zone and our own good imagination.