Wedding Roses

May of 2017 at the Abbie Holmes Estate in Cape May Court House, NJ.

Photos By: Jessica Cooper Photography

The Abbie Holmes Estate is the perfect setting for weddings with its beautifully manicured gardens and natural surroundings it is sure to make your wedding memorable.

The bride’s bouquet consisted of a gorgeous combination of peach and lavender roses in a small cascade shape. Her bridesmaids carried a small bouquet of similar colors consisting of white hydrangea, peach roses and small purplish blue accents. Having more white in the bridesmaids bouquets allowed the flowers to really pop against their dresses and the opposite effect for the bride in her stunning white gown.

Jessica Cooper Photography

Erin & Kevin

Erin and Kevin said their I Do’s on a beautiful day in Philadelphia, PA. Erin’s crystal beaded gown sparkled in the sunlight and was complimented by her bouquet of soft pink and white blooms. Kevin wore a white bloom with greens to match his bride. The reception took place at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia where the tables were decorated in  soft neutral colors with pinks and greens to accent. Floating candles and tealights were added for a romantic candle lit atmosphere.

Photos by: Juliana Laury Photography
Venue: The Crystal Tea Room – Philadelphia, PA

Bells of Ireland

Molucella laevis, more commonly known as Bells of Ireland, are viewed as a symbol of luck.  Their dramatic profiles make them one of the most recognizable flowers.  Bells of Ireland usually grow up to 2ft tall or higher.  It’s blooms, known as bells or calyx, are a beautiful shade of lime green.  They grow up the length of the stem, and help conceal its defense mechanism, of little white spikes, that can be sharp. So, handle with care! It is open to debate whether or not Bells of Ireland are a flower, or foliage. Contrary to belief, Bells of Ireland are native to the Mediterranean coast lines. They are a part of the mint family. These gorgeous blooms help give a modern flair to any arrangement.  They would be perfect in an arrangement to anyone who just bought a new house, or started a new job to wish them good luck!

The Rose

Roses are the national flower of England, and represented two important families in the 15th century. The Lancasters (red roses) and the Yorks (white roses) competed against each other for rule of England in The War of The Roses.

Williams Shakespeare, one of England’s greatest writers was inspired by the rose. Romeo and Juliet has one of the most well-known quotes on roses, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet is reminding Romeo it doesn’t matter that they come from feuding houses because their love is real.

The Rose is one on the most popular and easily recognized flower out there. Many people see them as a gift of love and affection. Well, they are correct, but did you know that different colors and groupings of roses symbolize different things?

A rose’s symbolism changes based on the color and the number of them given. Below is a list of the most popular colors and what they represent.

  • Red roses symbolize love and romance.
  • Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.
  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion.
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship.
  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity.

Uptown Roses                     Sweet Love                    Cupid’s Arrow
        By: Leigh Florist

Did you know you can send a more specific message with the number of roses given?

  • One rose symbolizes love at first sight.
  • Two roses symbolize shared and deep love.
  • Three roses says “I love you”.
  • Six roses says “I want to be yours”.
  • Seven roses says “I’m infatuated with you”.
  • Nine roses symbolize eternal love.
  • Ten roses says “You’re perfect”.

Modern Gem by Leigh Florist


A Spring Wedding

In April of 2017, they said I do in Haddonfield, NJ. Their family and friends gathered at Haddon Fortnightly to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

The Haddon Fortnightly is a beautiful, traditional space with honey colored hard wood floors, white decorative pillars and simple yet traditional gold chandeliers throughout. It was a beautiful day, which made the photographers job that much easier! Carley K Photography captured the love these two share perfectly and we couldn’t be happier for them.

The Bride’s bouquet was a beautiful organic collection of white blooms, accented with a variety of greens including silver dollar eucalyptus (one of our favorites). The groom wore a simple white tea rose with greenery to match his beautiful bride.

Carley K Photography

Industrial Chic Wedding

The trend of mix metals, and Edison lights have helped shaped this new wedding trend of an industrial wedding.  More and more brides are looking for a blank canvas in order to create their own super modern vision. They seek out old industrial warehouses or more modern venues with more raw qualities. The result? An ultra-chic, modern wedding.  It’s all about bringing the outdoor feeling of the city, indoors.

Choosing your venue – To achieve the industrial look, you must first start with your venue.  Hosting your wedding at a warehouse venue, or even an ultra-modern one, with exposed metal or brick would be an ideal place to tie the knot if this is the look you want to achieve. Some off season farm warehouses will rent out a space for you to use for your reception. Be sure to consider the time of year and weather. If you don’t have a venue such as these around, you can always bring in some outdoor elements, to change the feel of the room.

Wedding Décor – You can achieve an industrial look by thinking outside of the box.  When you think centerpiece, your first thought would be some pretty flowers in a vase but to achieve the industrial chic look consider this…place two cinderblocks on your table, with one its side and place votive candles in the open gaps, with moss around them. Then take little groupings of flowers and scatter them on top and in between the blocks. This will definitely be a great conversation piece among your guests and offer that chic look. You can even add bits of mixed metals, copper piping, and geometric shapes to add different textures.  Something that is very popular is a DIY copper piping candelabra, which is a little more simple and classic but still adds that industrial look, you can find the inspiration on Pinterest.

Extra lighting – Instead of using traditional or existing lighting you can use Edison lights which have grown in popularity lately. They act as industrial décor as well as soft warm lighting for your reception. A great idea for your ceremony is to make a backdrop full of Edison lights and stand in front of it while saying your vows.  It will silhouette you in a brilliance of light.

The most important thing in creating your ideal industrial chic wedding is to include the key elements of mixed metals, soft open lighting, and exposed concrete or brick. This can be a daunting task but there are tons of resources for you to use to help you plan. The industrial modern look is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation, who want to keep some things traditional but with an outdoor modern flare.

This venue is AMAZING. Perfect for that chic modern wedding.

Fill these with soft pinks and white for a simple and breathtaking centerpiece.

How cool is this? Rustic and chic at the same time!

Why do roses have Thorns?


To quote Guns ‘N Roses, “Every rose has it’s thorn” but actually rose thorns are called “prickles”. Thorns on other plants and trees are made up of the same materials as the plant. Those thorns are deeply embedded in the woody structure of the plant, and can’t be broken off easily. Rose thorns by definition, can’t really be thorns at all, because they are made up of small, sharp outgrowths of the rose’s outer layers. Unlike a thorn, a prickle can be easily broken off the plant because it is really a feature of the outer layers rather than part of the wood. Roses grow prickles as a form of defense against predators.


However, not every rose has prickles. There are a few varieties that have little to no prickles on them. These are great to plant along walkways, or in gardens.  

Order your someone special a dozen red roses today!




Pansies are a petite, delicate flowers the you will mostly find growing in flower beds. The pansy’ is well-loved for its charm and versatility that comes from its tri- color Petals of white, purple, and yellow.  Originally a European flower, The name “pansy” is derived from the French word pensée, which means “thought”.   Pansies have a meaning of remembrance, free thinking, and loving thoughts. In Victorian England, suitors would give pansies to their lovers, as a sign of a secret courtship. It would be given in a bouquet of greens, with flowers in the middle, as to not be detected.  It would be a sign to their beloved, to not forget them and that their love was true.  Read about natures Fibonacci’s Sequence here.

Douglas & Shauna Rowe Wedding – May 2014

Thank you Roxann Thomas Photography for sending us photos of Shauna, she looks beautiful! Shauna chose pink Sorbonne Lilies, gorgeous Geraldine Garden Roses and white Hydrangea for her wedding. Her reception was at Lakeside Manor in Gibbsboro New Jersey.


Anniversary Flowers

Flowers are the obvious choice when you need an anniversary gift. That is not to say that you shouldn’t give flowers to your loved one, but there is a fun way to spruce up an anniversary bouquet.

Each anniversary (with a few exceptions) has a special traditional symbol.

1st Paper

The internet is chock full of tutorials on how to make paper flowers. If you aren’t crafty, then ask your florist to make a paper funnel for you to put a loose bunch in.

2nd Cotton

A few months ago, we had a gentleman order flowers for his second anniversary. Denise affixed a few cotton balls onto the branches in his arrangement.

3rd Leather

A strip of leather can be tied around an arrangement for the third anniversary.

4th Books

The book anniversary can take a cue from the first anniversary and include paper flowers. You can find cheap books at a flea market or Good Will which you can used to make flowers out of. Or buy a copy of her favorite book or a book that is meaningful to both of you and use those pages.

5th Wood

All you need to do for the wood anniversary is incorporate branches into your arrangement. Or if you’re a handyman, you can create a wooden window box for her to put flowers in.

6th Sugar/Sweets

Chocolate roses are a perfect gift. You can buy them or find a recipe to make them at home.

7th Copper/Wool

We can make cool shapes out of copper wire to decorate a bouquet or you can use a strip of wool to tie up a loose bunch.

8th Pottery/Bronze

Go to Pottery Barn or a similar place and pick out a vase to hold your arrangement.

9th Pottery/Willow

This anniversary is perfect for an arrangement with curly willow or pussy willow.

10th  Tin/ Aluminum

You can make flowers out of aluminum foil, you can wrap the stems of flowers with aluminum foil, or you can turn a tin can into a vase for a small arrangement.

11th Steel

The steel anniversary can be represented by taking a clear vase and lining the bottom with steel wool.

12th and 13th Silk and Lace (respectfully)

Silk and Lace ribbons are perfect for tying around a loose bunch or vase .

14th Ivory

Roses, the most popular romance flower, come in a beautiful ivory shade. Many other flowers also come in ivory if you want to mix it up. Then tie off the arrangement with an ivory ribbon.

15th Crystal

We have little wires with crystals on the end that can be bent into all kinds of fun shapes and added to arrangements for a little flair. The crystals come in all different colors so you can mix and match them to meet your needs for your 15th anniversary.

20th China

This symbol can be incorporated simply by placing your bouquet in a china vase.

25th Silver

Silver wires can be used to add texture and detail to arrangements while silver ribbon can be used to tie off loose bunches. Also, silver containers can be used as vases and silver brooches make interesting accents.

30th Pearl

You can wrap a string of pearls around the stems of a bouquet or use pearl accents within an arrangement.

35th Coral

You can use all of the beautiful flowers that come in shades of coral. It will look much better than an arrangement with pieces of coral sticking out of it (most likely.)

40th Ruby

If you can’t afford rubies for the 40th anniversary, A bouquet of ruby red roses or other lovely red flowers make a fine alternative.

45th Sapphire

Making a bouquet out of sapphire colored flowers won’t be as easy since there isn’t a wide selection of blue flowers, especially not in shades of sapphire. However, sapphire blue ribbons, sapphire colored vases, and sapphire colored crystals can all be used to satisfy this requirement.

50th Gold

Gold vases, gold ribbon, gold wire, marigolds, sunflowers, irises, callas, gerberas, and roses (along with many other golden yellow flowers) can all be incorporated into a 50th anniversary arrangement.

60th and 75th  Diamond

While I understand many people can’t afford to do this, you can get a vase arrangement and place a diamond necklace around it. If that’s a little too pricey, sprinkling diamond dust over the flowers to give them a diamond sparkle is a nice touch.