Fall Wedding: How To Be The Perfect Groom For Your Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding: How To Be The Perfect Groom For Your Fall Wedding

Fall wedding is all about the beautiful, romantic and unpredictable autumn mood. Looking good is not limited to the bride as a groom you have to be immaculate as well. Here are some smart ways for grooms to deck up and generally have a perfect autumn wedding.  

Keep Hangovers At Bay

Don’t organize a bachelor party prior to your wedding day. The deeply drowsy unkempt look hangover look won’t exactly please your bride to be. Wild boozing parties are a strictly no-no.

Let Your Tuxedo Do The Talking

The fall wedding season is all about warm shades like beige, tan, browns, grays et al. Smartly decked grooms can opt for tuxedos in similar shades. Go for a designer cut that will make you stand out from the crowd.  

Best Men In Sync With The Mood

The grooms’ attendants and best men should follow the same theme. Shades of gray, navy blue and black will add panache to the group. All men can go for the same ties for a uniform mood.   

Cross-Check Your Last Minute Beauty Regime

A lot of grooms prefer last minute touch ups.

* Get a de-stressing facial done after all those wild bachelor parties.

* Avoid drowning yourself in loud perfumes as it is a major turnoff.

* Go for a gelled look and keep your dude hairstyle at home as at the wedding altar, the priest will be pronouncing you as a “man” and not a boy.

Show Your Coy Side To Her Again

During the courtship period, you have showered your ladylove with her favorite flowers. Tuck in an exotic flower for your fall wedding like an orchid or a lily in the tuxedo’s pocket. You can also pick a colorful bunch of exotic fall flowers for your bride.

Match up to your bride’s steps and look sizzling on your fall wedding day.