Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Image

 Mother’s day is one of the busiest day in a flower shop.  Gorgeous hyacinths, lavish hydrangea, and colorful tulip plants also make great gifts for Mom to show how much your appreciate her.  After you have given mom her favorite flowers, now it’s time to take on a mother daughter/son date. Here are some great ideas to do with mom:

  1. Going on a fun wine trail to local wineries and sampling some chocolate and cheese, is a great way to spend the day with mom.
  2. Taking a spa day and enjoying some mani pedis and cocktails is a fun bonding time with mom
  3. Go on a hike with mom.  Nothing is like mother nature to help you and your mom get some one on one time to talk.
  4. Take a fun cooking class.  Enjoying eating delicious meals, while learning how to cook some delectable dinners, is a great way to create some new memories with mom.

Lastly, take an easy day, by staying in and baking with mom.  Making cookies and cupcakes are a fun way for you and her to relive your childhood

Mother’s Day Traditions From Around the World!

Here in America, we celebrate Moms by giving her flowers, chocolates or other gifts to say, “Thanks for being awesome!”

We did a little research to see how other countries honored all of their moms, and what we found was pretty interesting…

During Medieval times, the United Kingdom celebrated their “Mothering Sunday” on the fourth Sunday of Lent.  Children would have one day off (which was rare) from their servant/apprentice work to worship the Virgin Mary. Children would pick flowers or bake them a cake.  Nowadays the UK celebrates the day the same way we do with flowers and gifts.

In Brazil, Mother’s Day is one of the most commercialized holidays – up there with Chrstimas.  Typically the second Sunday in May, families get together, have BBQs and there are children performances and church events.

Known as “Muttertag” in Germany, this day also falls on the second Sunday in May.  Cards are the most popular gift for mom here.

Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May, in Japan is celebrated with carnations.  In Japanese culture the carnations represent the gentle strength of mothers.

Australia’s traditions are similar to Japan’s traditions in that they also celebrate with carnations, and also chrysanthemums.  Many Mother’s Day events are held in order to collect donations towards women’s causes.

France holds similar traditions that we do.  Mom can relax, the kids do the chores and help around the house.  Their Mother’s day falls in late May or early June depending on the Pentecost.  Kids read poems and a big dinner celebration finishes the day!

What do you do on Mother’s Day?  We’d love to hear about your family traditions!