Industrial Chic Wedding

The trend of mix metals, and Edison lights have helped shaped this new wedding trend of an industrial wedding.  More and more brides are looking for a blank canvas in order to create their own super modern vision. They seek out old industrial warehouses or more modern venues with more raw qualities. The result? An ultra-chic, modern wedding.  It’s all about bringing the outdoor feeling of the city, indoors.

Choosing your venue – To achieve the industrial look, you must first start with your venue.  Hosting your wedding at a warehouse venue, or even an ultra-modern one, with exposed metal or brick would be an ideal place to tie the knot if this is the look you want to achieve. Some off season farm warehouses will rent out a space for you to use for your reception. Be sure to consider the time of year and weather. If you don’t have a venue such as these around, you can always bring in some outdoor elements, to change the feel of the room.

Wedding Décor – You can achieve an industrial look by thinking outside of the box.  When you think centerpiece, your first thought would be some pretty flowers in a vase but to achieve the industrial chic look consider this…place two cinderblocks on your table, with one its side and place votive candles in the open gaps, with moss around them. Then take little groupings of flowers and scatter them on top and in between the blocks. This will definitely be a great conversation piece among your guests and offer that chic look. You can even add bits of mixed metals, copper piping, and geometric shapes to add different textures.  Something that is very popular is a DIY copper piping candelabra, which is a little more simple and classic but still adds that industrial look, you can find the inspiration on Pinterest.

Extra lighting – Instead of using traditional or existing lighting you can use Edison lights which have grown in popularity lately. They act as industrial décor as well as soft warm lighting for your reception. A great idea for your ceremony is to make a backdrop full of Edison lights and stand in front of it while saying your vows.  It will silhouette you in a brilliance of light.

The most important thing in creating your ideal industrial chic wedding is to include the key elements of mixed metals, soft open lighting, and exposed concrete or brick. This can be a daunting task but there are tons of resources for you to use to help you plan. The industrial modern look is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation, who want to keep some things traditional but with an outdoor modern flare.

This venue is AMAZING. Perfect for that chic modern wedding.

Fill these with soft pinks and white for a simple and breathtaking centerpiece.

How cool is this? Rustic and chic at the same time!

Springtime Weddings – Ideas For The Perfect Spring Wedding  

Springtime Weddings – Ideas For The Perfect Spring Wedding

Springtime is one of the favorite times of the year where most couples decided to get married. This is the time when the flowers begin to bloom and the trees begin to green; the perfect time to tie the knot and say “I do”.

To make your spring wedding a perfect one, here are some ideas that can help you in your wedding preparations:

The Color SchemeThere are many possible colors you can mix and match to be your wedding colors. You can pair two or more colors together such as ivory, lavender and pastel green or pastel green, pink and lavender. Since spring is associated with airy and vibrant colors, stay away from deep colors that represents autumn season. There are lots of colors you can choose, so make sure that what you pick are well-coordinated colors.

The Wedding InvitationUsually, spring themed wedding invitations have flowers printed on it. Stationary used are colorful and the font styles mirrors the feel of springtime. Don’t be anxious to use colorful papers or prints because spring is all about colors.

The FlowersThere are lots of flowers blooming during springtime so you have several choices to choose from. Flowers with vibrant colors are daffodils, forsythia, peony and ranunculus. Beautiful flowers with the shade of blue are anemone, hyacinth, pansy, wisteria, and violet. If you want pink flowers you can use hydrangea, cherry blossoms and lilac. White spring flowers like lilies, narcissus, snap dragon, stephanotis and sweet pea are great to combine with other colorful spring flowers. Make sure that whatever flower you use in your bouquets and floral decorations, they will complement each other.

The Wedding Dress and AttireFor your wedding gown, choose a light fabric where you can also wear a wrap just in case a cold breeze happens on your wedding day. For a springtime wedding, perfect styles are sleeveless gowns, spaghetti straps; tea length dresses and strapless dresses. You can also incorporate spring colors to your wedding gown; floral embroidery or tie a ribbon that matches your color scheme to your waist to accentuate your gown. Incorporate colors to the attire of men by wearing colored ties.

The Wedding Reception and DecorationsOutdoor weddings are perfect during springtime. You can have a garden wedding full of flowers so you don’t have to decorate it with flowers anymore, just add some props like candelabras, urns, drapes and some fabric like lace and tulle. If you want to use candles to make an elegant and classy ambiance, schedule your wedding in the late afternoon. Be reminded that you should have another plan just in case the weather change; there’s a big possibility of changing weather during spring season.

The Wedding FavorThere are many wedding favors you can choose that suits your spring themed wedding. You can have personalized soap with your names and the date of your wedding written on the box or potted plants or flowers to represent spring or even cardholders with floral designs. For more unique favors you can search the internet or ask your friends.

The Wedding CenterpiecesFor your centerpieces, a vase with a single flower on it is elegantly beautiful; or you can have an urn full of colorful flowers on it, it will depend on other decorations in the reception area. Slices of fresh fruits is also a great idea to have as a centerpiece, your guests will surely love to nibble them after eating a full meal.

The Wedding MenuFor your menu, the best foods that will go with the season are light foods. Serve some spring lamb with vegetables for the main meal and some slices of fruits for dessert. Drinks like lemonade and iced tea are perfect for the weather. As for your wedding cake, carrot cake or strawberry cake will definitely a delicious choice; top it with fresh carrot and strawberry respectively to highlight the finest of the season.

Looking for the Perfect Ideas for the Spring Wedding

Looking for the Perfect Ideas for the Spring Wedding

If you are looking for wonderful spring wedding ideas, you are not likely to be alone. On the contrary, if you want to stay away from a Humble wedding you should be perfectly aware that the current trend underlines the fact that the spring season is quickly gaining popularity. So, you will find yourself looking for various ways to host the perfect spring wedding. But you will have to start planning as early as possible in order to transform your Spring wedding into an unforgettable moment without having to spend a fortune to achieve this.

Whether your personal idea of the perfect spring wedding is a casual gathering in the back yard with your family and your friends or a huge wedding at the best and most expensive country club in your town, it is important to start planning as soon as possible. The best thing for you is to start searching for a wedding planner; you can go online and find a reliable planner that can provide you with quality services and locations. You should take full advantage of all the available resources in order to avoid a Humble wedding; for instance, there are plenty of reasons why such amazing spring weddings are gaining in popularity. There are also plenty of spring wedding ideas to choose from.

For those in strong need of  planning help there are great many resources available on the internet and the only thing that you will have to do is go online and find a reliable provider. The internet has transformed your life in a number of important ways; the wedding planning is no exception either. Whether your wedding will take place in spring, summer, fall or winter, the internet is the perfect resource for you; it has become an indispensable tool for you in order to book hotels and reception halls, to find the perfect flowers and even to shop for the best honeymoon getaway.

You have to be aware that there are some key elements when it comes to planning the perfect Spring wedding. The key elements to finding the perfect wedding ideas and locations, and making sure that they will come together in time for the big day, is to start planning the wedding early. You will have to be flexible; try not to forget that planning a Spring wedding should be fun and not a daunting task.

Actually, spring is the perfect time to get married because it represents a new beginning for you. For this reason, many modern couples feel that having a wedding day in springtime will bring them luck. So, if you are thinking of having a spring wedding too, you have to know that there are a few things you should take into account in order to make sure that everything goes down as planned.

While late springtime is a quite popular time go you to get married, spring in not likely to share the kind of popularity that summer and fall season may do. For this reason, you are likely to get much better rates for the wedding venues and vendors. For instance, you can get better prices if you decide to choose a particular theme that suits this season. Actually, one of the most popular themes when it comes to organizing a Spring wedding is mainly related to the spring flowers that can boost the atmosphere in no time.

Springtime is great for various floral blooms; therefore, you should try and incorporate as many flowers as you can into your wedding celebration. Flowers can make for a great atmosphere; they are great looking and they can also provide a striking fragrance that will dazzle your guests. Still, the weather around spring can be quite unpredictable. So, you will have to make sure that the wedding attire is flexible enough. Weddings may become quite stressful for the bride to be; the right organization is the key to making everything easier. So, you have arrived at the right place because a good wedding planner will walk you through the entire process and even schedule everything out in order for you to enjoy this special day.

Valentine Day Gifts: the Perfect Way to Show your Love

Valentine Day Gifts: the Perfect Way to Show your Love

Love is a universal term and language. We all speak the language of love and it is the one thing that gives us the power to be nice to all and have a happy life. We all love our family members and our near and dear ones. It is this one of love that makes us feel close to the people we love. Definitely, one should make sure that he or she conveys the love to the people everyday. However, given the kind of schedule we all have, we barely get time to show our loved ones that how much we love them and care for them. Love is of many kinds. It is there between a mother and a child, a father and a child, two lovers, husband and wife and many other kinds. Valentine’s Day is one celebrated day all across the globe when everyone makes sure to show their love to their loved ones. This particular day is specially celebrated by young college going students. However, people who are in a relationship, despite of any age manage to celebrate this day. The one thing that all of them do to show their love and concern to their loved ones is to buy Valentine Day gifts for them.

There are many varieties of Valentine Day gifts that can be given to one’s loved one to show the concern and love. These days n number of products have come up that can be easily purchased from shops and can be given as a gift to a loved one. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, soft toys, cards and many other things are given out as Valentine Day gifts. However, the one thing that is definitely bound to make an impact on your loved ones is something that is specially made for them. This could indeed be one of the best things that they can receive from their loved one. It is a little difficult but if one tries it out, it could turn out to be the best things to receive from someone’s loved one. Therefore, why not go ahead with this thought of creating a unique gift to give to your loved one on the special day of Valentine’s Day.

You could create a beautiful collage of some images of your loved one. This would definitely make them feel nostalgic and would definitely love it. This is definitely one of the best ways to surprise your loved one to show them how much you love them and care for them. Valentine Day gifts if chosen carefully could be really exciting and could make your loved one feel really great about the day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all across the globe. This day is one of the days when people show their love to their loved ones and this day they are very generous in showing their love to their loved ones. Therefore, it is very essential that one gets good Valentine Day gifts for their loved ones. This would definitely make your loved one feel good.

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Why You Will Get That Special Feeling with the Perfect Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is comes first to mind when it comes to plans of having the ideal wedding. A marriage is the communion of two souls in love. It is a promise that the two people in love will always remain by each other’s side in every turn of life. It is a commitment that one has to enter with the purest of heart and the strongest of feelings. And a marriage does not stop at that. It is the coming together of two families. From the day of the wedding, the two individuals and the two families become one.

No wonder it is unanimously agreed and felt that weddings have to be special. Since it takes place once in a lifetime it has to be one of the most memorable days in our lives.

Therefore a prefect summer wedding is what people prefer. The reason being that summer is the time when the flowers bloom in abundance to show off their beauty. The birds sing the most beautiful songs and the wind carries the message of the lovers. Summer is the most romantic time of the year and a lot of people in this world choose to have a summer wedding.

With summer come numerous themes for the perfect summer wedding. One way of enjoying the ideal weather condition is to have the entire arrangements outdoors with nature as a backdrop. Depending on where you live, you could choose a garden wedding, a farmhouse theme, a beach wedding, a castle or even a hilltop wedding. There is ample space and the atmosphere is perfect for a perfect summer wedding with memories to last a lifetime.

Perhaps one of the most important and economic ways of setting up the perfect wedding venue is the use of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=“”> bright and colorful summer flowers </a>. The foremost thing one should decide upon when going for a summer wedding is the right combination of flowers to use and how to display them. A summer wedding will lack perfection if the vibrant and lively summer flowers are not given their due importance. Any theme or any location a summer wedding without the proper flower arrangements is like a cake without the icing.

Fall Wedding: How To Be The Perfect Groom For Your Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding: How To Be The Perfect Groom For Your Fall Wedding

Fall wedding is all about the beautiful, romantic and unpredictable autumn mood. Looking good is not limited to the bride as a groom you have to be immaculate as well. Here are some smart ways for grooms to deck up and generally have a perfect autumn wedding.  

Keep Hangovers At Bay

Don’t organize a bachelor party prior to your wedding day. The deeply drowsy unkempt look hangover look won’t exactly please your bride to be. Wild boozing parties are a strictly no-no.

Let Your Tuxedo Do The Talking

The fall wedding season is all about warm shades like beige, tan, browns, grays et al. Smartly decked grooms can opt for tuxedos in similar shades. Go for a designer cut that will make you stand out from the crowd.  

Best Men In Sync With The Mood

The grooms’ attendants and best men should follow the same theme. Shades of gray, navy blue and black will add panache to the group. All men can go for the same ties for a uniform mood.   

Cross-Check Your Last Minute Beauty Regime

A lot of grooms prefer last minute touch ups.

* Get a de-stressing facial done after all those wild bachelor parties.

* Avoid drowning yourself in loud perfumes as it is a major turnoff.

* Go for a gelled look and keep your dude hairstyle at home as at the wedding altar, the priest will be pronouncing you as a “man” and not a boy.

Show Your Coy Side To Her Again

During the courtship period, you have showered your ladylove with her favorite flowers. Tuck in an exotic flower for your fall wedding like an orchid or a lily in the tuxedo’s pocket. You can also pick a colorful bunch of exotic fall flowers for your bride.

Match up to your bride’s steps and look sizzling on your fall wedding day.

Selecting the Perfect Summer Flowers

Selecting the Perfect Summer Flowers

There’s no better way to bring a smile on someone’s face than by offering fresh flowers. For as long as we can remember, flowers have been the ultimate symbol of beauty and elegance. On special occasions and at moments we need to express our feelings, we all turn to flowers to be our messengers. A carefully chosen flower bouquet can say everything we mean to say on different occasions. From lively summer flowers to romantic roses and colorful exotic flowers, they always represent the perfect gift. At you will find a wide selection of fresh flowers, specially designed and arranged.

Everyone agrees that flowers can brighten up any occasion. Flowers have the unique ability to help us express our feelings of happiness, love, admiration, gratitude, sorrow, friendship and so on. Since the seventeenth century, people have been giving different meanings to certain types of flowers. Today, everyone realizes that there are certain flowers that are more appropriate for a given event than others – the tricky part is making the appropriate choice according to the event. With romantic occasions, the choice is fairly simple: roses are the eternal symbol of great passion. If you want to send a message of happiness, you should choose something bright and colorful, like sunflowers. Carnations are traditionally given on funerals while tulips are appropriate for joyful and elegant occasions. has the widest variety of fresh flowers anywhere on the web.

If you have to attend a summer wedding or any other summer event, you won’t have any trouble finding a beautiful selection of flowers. Summer flowers come in pastel or bright colors, are delicate or daring and can pretty much adapt to any occasion. Sunflower represents the summer season best and is great for elaborate arrangements. Aster is also a popular summer flower which comes in beautiful shades of pink, blue, white and purple. Daisies are gentle summer flowers and are perfect for simple arrangements. Lilies have a beautiful scent and can brighten up any home. Other flowers, such as sweet pea or snapdragons are also exceptional gifts during the summer season.

There are many advantages to shopping for flowers online. First of all, it’s much more comfortable than going all the way out to a florist. Online flower shopping is also highly convenient. Haven’t you ever forgotten about someone’s birthday and wanted to make a last minute gesture? Ordering flowers online is very quick and it’s the only way to save the situation elegantly. A reliable online florist will always be ready to deliver fresh flowers. Furthermore, your bouquet will be designed impeccably and look exactly like you wanted it to. At you can order fresh flowers with free UK delivery.

Flowers make for excellent gifts on almost any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party or a baby shower, there’s nothing like a gorgeous bouquet to let someone know how you feel. Summer flowers are the ones that really stand out – the bright colors and mesmerizing scents will win anyone over. At you can choose from hundreds of fresh flowers.

Pink Wedding Bouquets to have that Perfect Wedding

Pink Wedding Bouquets to have that Perfect Wedding

Pink Wedding Bouquets always be a favorite choice for brides. She looks so beautiful with a white wedding dress. Pink bouquets can be created from many different flowers and colors. Whatever your style, there will be a perfect pink flowers at your wedding bouquet to be.

Pink denotes feminine qualities and is a delicate flower in all it brings youthfulness, innocence and joy every time. A pink flower signifies romance, love, friendship, grace and happiness. A pink wedding bouquet is a nice color choice for your wedding and will make you stand out like a princess!

Very nice and beautiful flowers come in pink. Come and discover our pink wedding bouquets pictures and ideas. We believe that these beautiful bouquets will give you more ideas and more inspiration. You will be inspired!

The rose is a symbol of love and poetic romance and it carries a direct message to your spouse. The most classic bouquet of everybody would be a round bouquet of pink roses accented with white stephanotis.

There are pink and white blend, pink rose with a white center and vice versa, as well as flowers with pink and white edges. A pink-oriented bride can always choose a colorful rose bouquet combines different varieties of pink roses arranged by color or by size.

There’s a wide variety of colors to choose from if you so choose pink roses for your wedding bouquet. There are soft pink, hot pink, mauve, pink and dark pink. Pink is a soft and subtle color to enhance it, any white gown. It is feminine and quiet.

A hydrangea bridal bouquet, a lovely simple flower arrangement or part of a more complex bouquet wedding. Often seen tipped with a hint of green, pink hydrangeas look stunning overflowing from a tall urn at a very formal wedding. Pink hydrangea popular colors include pink, mauve, wine and burgundy hues bride favorites.

A spring wedding, opting for a wildflower bouquet can also dogwood flowers, tinged with pink, which means love undiminished by adversity, orange flowers, which means the marriage and phlox, which means “our souls are united State.

Romantic brides would love nothing more than a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips. If you prefer simplicity, a bouquet of light pink Dutch tulips tied in a round bouquet is perfect. Regardless of the green is selected, the flavor of a few sprigs of stephanotis, small delicate white flowers are added, which means “happiness in marriage”, instead of the traditional baby’s breath.

The choice of pink wedding bouquets offer a world of possibilities for the creative bride to express her aesthetic tastes, a personal statement or message that represents the marriage, or a perfect palette from which to show the brightness of her beauty and her wedding dress.

While this may seem overwhelming to you, but do not worry about it. A florist will be more than happy to help with the pink wedding bouquet you choose what suits your wedding dress and decorations!