Industrial Chic Wedding

The trend of mix metals, and Edison lights have helped shaped this new wedding trend of an industrial wedding.  More and more brides are looking for a blank canvas in order to create their own super modern vision. They seek out old industrial warehouses or more modern venues with more raw qualities. The result? An ultra-chic, modern wedding.  It’s all about bringing the outdoor feeling of the city, indoors.

Choosing your venue – To achieve the industrial look, you must first start with your venue.  Hosting your wedding at a warehouse venue, or even an ultra-modern one, with exposed metal or brick would be an ideal place to tie the knot if this is the look you want to achieve. Some off season farm warehouses will rent out a space for you to use for your reception. Be sure to consider the time of year and weather. If you don’t have a venue such as these around, you can always bring in some outdoor elements, to change the feel of the room.

Wedding Décor – You can achieve an industrial look by thinking outside of the box.  When you think centerpiece, your first thought would be some pretty flowers in a vase but to achieve the industrial chic look consider this…place two cinderblocks on your table, with one its side and place votive candles in the open gaps, with moss around them. Then take little groupings of flowers and scatter them on top and in between the blocks. This will definitely be a great conversation piece among your guests and offer that chic look. You can even add bits of mixed metals, copper piping, and geometric shapes to add different textures.  Something that is very popular is a DIY copper piping candelabra, which is a little more simple and classic but still adds that industrial look, you can find the inspiration on Pinterest.

Extra lighting – Instead of using traditional or existing lighting you can use Edison lights which have grown in popularity lately. They act as industrial décor as well as soft warm lighting for your reception. A great idea for your ceremony is to make a backdrop full of Edison lights and stand in front of it while saying your vows.  It will silhouette you in a brilliance of light.

The most important thing in creating your ideal industrial chic wedding is to include the key elements of mixed metals, soft open lighting, and exposed concrete or brick. This can be a daunting task but there are tons of resources for you to use to help you plan. The industrial modern look is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation, who want to keep some things traditional but with an outdoor modern flare.

This venue is AMAZING. Perfect for that chic modern wedding.

Fill these with soft pinks and white for a simple and breathtaking centerpiece.

How cool is this? Rustic and chic at the same time!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Straight from a Wedding Florist

How much do wedding flowers cost?

A note from the florist:

As a wedding florist, weddings are my life.  Week in and week out, I plan, prep, create and design wedding flowers.  When the weekend arrives, I’m delivering, overseeing set up, styling and watching it all come together.

It takes much dedication, it is my passion and I love my job!

There is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes that many are unaware of, which separates flower design as a profession vs. flower design as a hobby.  A wedding requires much organization, paperwork and sourcing,  along with finding the best flowers and materials for the event.  My team meets to discuss the details and requests of the clients.  This allows us all to collaborate on the event design.

The week of the wedding flowers are received, processed, hydrated and thorns removed.  They go into a cooling period in the fridge for 24 hours to follow. It is important to know the care of each flower variety to ensure success for an event.

Something Blue Wedding Photography (

Something Blue Wedding Photography (

An experienced florist who has been designing and preparing flowers for hundreds of weddings before yours  is well worth the money.  Here’s why:

Quality Product – You need your flowers to be right the first time because there are no “take twos” for your wedding day!

Design Meetings – Our process begins with the client scheduling their first design meeting.  At this first meeting you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to lay out the details of your wedding – the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s.  We will also ask a few design questions about your colors, details and theme.

Then a floral consultation begins, at this point I want to get an overview of your wedding flower ideas and arrangements. I love when the client is an open book expressing favorites and dislikes. The client usually will come with photos and style boards to share ideas of the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets and centerpieces. We use our portfolio of designs to help further clarify the direction of details and designs.

Professional Planning – Once the designs are decided, we will have colors established and style direction for the event. After the style we have to be sure that the budget matches the dream.  I begin to break down the various elements, including which flowers and foliage will be needed and the quantity for each. As a professional florist there a lot of moving parts like what type and how many vases to buy, along with the when and where to deliver bouquets and coordinating setup time(s) for the ceremony and and reception.  I am required to be organized in my thoughts and creative in spirit at all times.

Detailed Organization – Once your wedding day is getting near, the next step is to start ordering an negotiating with local suppliers and growers. We need to confirm availability, create recipes for each design, contact and communicate with your ceremony venue, reception venue and wedding planner. The planning of delivery involves logistics along with staffing, time schedules and other final details.  As the florist, I have many details to juggle and organize – all of which is included in your price.

We are here to make it easy but all of this takes time.

Tiffany Atlas Photography (www.

Tiffany Atlas Photography


When budgeting for your wedding we find that there are no loop holes or secrets. You will always get what you pay for.

Remember flowers will be in all of your photos so you want them to look good. Hiring an experienced florist will prevent you from falling victim to the broken, wilting bouquets.  Be sure to ask your florist how they handle and care for their blooms.  An experienced and knowledgeable florist will gladly explain their care and handling process because they are proud of what they do – it is their work of art.

Designing flowers looks easy but there is so much to the art. Many years of experience and expertise go into those blooming arrangements.

Each florist has their own price points.  We don’t keep our prices secret.  This allows our clients to get an initial idea of how much they can anticipate to spend.  Please CLICK HERE to view our general pricing guide.

Michelle & Kelly’s Wedding – Wish Upon A Wedding 2014

It was a wonderful experience being a Wish Granter Thanks Wish Upon a Wedding Philadelphia for selecting us to be a part of Kelly and Michelle’s wedding! The flowers for this event were colorful, tropical and fun! We used Birds Of Paradise, Orchids, Peonies, Roses, and elements of Curly Willow. You could tell that this was a very special day for Kelly and Michelle. It was great working with all of the other vendors! Wedding Planning by Angela MALICKI events, Ceremony Venue by the Moshulu, Recpetion Venue  Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing, Flowers by us  Leigh Florist, Entertainment by The Super AWESOME BVTLive, Gorgeous attire provided by Beautiful Brides Philly, Lighting accents by Eventions Productions, Fabulous wedding cake by Bredenbeck’s Bakery, Candy buffet courtesy of, Cho- oh-lat, Photo booth by ShutterBooth Philadelphia. A big thank you to BG Productions! Not only do they provide beautiful photos, they always make the event a blast!

 BG Productions- WUW-143 BG Productions- WUW-146

BG Productions- WUW-160 BG Productions- WUW-222

BG Productions- WUW-245 BG Productions- WUW-250

BG Productions- WUW-111 BG Productions- WUW-108


Vanessa & Balal – April 2014

Vanessa and Balal had a beautiful spring day for their wedding at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  This mosaic garden is an amazing, eclectic venue in the city! Vanessa loves purple! Her bouquet was a cascade style of four different variations of Orchids and Ivory Roses. Thank you Michael Chadwick for sharing these beautiful photos with us!

vb_346 vb_366

vb_170  vb_477

vb_109  vb_383

Congratulations Sara & Harry!

We wish you a wonderful future together, full of fun and joy!  You were a pleasure to work with, and we wish you all the best!


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Trump National Golf Club – Pine Hill, NJ

Photographer – M2 Photography


  • The Bridal Party
  • Bride and Groom- Newly Wed!!
  • The ladies! (love the boots!)
  • Such a beautiful photograph – how could we not share this?
  • Arch Flowers with a beautiful skyline back drop
  • “I Do!”

2014 Wedding Flowers

In a few months, the 2014 wedding season will be in full swing. Now is the time for brides to begin planning the flowers for their big day. Now that we know what colors to expect, it’s time to consider what flowers will look elegant in the colors of the new year. The Knot claims that the best 10 wedding flowers are roses, tulips, calla lilies, lily of the valley, hydrangea, peonies, ranunculus, stephanotis, sweet peas, and gardenias. These are excellent and classic flower choices, but there are so many other options out there that also come in the projected shades of 2014.

Dahlia Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers

Peonies, roses, and hydrangea look lovely in coral. But other flowers such as snap dragons, spider flowers, and dahlias give texture that really make the already bold shade stand out. For more texture, hypericum berries also come in coral.

Another popular color for 2014 is yellow, specifically in happy, sunny shades. The most obvious choices for a bride who wants cheerful yellow flowers are sunflowers and gerbera daisies. But alstromeria, cymbidium orchids, cremon, irises, and dahlias also come in golden shades. And for even more yellow, mimosa and craspedia add lots of fun texture.

Dahlia Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers

Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, is a brilliant shade of purple. Hyacinth, irises, dahlias, and crocuses also come in very lovely shades of purple. And of course, orchids are available in shades of purple ranging from warm pinky-fuchsia to cool blue-lavender.

Dahlia Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers

While the selection of bright green flowers is slim, there are options such as cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums that will satisfy any bride trying to incorporate non-foliage green into her arrangements. However, there is a plethora of foliage options to lend texture and help create a variety of styles so don’t discount it! Also, if you want to go with a less traditional, bohemian style, limes look great in arrangements or submerged in vases.

Wedding Centerpieces, Tall Wedding Centerpiece, Wedding Flowers, Philadelphia Wedding Flowers, South Jersey Wedding Flowers, NJ Wedding Flowers

For the bride who wants to use the dazzling blue shades of 2014, delphinium, clematis, morning glory, and aster are all great choices especially since these flowers are naturally blue. Many flowers such as blue roses are not found in nature and are therefore produced artificially.

For our brave brides who want to use tangerine as their dominant color choice, proteas, dahlias, orchids, and gerbera daisies all come in the resplendent shade.

Kim Forrest, one of the editors for Wedding Wire, predicts that dahlias will be a very popular flower for 2014. Lucky for us, it is a beautiful and versatile flower with a fun texture that comes in many different shades.

No matter your style or color scheme, we can find a way to incorporate the color and flower trends of 2014 into your wedding flower assemblage!


-Lacey Bouchard

Leigh Florist – Wedding Flowers, Flower Shop, NJ Wedding Florist, PA Wedding Florist, South Jersey Wedding Florist

   Leigh Florist is a boutique floral studio in South Jersey.  Our team provides full service floral design for everyday arrangements and events.  We specialize in wedding and event design and offer custom bouquet preservation.

We invite you to experience our fresh flowers, artistic designs, and friendly service!

Stop in or call us! 856.547.1090 Visit our website here

 BOW_HOF_DarkBlue_1x1_300dpi-3  bca2016-logo_2x-997c5f6d0b8a0f52325360bc01a94a05facebook_bow17

Wedding Ceremony Decor

Flowers aren’t the only decoration we can provide at your wedding. Among the

variety of items we have for rent are entrance pieces, specialty florist vases, table

lighting and submersible lights. These items pretty much speak for themselves. One item

that we offer that you may not be familiar with is a “chuppah”. What is a “chuppah”

exactly? A chuppah is a canopy used in traditional Jewish weddings. The word

“chuppah” means “protection or covering” in Hebrew and they aren’t just used for


Philadelphia Wedding_ Philadelphia Wedding Chuppah_Philadelphia Wedding Flowers_Wedding Canopy

The chuppah which is comprised of a cloth (or “tallis”) being held up by four

poles, is meant to represent the home that the bride and groom will be making for

themselves. Aside from the four poles and canopy, there isn’t really a set design for the

chuppah. Flowers, ribbon, crystals and other fabrics can be used to decorate the chuppah

according to the bride’s preferences or the wedding theme.

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

You don’t have to be Jewish to have a chuppah at your wedding. While it is an

instrumental part of the Jewish wedding, a wedding canopy can be incorporated into any

ceremony whether they are indoors or outdoors.

The Merion_Cinnaminson_New Jersey_Chuppah_Wedding Chuppah_Wedding Canopy

A word of caution however if you choose to have a chuppah outdoors, these

structures, while intended to symbolize a home, don’t always stand up to certain weather

conditions. A few weeks ago, Madison and Michael were setting up a chuppah for a

wedding that was initially indoors due to a bad weather forecast. When the weather

ended up being nicer than predicted albeit for occasional gusty winds, the bride asked

for the wedding to be moved outside.

New Jersey Wedding Flowers_New Jersey Wedding Florist_Wedding Chuppah_Wedding Canopy

As the two of them began assembling the chuppah

in the courtyard, a huge gust came and momentarily lifted it off the ground taking

Madison and Michael with it. They tried everything they could think of to get the

chuppah to stand firm against the wind but nothing seemed to work. After lots of

consideration, the bride consented to keeping the wedding outside and using the frame

of the chuppah without the tallis on top. Madison and Michael made sure to do an

excellent job decorating the chuppah so that it still made an elegant focal point for the

ceremony. I guess you could say that this particular chuppah symbolized another facet

of marriage: sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but as long as you’re willing

to compromise, you can make the best of any situation.


-Lacey Bouchard


Fall Weddings

Last week, The Mansion in Voorhees, NJ had a bridal show. The Leigh Florist table was visited by many brides of different personalities and wedding visions. There were, however, many similarities between each of the brides we spoke to. Most of the brides are getting married next October or November which we expected from this group since it is advised that wedding preparations begin about a year in advance. (Don’t worry about picking flowers until seven or eight months before the wedding. Get big things out of the way such as the venue, guest list, and bridal gown/bridesmaid dresses first. Having the venue and dresses picked will help determine flowers and arrangements that will coordinate.)

Autumn Wedding Colors_Fall Wedding Colors_Fall Flowers_Fall Wedding Flowers_Fall Weddings

The most popular colors were pink and purple followed by deep red/wine and orange. The colors, especially the red and orange, reflect on the autumn season. Some brides wanted to really emphasize the fall theme. One way to incorporate this idea is to use dried leaves as accents in their bouquets. Pumpkins can be hollowed out to be used as vases for floral center pieces and leaves, berries, gourds, apples, acorns and pumpkins can be used to decorate tables. For outdoor weddings, I’ve seen leaves used to distinguish the sides of the aisle leading up to the altar.


However, brides shouldn’t feel forced to use Autumn decorations or colors just because their wedding falls at this time. If they want to have a fall-inspired wedding that just hints at the season instead of using the obvious decorations, this can still be accomplished through other elements. Vickie’s Vintage blog offers color palettes (shown below) other than the usual red, gold, and orange that still have the Autumn feel. Lanterns with candles provide the warm, cozy ambiance that’s associated with fall and decorating with accents of twine, berries, branches and curly willow also gives a subtle fall feel.


Many of brides at the show asked us what flowers would be available for fall weddings. They seemed to be concerned that there wouldn’t be a huge selection now that we are approaching colder and harsher weather. However, this is certainly not the case. There are many flowers that blossom in the fall and choosing in-season flowers will help cut the cost of arrangements. Fall flowers include mums, lilies, roses, ranunculus, hydrangea, gerbera daisies, and orchids. These flowers come in many different  shades particularly white, yellow, orange, and red which will really emphasize a fall-inspired wedding. Also, brides can feel free to punctuate bouquets and boutonnieres with berries and dried leaves if they so choose.


If you decide to get married in the fall and none of this floats your boat, that’s okay. Just come to your floral consultation prepared with a color scheme, fabric swatches if possible, and your imagination and we’ll help you design the wedding that’s perfect for you.

To schedule a consultation, follow this link:


-Lacey Bouchard


A Mallard Island Wedding

We had the pleasure of creating flowers for one of our lovely couples who tied the knot at Mallard Island Yacht Club in Long Beach Island, New Jersey!  This venue is absolutely STUNNING!  There are such beautiful views right on the water.  The day was perfect – you couldn’t ask for better weather!

Take a look at the photos we captured during setup:

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Rachel chose centerpieces that consisted of 3 varying height cylinders with submerged dendrobium orchids in pale pink, hot pink and white.

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

Mallard Island Wedding_Long Beach Island_Orchids_New Jersey Wedding Flowers

We created a chuppah decorated with white sheer fabric and pink and white blooms.


Leigh Florist

400 Amherst Road

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