Place Card Ideas

We are seeing many interesting place card trends for weddings lately.

The place card table is one of the first wedding elements your guests will see. Why not wow them? This year we have noticed a trend of organic escort cards. Couples are using foliage and plants to help their guest find their seats.

Here are some cool ideas we have seen:

Succulent plants

Leaves used as the place card

Seating Charts trimmed with foliage

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Don’t Skimp on the Place Card Tables!

Weddings involve A LOT of planning and consideration. Fortunately, there are plenty of time line checklists online that brides can print to streamline the planning process. Between the venue, dress, menu, tuxedos, bridesmaids, flowers, and seating arrangements, many brides forget about one small detail: the place card table. Whether you call it the place card table, the escort card table, or the entrance table, we believe this is where the bride and groom can and should display something really cool and special.

The first thing guests do at receptions, before getting into long-past-due conversations with distant cousins and sampling the cocktail snacks, is figure out where they are sitting. They want to find their reserved spot and put their stuff down. The first thing they are going to see when they enter the venue is the place card table. So why have a boring display? No matter how fancy or creative the place cards are, simply plopping them down on a regular table in the doorway seems thoughtless and lackluster. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a nice place card display, but you don’t want your guests’ first impression of the reception to be overall underwhelming or, dare we say it, disappointing.

This is a great place to emphasize your wedding theme. If your style is vintage or rustic, you can use old, weathered furniture, flipped barrels, buckets, and crates filled with flowers.


For modern weddings, decorate the table with clusters of vases, submerged florals in various sizes, and lots of candle light! Showcase a framed engagement picture with a candelabra and vase of fresh flowers for the perfect classic and romantic table set up.


If you’re going for a regal and striking look, opt for tall vases with large, dramatic displays of flowers to create that “wow” factor for your guests! Add even more pizzazz with branches, hanging votive candles, crystals, feathers, or orchids.

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And don’t forget about the linens! Unless your table is part of the decor, cover up plain tables with upscale linens that are lovely, interesting, wild, color-coordinated, lacy; whatever works with your design.

You and your fiance even have the opportunity to include elements that represent the two of you. Do you both love the beach? Decorate with shells, small fish bowls—with or without fish in them—and palm fronds.LF-47

If you both love to paint, add paintbrushes to your floral arrangements for a fun, artsy element. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! We know you want to wow your guests. Make sure to print a time line checklist that includes consideration for your place card table!



-Lacey Bouchard