Men: Valentine’s Day is an Opportunity to Get it Right

Men: Valentine’s Day is an Opportunity to Get it Right

Time and time again your words and actions fall short of what you truly want to say to the woman you adore. You are a busy man taking care of your responsibilities and perhaps your Valentine Day offerings in the past weren’t all they could be. She, on the other hand, cares for you, supports you, fulfills your needs and deserves to feel like the beloved goddess she is. So check out these great tips and suggestions for getting this Valentine’s Day just right.

Realize That Valentine’s Day Is An Opportunity

It’s sad to say but we are only given so many opportunities in this lifetime to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our loved ones. Vow right here, right now to take advantage of your opportunity this Valentine’s Day to make it special and repeat after me; “I will not stop by the card store or flower shop on the way home from work this year to pick up the same old, tired and too often used, Valentine’s gift this year. I will take the time to plan something special and meaningful for her this Valentine’s Day”.
Ok, now that you’ve taken the vow, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a diamond ring (unless this is already in your plans). It does mean that you will take the time to think of what would make Valentine’s Day special to her! Here are some tips to help you live up to your vow.

Don’t Hesitate – Valentine’s Day Will Sneak Up On You!

Procrastination is the number one mistake a man can make concerning Valentine’s Day. The right Valentine’s Day brings the right moment and this requires planning. Don’t wait until the week of or a couple of days before. Get to it right now. Request the day off from work, call a housekeeper, do whatever you have to do to be there for her and deliver the best Valentine’s Day ever. You’ll find that careful planning, even when its not perfect, will be very rewarding for the time you spend with her.

Listen To Her

Communication is very important to a healthy relationship. Both men and women need to be able to express themselves to one another and communicate their desires and dislikes. This, however, also requires the skill of listening. To help prepare for this Valentine’s Day, take an extra dose of caffeine and pay close attention to the magazines she’s sifting through and what she says while reading them. You can also pay close attention to what she says during the Valentine’s Day ads that show on television. You’ll find that women aren’t usually silent about what they want for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Plan Of Action

There are some fundamental basics to providing an excellent Valentine’s Day; location, activity and gift. In order to get it right, be sure to pay close attention to each detail, one at a time. Breaking your ideas down on paper and making yourself a Valentine to-do list is a good way to start. Keep the list handy as you head into Valentine’s Day and jot down your thoughts and ideas. Finally re-write and prioritize your list with your plan of action as the day approaches.

Valentine’s Day Location

To decide on the right location, think of where she expresses dismay over not having been. If her busy schedule interferes with what you have in mind, go for a one-day sure-fire excursion of the obvious nature, like a picnic in the park, theme park, mini golf, concert, zoo or carnival. If the weather keeps you indoors you can make a cozy love nest for two out of your living room. Does she have a favorite restaurant? If so, make your reservation early to ensure there won’t be a wait when you arrive. When all else fails and you haven’t thought of a place just asked her where she wants to go.

Valentine’s Day Activity

The activity usually falls right in line once you’ve chosen your location. However, if you find yourself at a park, theme park, mini golf or zoo, a picnic would be an excellent touch on any day. Be sure to pack an attractive picnic basket with snacks, sandwiches and drinks. A portable cooler could also be a help as could a romantic wine & cheese basket filled with her favorite treats.

Valentine’s Day Gift

Gifts are undeniably the grand finale on an excellent Valentine’s Day. By February 1st, you should already have a good idea of what you are buying for your lovely lady. Be it jewelry, an iPod, a pet or a stationary set with flowers and a card attached, you want her to be impressed. The best course of action when deciding on a gift, is to ask way in advance. Ask her playfully to tell you three different things she would be happy to receive. If you prefer to surprise her and still need help, ask her best friend or her mother.

The Extras

Your creativity and special touch is all that is missing from the more simple and explanatory ways to create a great Valentine’s Day. This is, by far, the most challenging and rewarding part of making Valentine’s Day special for the woman you love. Dig deep into your vocabulary and plan on expressing your feelings openly this Valentine’s Day. In case you still need a jump start, here are some simple hints:
Notes of love in her pockets or purse

A gift card to her shoe store taped to the mirror with a dry erase note of love

Slippers by her bedside with notes on them in the morning

A rose on her pillow and lingerie between her sheets

An array of lipsticks and blushes on her vanity (ask a cosmetics girl at a department store)

Her favorite perfume with a bow on her car seat
With these ideas and tips, your Valentine’s Day ideas will improve, making your Valentine’s Day one that she’ll treasure for the effort you put into it. For excellent picnic recipes and romantic picnic basket ideas visit And don’t forget to be her storm from the weather. She’ll look to you for calm, peaceful moments during her Valentine’s Day.

Fall Wedding Flowers – Choose The Right Fall Wedding Flowers For The Month

Fall Wedding Flowers – Choose The Right Fall Wedding Flowers For The Month

Fall wedding flowers decoration is as important as the other aspects that make up a fall wedding. There can be no marriage without flowers and owing to their seasonal availability there are different flowers for weddings planned at different times of the year. There are several ways to incorporate the calmness and serenity of the fall season and much of the décor dependent on it.

The wedding must be in sync with the seasonal characteristics and hence care must be taken while deciding the flowers to be used. There are several ways to add the beauty of the season into the wedding with fall wedding flowers.

Enlisted below are fall wedding flowers classified on the basis of the month the wedding is planned to take place.

* September The most widely used flower in the month of September is the Aster. It is similar to the daisy and is generally used as a filler material. Other fall wedding flowers for this month include rose, iris, sunflower, carnation and lily.

* October Cosmos is one among the choices of fall wedding flowers that are commonly used in the month of October and comes in colors such as pink, white, red, orange and purple. Other options that you can use are hydrangea, mums, roses and gladiola.

* November The Chrysanthemum is symbolic of November. This beautiful fall wedding flower comes in several colors such as white, yellow and pink. Freesia, gardenia, roses and delphinium are some of the other fall wedding flowers that can be used in the month of November.

The main idea behind having a fall wedding is to use the beauty of the fall season to enhance the atmosphere. Bright autumn leaves and other decoration add life to your fall wedding in addition to the fall wedding flowers that have been enlisted in this article.

Using The Right Soil To Plant Tulips

Using The Right Soil To Plant Tulips

When you are planting tulips for next leap’s tulip patch, don’t make the same error that I did last year. Making a confound at planting time in the plunge is costly. If you make this oversight, you may as well as buy tulips next pounce instead of hurtful clean ones for your own tulip bouquet.

Are you indeed that you are putting tulip bulbs in the best soil to grow? If you have doubts about rising tulips as you diagram your skip backyard, consider these gardening tips.

Let me enlighten. I like tulips, even while the flower playhouse is only two to three weeks long from mid March to tardy May. Last fall, I planted about 60 purple tulip bulbs in my backyard. I eagerly waited at Spring to come so I could bouquet those gorgeous plants. The frost was long and cold with more snow cascade than in preceding years. So, I was timely for Spring to come. Nevertheless I was astounded. Of the 60 flower bulbs I planted, only one tulip flower grew and blossomed. I couldn’t total it out. Later in the Spring, I planted my impatiens. When I went to dig up my tulip bulbs, I discovered that they were smooth and syrupy – like pickled onions.

The wet soiled was so soaked that the bulbs became sponges, not flora! Then, I realized that the soil layer under the top soil caused the dilemma. The dirt layered did not let the water drain so my tulip bulbs were session in an underground swimming puddle!

Tulips grow best in soil that drains best. The source of tulips is in Turkey, where the soil is very dirty and permeable. When traders began to pass the bulbs to stand tulips in Holland, the filthy soil was just right and many fields became like one flower garden after another.

Before you boon forecast your tulip garden, make clearly to dig down about two feet or more to see what the underlying soil is like. If you have a layer of earth near the shallow, dig deeper and exchange that soil with lush gloom top soil. You can buy a 30 mash bag of dirt from a home improvement nucleus for fewer than two dollars.

So when you deposit tulips, impede the soil. Porous dirt is good dirt. And be reliable that before your tulip bulbs assure planted, you know the lean of the planting secrets for the best tulip garden device that will prefer you next Spring.

Find tips about tulip trees and tulip season at the Planting Tulips website.