Do blue roses exist?


 Blue Roses have been sought after for hundreds of years.  People’s love for the true blue color have them searching, but they have always been out of reach. Blue roses are also a common symbol  in literature, representing impossible prosperity and unrequited love. This is because nature has unfortunately made it so roses can not get that blue pigment in its petals.  People have tried to imitate nature, and have created blue roses..but by dying them.  This process is done by either cutting white roses and placing them in water with blue food coloring, or injecting blue dye straight into the stems. A company in Japan has believed to genetically modify a rose making it blue, but the color turned to be more lavender in color, making this color still unattainable.

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Get Innovative While Selecting Gifts Like Gold Dipped Rose

Get Innovative While Selecting Gifts Like Gold Dipped Rose

Flowers have a language of their own and are therefore, the most popular way to convey your feelings when words fail you. A surprise bouquet on a close one’s birthday can earn you brownie points with the recipient, while anniversaries can be made more memorable with a gift of flowers. Among all the various types of flowers, the rose is the undoubted queen. So much is the popularity of the rose that some places also celebrate a ‘rose day’. The girl who receives the maximum roses on that day is deemed to be the most popular or loved. Valentine’s Day is another occasion where the importance of gifting a rose comes in to play. Red roses are the most favored ones although this flower can be found in many different colors, all conveying different meanings. The latest addition to this act of gifting a rose to that special someone is the arrival of the gold dipped rose.

Any flower, no matter how precious and beautiful it may be, has a limited life. After a couple of days, this symbol of love is bound to wither away and die. Although people prefer to hold on to the gift by preserving dried flowers but that does not abode well for the relationship. As died flowers are associated with death and decay, it is not the best idea to preserve a rose in this manner. The alternative way to gift a rose to showcase your love, but still preserve its eternity is through a gold dipped rose. A natural flower is hand picked and dipped in 24 carat liquid gold. When the gold solidifies, it takes the shape of the flower while forming a protective covering. Therefore, it symbolizes your eternal love and affection for the recipient when you present them with this unique gift.

The gold dipped rose can also be the ideal gift for occasions like Diwali, where it is considered auspicious to present friends and family with gifts. The rose can also be a token of appreciation for someone who means a lot to you like a beloved parent. Many online websites offer the facility of buying a gold rose and even get it sent to the recipient. If you are doing an online transaction with a reputed company, you can rest easy that it will indeed be authentic and you will get value for money.

The gift of gold dipped rose shows the high esteem which you have for the recipient to present him or her with such an expensive item. The gift not only has a high emotional value but the monetary value attached to it makes it all the more precious. Such a gift can indeed be an asset for the receiver and is therefore preserved with great care. Therefore, if you are searching for that perfect and eternal symbol of love, the gold rose is just the option for you. Gift this to your loved one today and see their love for you grow by leaps and bounds.

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Tips For Rose Bush Care

Tips For Rose Bush Care

Roses are surprisingly easy plants to grow and ones that will supply your home with beautiful vases full of colorfull blooms.  There are so many varieties to choose from.  You only need to remember three things to achieve good rose bush care.  First, is rose bush choice, second, is how much water and fertilizer, and finally, apprpriate pruning.  I would suggest getting a guide such as The Ultimate Book of Roses.  It is a well written guide and very easy to understand with lots of tips on growing fabulous blooms.

The type of rose bush you select is of utmost importance.  Depending on where you live and how much sun your yard gets each day will determine which variety will survive easily.  Disease and fungus can plague some roses so it is best to steer clear of those varieties.  You may want to look into the hardier roses for best results.  Plant the rose bushes about 3 to 4 feet apart to allow enough room for them to flourish. Also, find a location that receives adequate sun.

The most important thing for proper rose bush care is watering and feeding your roses. An early morning soaking at the root base is the best prescription for ultimate bloom potential.  If it is a newly planted rose bush it should be well soaked everyday for at least the first couple of weeks.  After two weeks watering once a week is fine unless you live in a very hot climate.  Enable to keep the ground around your roses wet and weed free surround the bush with some type of mulch.

Feed and fertilize once a month from Spring through the first frost in the Fall.  Roses should receive rose food that has a blend of manure and fish emulsion. It is not recommended to feed or fertilize during the cold winter months.   

When it comes to rose bush care pruning is probably one of the most misunderstood techniques.  You only need to trim them when it is necessary such as when there are dead flowers or branches.  Cut the dead flowers down to the third or fourth branch or node (the small reddish lines). During the first two months of the year, cut back your roses to about two feet.

You probably have a lot of questions that can be easily answered in the Ultimate Book of Roses.

Want to learn more about caring for and maintaining your roses. Rose Bush Care will give you tips and information on how to properly take care of your roses to keep them healthy and ensure that you get large, healthy, colorful, and fragrant blooms.

Peonies ‘Krinkled White’ and ‘Vivid Rose’

Peonies ‘Krinkled White’ and ‘Vivid Rose’

Add Old-Fashioned Beauty to Your Garden

Peonies have an old-fashioned beauty and longevity that have made them a perennial favorite of gardeners. Before being introduced in North America, they were grown thousands of years ago in gardens across the world. There is evidence that Peonies were used for medicinal purposes in Europe over 2000 years ago and that during the reign of Emperor Yang (605-617) in China they were grown as ornamental plants. Peonies were introduced in North America during the 1830’s and their popularity has only increased since then. This week we are featuring two of our favorite Peonies – ‘Krinkled White’ and ‘Vivid Rose.’

‘Krinkled White’

‘Krinkled White’ is a simple and classic Peony – large single, snow white petals around a pillow of rich golden stamens and green pistils. ‘Krinkled White’ is a nice contrast to the more common double flowering varieties. The ruffled-edge, crepe paper-like petals form a bowl shape that can reach 5 to 7 inches across. The stems are straight and strong and do not flop in the garden. ‘Krinkled White’ is ideal for a cut floral display. Easy-to-grow and a prolific bloomer.

‘Vivid Rose’

‘Vivid Rose’ has large, fully double, brilliant pink blooms that actually glow in the garden! Introduced in 1952 by the renowned Klehm family, it remains a favorite of gardeners not only for its beautiful blooms, but for its delightful sweet scent. The blooms can reach up to 6 to 8 inches across. As with ‘Krinkled White’, ‘Vivid Rose’ also has stiff stems with disease-resistant, crinkled foliage that remains deep green right into autumn.

Planting and Care

th ‘Krinkled White’ and ‘Vivid Rose’ are extremely hardy and once established, are one of the longest lived perennials available – lasting for over 50 years! Expect them to reach about 30 inches high, with the stunning display of blooms in the spring. The foliage forms a nice round clump – making the Peonies look more like shrubs than perennials. When cut in the almost-open bud stage, they open in water and last about a week indoors. Do not cut any flowers the first or second year. Be sure to cut faded flowers to prevent seed formation.

Early to mid fall is the best time to plant Peonies as it allows time for their roots to become established. Your peony will spend its first year getting established and will not be floriferous.

Prefers an area with full sun, but will tolerate some shade. Good drainage is essential. Alkaline soil is a preference but is not essential.

Mix lots of compost, such as Chesapeake Blue, into the soil at planting. Fertilize with Bulb-Tone in early spring. When planting, do not put fertilizer directly on the plant roots but into the soil away from the roots. Peonies should be lightly fertilized again after blooming.

Plant with the “eyes” exactly 1 1/2 inches below the soil level. Water well right after planting.

Mulch with 2 inches of shredded hardwood mulch after the ground has frozen. Remove the mulch in the early spring.

Hardy in zones 3-8.

Brides Trade in Tiaras for Flowers

Brides Trade in Tiaras for Flowers

Some brides this summer, are foregoing tiaras, letting their tresses down and pinning flowers up in their hair. For every bride there is a matching flower in taste, style and ambiance. Flowers can be used with a veil or can stand on their own for a beautiful look. The hottest flowers and hairstyles will be everything from sweet to sultry. With smaller flowers, a couple or a few will do. It depends on what the bride wants: if you want one that takes the cake, or a few here and there. From lilies to orchids, the following flowers will set you apart this summer.


The lily, especially the oriental lily, is a timeless flower frequently associated with weddings. A symbol of purity, this glamorous bloom works best with up-dos twisted or curled in the middle to the lower section of the back of the head. The lily can easily be pinned to the side of the do. This style is especially stunning for bridal photos. For a down hairstyle, curl the hair in barrel rolls and pin back a few pieces on one side, placing the lily beside the pinned locks. If worn on the wedding day, the bride doesn’t need much perfume because of the lily’s strong scent. Lilies’ petals can reach a span of six inches, making it a perfect flower for the bride who wishes to make a statement. Lilies come in shades of pink and red, although white is the most popular.


Distinguished by their large, beautiful blooms and wide assortment of vibrant colors, gerbera daisies have become a favorite flower choice. The gerbera daisy is a symbol of beauty and innocence and an expression of cheerfull sentiments. For a less formal approach, gerbera daisies are perfect for the bride with long locks. Pull a few pieces back and pin them with a gerbera daisy. Or sport a very simple french twist with the daisy set in the crease.


The Stephanotis flower has always been a popular wedding flower, symbolizing happiness in marriage, good luck and bonds of affection. Stephanotis florets enhance an up-do of curls and must be pinned carefully because of their flimsy stems. Discuss with your florist how many stephanotis you will need depending on the style and thickness of your hair. A bride with short hair may use five to six stephanotis in a clump, pinned behind her ear. For an up-do, consider a french twist with individual stephanotis in a straight line up the crease. Or leave the hair down, randomly pinning them in the curls. These small white florets are available year round and have a soft scent.


Charming roses are a signature flower for weddings. There is no flower that has been revered and celebrated as much as the rose. As a source of inspiration to people throughout history, roses are the definitive symbol for love and appreciation. Coming in an array of colors, and available in larger and smaller blooms, roses can be beautifully placed in barrel rolls turned forward. Roses are always elegant, classic and romantic.


Somewhat similar in appearance to the garden rose but more costly and delicate, gardenias are a classic addition to any hairstyle. Symbolizing joy, refinement and beauty. These fragrant flowers create a more sophisticated look than the traditional headpiece. If you have one gardenia in your hair and your hair is pulled back, that can be more dramatic looking than a tiara. Because of this bloom’s sensitivity, a style off the face with the gardenia pinned in back would be best to avoid contact with the petals as they are fragile and may bruise easily.


With an exotic appearance, orchids have come to represent rare and delicate beauty. Those seeking to make a lasting impression with a unique flower have found the orchid to be a perfect choice. You could use one or a few of these flowers in your hair, depending on the style. One suggestion is overlaying three orchids on top of each other and pinning them toward the top or bottom of the hair on either side. Offsetting is the key. These flowers appear best when clumped together rather than scattered randomly. The three most common orchid types, each durable enough to stay in full bloom for the big day, are cymbidium, dendrobium and phalaenopsis. Cymbidium orchids are gorgeous for a more elegant look. Orchids are usually available year round and come in a variety of colors. The “hot” flower for the summer bride, is a lime green orchid.

Each bridesmaid should wear a simpler form of hair accessory such as one or two of the flowers that have been used in the bride’s hair. These can be used with a headband or pinned into the side or back of the style. Whatever flower you decide to use, make sure you discuss it with your stylist before your hair appointment. For healthy, rich-colored petals, pick up your blooms the morning of the wedding and take them with you to the salon. It is recommended that the flowers be left in the refrigerator overnight if they’re picked up a day early.