Why You Will Get That Special Feeling with the Perfect Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is comes first to mind when it comes to plans of having the ideal wedding. A marriage is the communion of two souls in love. It is a promise that the two people in love will always remain by each other’s side in every turn of life. It is a commitment that one has to enter with the purest of heart and the strongest of feelings. And a marriage does not stop at that. It is the coming together of two families. From the day of the wedding, the two individuals and the two families become one.

No wonder it is unanimously agreed and felt that weddings have to be special. Since it takes place once in a lifetime it has to be one of the most memorable days in our lives.

Therefore a prefect summer wedding is what people prefer. The reason being that summer is the time when the flowers bloom in abundance to show off their beauty. The birds sing the most beautiful songs and the wind carries the message of the lovers. Summer is the most romantic time of the year and a lot of people in this world choose to have a summer wedding.

With summer come numerous themes for the perfect summer wedding. One way of enjoying the ideal weather condition is to have the entire arrangements outdoors with nature as a backdrop. Depending on where you live, you could choose a garden wedding, a farmhouse theme, a beach wedding, a castle or even a hilltop wedding. There is ample space and the atmosphere is perfect for a perfect summer wedding with memories to last a lifetime.

Perhaps one of the most important and economic ways of setting up the perfect wedding venue is the use of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=“http://www.americanfloraldistributors.com”> bright and colorful summer flowers </a>. The foremost thing one should decide upon when going for a summer wedding is the right combination of flowers to use and how to display them. A summer wedding will lack perfection if the vibrant and lively summer flowers are not given their due importance. Any theme or any location a summer wedding without the proper flower arrangements is like a cake without the icing.

Summer Weddings – Nothing Can Beat the Beauty of Summer Weddings

Many people have always dreamt of having the perfect summer wedding. The weather is at its best and there is the fresh smell of exotic flowers in the breeze. This is the season of love and beauty. Who does not want to start a new life in the season of love?

Summer weddings are the latest trend in the market. The market is overflowing with concepts related to summer weddings specials. The best part about having a wedding in the summer is that it can be held out in the open under the clear blue sky. Many feel that the idea of having a beach theme wedding is the best they could have for a wedding.

Having chosen the summer season for your wedding, you do not have to worry about the cold or the rain. You as well as your guests can wear the nicest of dresses and flaunt it happily. And since the weather is good it puts everybody in the mood of merriment.

Moreover, summer weddings are especially preferred by the groom and the bride because it makes the arrangements all the more easier. One does not have to worry about a stray blizzard that might pose a problem.

The use of flowers is the most important thing in any summer wedding. Weddings are incomplete without the flowers that deck every part of the venue and touch the hearts of the onlookers. <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=“www.americanfloraldecorations.com”> Colorful summer flowers </a> add to the beauty of the occasion and spread the freshness around.

Flowers play an integral role in every occasion related to a wedding, be it a shower or the honeymoon suite. Flowers can give a special touch of the love that forms part of each wedding. Summer weddings are incomplete without the excellent display of myriad varied flowers of different colors.

Summer weddings can be the ideal time to hold a wedding because there is a magic in the air. It is lovely to get married in this time of the year because in a marriage everything has to be perfect. What better perfection can be asked for – perfect weather, perfect flowers, perfect environment and perfect love for the perfect wedding!

Summer Medley Bouquet – A Sweet Reminder of Your Love

In our fast-paced life we hardly get time to spend with our family at home and even much less to get in touch with our friends and family who are far off. There are times when we miss them awfully. The best way to stay in touch even when you are miles apart is to send them lovely flowers. Cheerful, bright, Summer Medley bouquets sent to your loved ones will serve as a sweet reminder of your love for them. Just imagine the look of immense joy on their face when they receive these flowers. It is worth a million dollars.

Planning to have an all-girls party at your friend’s place and want to take something special to make things more fun? The best choice would be a bright bouquet of brilliant yellow and orange flowers.

If it is your sister’s or your best friend’s baby shower, you obviously want do something so special for the expectant mother who is filled with excitement and apprehension. Brighten up the whole place with dazzling Summer Medley bouquets. Whether you use them as a theme, flower arrangements, or centerpieces, these summer fun bouquets, with their vivid colors, will bring more joy than you can ever imagine.

Are you having a summer wedding? Then what could be more apt than a summer wedding theme? Not only will the brilliant summer blooms brighten up your wedding, you will also save a bunch of money using summer flowers like delphinium, gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, and roses.

Summer flowers go beyond all these occasions. They will cheer someone who is recovering in the hospital. A bunch of these stunningly bright flowers will definitely make their day.

For all occasions, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to baby showers, or even when there is no occasion at all, you can pick Summer Medley bouquets at OnlineFlowers.com and lift the spirits of those near and dear to you.

Exotic Wicker Art Furniture Brilliant as Summer Flowers

Since wicker furniture come out, it is the first choice all along of literati and celebrities who pursuing elegant taste. Apart from the main skeleton of wicker furniture made of crude rattan, the main part of furniture is made from fine rattan, that make the furniture has good permeability and the contact comfortness increased by adding the contact area.

Brief Introduction:

Wicker furniture has been around since the Egyptian Empire in 3000 B.C., and included chairs, wig boxes, and chests made of reed that was woven together. Wicker is the weaving process, not the material used. This type of furnishing was commonly used in the 16th and 17th centuries as well, but became highly popular in the Victorian period. One reason that type became so popular was the simplicity of it, and the fact that it could be woven into so many different styles and designs. People wanted durable and attractive furnishings to grace their gardens, conservatories, or expansive front yards. The lightweight and summery feel of these furnishings contributed to its popularity. There is no mention of certain types furnishings in the Bible, but some references to furniture remind us of how differently they lived then. “The tabernacle of the congregation, and the ark of the testimony, and the mercy seat that is thereupon, and all the furniture of the tabernacle, (Exodus 31:7) .

Wicker furnitures mainly include wicker bedside tables, wicker chairs, wicker sofas, wicker coffee tables, wicker lounge chairs and wicker cabinets. With a soft weaving surface, wicker furniture can not bear heavy things, so wicker baskets and wicker vase are familiar household wicker furnishings we have seen. Currently the rattan woven materials, manual and technical  are mainly sourced from traditional Southeast Asian region, with rich ancient NTU’S custom flavors, they are welcomed more by peoples in middle-age.

Bedroom furnishings that are graceful in style and sturdily built is available in both adult and child-size furnishings. Even prams have been part of the wicker indoor furniture history. Hardwood frames provide the base for the weaving design in all of these pieces. The woven reeds are made to the size needed for the piece being constructed; then is steamed to make it pliable, is shaped for its intended use, then allowed to cool. When cooled down, the woven part retains its shape forever, providing a place of comfort for the owner, or a decorative piece.

There are several different materials that are used to make wicker outdoor furniture and wicker indoor furniture. The largest source is an Asian climbing palm tree found in tropical rain forests called Rattan. Rattancan grow to be as long as 600 feet, but usually is no more than two inches in diameter. Cane is the stem of the larger rattan trees, and fine cane is used to make natural wicker, or for stained pieces. Reed is a term used to describe all the swamp grasses that are similar to straw. Those early American chairs that are sometimes found in antique shops, or in the possession of collectors, are made of reed. Bamboo is classified as a large tropical grass that can grow to over 100 feet at a rage of 36” per day. Bamboo thrives in the warm areas of temperate climates.

Wicker Furniture’s Cleaning

The ease with which one can clean these pieces is another factor adding to its popularity. This material can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of surface dirt, and brushing crevices with a new, clean paintbrush. Spills can be wiped up with a clean cloth dampened with mild detergent or Murphy’s Oil Soap in water. No need to hire someone to come out and clean. Water can ruin the finish, however, so one must be very cautious. The humidity level is important to the preservation of these pieces. Air that is too dry will make the reeds dry and brittle; while to high humidity subjects it to mold and mildew.

Wicker Furniture’s Export

In recent years the export value of imitated wicker furniture increased annually. As far as I see, the abroad market have more interests about China’s reproduced wicker furniture, Chinese reproduced wicker furniture are welcomed much by buyers from European and American, the Europeans are favorite for fashion and new trend wicker furnitures more, and Americans are seeking for antique and simple style ones.

Americans buy wicker outdoor furniture more than indoor. Its form provides very comfortable seating and convenient tables for the patio or yard during the months when it’s pleasant to entertain outdoors. White is often the preferred color for outdoors, but natural wood colors are used as well. When well taken care of, these pieces will last a very long time. When comes to wicker indoor furniture, pieces can be found for every room in the house, including the nursery. Living room chairs and couches in a variety of styles are available in this material, and dining room sets that are mostly casual in style.

Estimated by some a bold wicker art distributors, the sale season of wicker furniture has just begun, and will continue increasing significantly for the next five years. Some distributors also analysed that wicker furniture were considered as low-end furniture products for their coarse production and low levels of technology few years ago. But in recent years, as environmental and natural style become populared in market, a lot of furniturer distributors catched this great potential in the market, they all adopted new craftwork and technology to upgrade the design standards, enhance the product’s quality, so wicker furnitures become more and more welcomed in the market, and turn into a “new favorite” of the market.

How to Buy Wicker Outdoor Furniture?

Pick wicker furniture to set a decidedly romantic mood outdoors. Pay close attention to materials and weaves for wickers that are much more durable than they look.

– Work with wicker’s nature to find the best place in your garden to use it. Give it some protection from the elements by locating wicker on the porch, under the gazebo or out on the patio or deck.

– Make room for wicker’s sensual statement by creating a sitting group. Start with a love seat or two chairs and a table, and then look for the piece de resistance: a wicker rocking chair.

– Look closely at wicker materials besides all natural wood canes. Modern vinyl and vinyl/resin wickers look remarkably like the real thing but age much more slowly.

– Inspect pieces for tightly woven caning, with no splinters or gaps and smooth surfaces overall. Check leg bottoms for taps or casters to protect them.

– Sit down to see whether the wicker fits. Lean back, rest your arms and cross your legs – if you’re comfortable, it’s yours.

– Buy wicker pieces already assembled – wicker can be difficult to work with. Joints that are pieced together will tend toward instability no matter how skilled you are at assembly.

– Calculate delivery prices and logistics before buying. Include a set of furniture covers in that budget and buy them to fit your wicker for sure winter protection.

Designing your own Custom Made Baskets

Many of us have storage units which are crying out for a set of wicker baskets to keep toys, magazines, etc. tidy. When we can’t find baskets of the right size in the shops the logical next step is to have them made by a basket maker to fit exactly. If you are looking to do that, then here are some tips on how to design your perfect wicker baskets.

1)Measure the space accurately. Sounds obvious, but many mistakes are made in the measuring. You will need to give the width, depth and height of the space available.

2)Make sure you tell your basket maker that the measurements you have given are for the space available. They will then reduce those sizes appropriately so that the baskets fit comfortably.

3)Let them know whether the baskets are sitting side-by-side on the shelf, or if they have their own space.

4Working Baskets. Willow is available in different forms. With the bark on it is known as green or brown. Green or brown can be boiled for a couple of hours to create ‘steamed’ willow, which is a very dark brown colour, almost black. These types of willow have lovely textures and give colour to baskets, but they are not as strong as willow that is boiled and stripped of its’ bark. This is know as ‘buff’ willow, and is the willow used for picnic hampers, for example. If your baskets are going to be working baskets, then make sure they are made primarily from the stripped willow. Green, brown or steamed willow can be combined with the buff to give colour, but is best not used entirely for the basket, as when it dries, the rods will shrink more than buff willow and therefore can become loose.

5Baskets for decoration only. When your basket is purely for decoration, then using stripped, buff willow becomes less important. Here you are entirely concerned with the overall look of your basket.

6Weaving. There are many styles of weave. Some will give you a chunky, rustic feel to the basket and some will give a more elegant, fine finish to your baskets. Decide which style will look best in your environment and discuss the options with your basket maker.

7Space available. If you are filling a relatively small space, narrow perhaps, then you will want to optimise the internal space of the basket, by opting for what is known as a track border. Standard borders can be up to 2cm wide and therefore reduce the actual size of the basket where your external space is restricted. Track borders also give the baskets a finer look than standard borders.

8 Finger Holes/ Handles? Do you need finger holes or handles on your basket? If your baskets are fitting snugly in a unit then you will need some kind of handle or finger hole so that you can get the basket out of its’ space. Also if the basket is relatively large and is going to be carrying heavy weights you will need handles or finger holes to help you carry the basket. On small baskets where access is not restricted, you probably don’t need anything, as you can just pull out the basket using the top border and hold it underneath. Talk to your basket maker as to what type of handle is most appropriate for your basket.

9Basket Craftsmanship. Every basket you see has been made by someone. Basket making is not something that can be done by a machine, so quality can vary considerably. Quality of willow and quality of craftsmanship, so check out both thoroughly before choosing your basket maker.

How you can create dazzling summer flower garden designs

You are carried out with your indoors spring cleaning responsibilities. Your windows, floors and furnishings are sparkling. Now it is time to turn you attention to work that’s a bit more appealing ?that of getting your garden in shape. It’s possible you’d like to refresh last year’s look having a new take on flower garden designs, but do not relish the expense included with landscaping services. Even though you may well believe that prosperous flower garden designs are only achieved through the expert landscaper, this simply isn’t true. With careful planning, creativeness plus a little function, you are able to create you own pattern which is going to be the envy on the neighborhood and supply you with a great deal particular satisfaction. Let’s walk by means of the process.

For your purposes of this discussion, we’ll assume that the early spring maintenance and soil preparation responsibilities are total. Except for ‘permanent’ garden pattern features, such as hedges, fences and main pathways, you’ve got a blank slate prior to you.

Effective flower garden designs build on the earlier and coming seasons. For example, a drift of spring flowering daffodils may be inter-planted with early blooming summer annuals, including pansies or phlox. These colorful blooms can serve as an edging, behind which you plant taller, midsummer bloomers, including Marguerites or Marigolds. Several, more robust flower plants ?maybe deep blue or white Agapanthas ?provide textural contrast and carry your lovely flower garden design proper into fall, using a plentiful provide of nicely contrasting flowers by means of the warm season.

Porch railings and fences lend themselves nicely to garden plants having a vining, climbing habit. Some beneficial examples of easy-to-grow annuals include Morning Gory and Black-eyed Susans. These flowers are fast increasing, sturdy plants that bloom prolifically, need tiny care, are drought resistant and simply pulled and composted when their season is over.

Generally speaking, the most successful flower garden designs consist of the mix of annuals, perennials and bulbs. Plants of staggered heights add visual interest as do several leaf textures. Colour is also an significant component of beneficial flower garden designs. Hues that are opposites on the color wheel, just like a deep blue Lobelia plus a bright, rust orange Marigold, supply eye-catching contrast inside your garden. Also keep in thoughts that light colors ‘come forward’ even though darker colors recede, visually. Should you wish to create optical illusions that make the best visual use of the tiny room, a planting of white Morning Glories against your back fence will seem to get additional away when you prepare a thick row of deep red or violet flowers in front from the morning glories.

You are able to see that it is possible to create a brilliant display for the summer garden, selecting the hues and textures you like very best. Your dazzling flower garden layout tips are restricted only by your expanding zone and our own good imagination.

Planting Summer Flowers In Your Garden

If flowers are your thing or if you plan to include some flowers in your summer garden then you should take a moment to learn about those flowers or flowering plants that are best suited to summer months and what those plants like by way of sunlight and shade. Not all flowers are created equal when it comes to withstanding the heat of the summer sun and some require a little more care than others. Keep all of these things in mind when planning your summer garden and choose wisely according to the type of care you wish to provide.

This is a general guide to the various types of plants that are well suited for a summer garden and not necessarily those that are well suited to rest side by side. Study the flowers you decide you would like to include in your summer garden in order to insure you keep those that love water and dislike sun away from those that thrive with little water and copious amounts of sun. In other words you will need to conduct a more thorough study of the flowers you decide to include in your summer garden in order to determine the proper placement of these flowers for the most color, effect, and the best possible life for the flowers you choose.

The following are some fun sun loving flowers you may wish to include in your summer garden. Geraniums are bright little splashes of color that are ideally suited for a summer garden. They happen to work well for creating borders or simply providing a highlight of color in a bed of green and do quite well in pots on their own or mixed with other colorful summer flowers. The Hibiscus is a beautiful spot of color that will lend a tropical feel to your summer garden. A welcome addition to many gardens they may grow quite tall so keep them to the back of the summer garden to allow the full array of color from all summer plants to capture the eyes of visitors. Marigolds are another popular addition to most summer gardens. With a wide array of colors from which to choose it is no small wonder that these flowers remain a popular favorite for sunny patches within the summer garden.

Shade loving flowers also abound for summer gardens everywhere. Most gardeners find heavily shaded spots within their lawns or gardens to be a particular challenge. Perhaps some of these suggestions will alleviate that sense of challenge for you. Impatiens are widely popular choices for shady spaces and provide a wide range of bright colors perfect for creating fun and bright borders. The viola is another great brightly colored flower that is well suited for borders or potted arrangements, whichever suits your particular summer garden needs. Mimulus is another excellent choice for color in your summer garden and may tolerate partial sun quite well if you’re looking for a nice border plant. If you prefer more dramatic coloring in your summer garden you might be interested in including Lobelia or ageratum, which both have beautiful blue hues in your summer garden plans.

Of course this is only a small sampling of the many bright and beautiful summer flowers that can make a real splash in your summer garden. Be sure to check out the color offerings of each and specific care instructions to make sure that they are a genuine match not only for your personal tastes but also the landscape and terrain of your garden and the other plants that will be included in your summer garden. The planning stage is often the hardest work that many people put into their summer gardens but the pay off for all this proper planning is quite often rich and beautiful. Failing to plan properly can result in a great deal of wasted time and effort on your behalf and a less than stellar summer garden.

Summer Flower Growing

Late spring is usually the best time to start planting seeds for beautiful summer flowers. While the spring rains can set the seedlings going, the soil is adequately warm for germination. Zinnias and sunflowers are some of the more popular annual summer flowers which people love to grow though there are many other varieties also.

If you want your summer flowers to grow well, then make sure that they get good sunlight for at least six hours every day. Southwest and desert climate zones are hot areas so try to utilize the afternoon sun. Soil preparation includes digging down for about six inches and turning it with a shovel. According to the directions mentioned on the seed pack, mix some compost, rotten manure and fertilizer. Then turn this mixture over with the soil. You must plant the tallest flower plants at the back followed subsequently by heights with the shortest in front. Follow this pattern if the flower bed has a wall or fence behind it. This way, the small plants will not get shaded by the taller plants which would be closest to the wall or fence.

If the flower bed is situated in the center of the yard, the pattern to be followed is the taller plants in the center followed by middle height plants. This should then be followed by the smaller plants which form the outermost ring. Think creatively as you plant the flowers with a wild mixture of colors, much like what you see in meadows. You could also use some coordinated colors. Remember pastel shades look wonderful. Colors like orange and purple with lots of cream and white interspersing or red and blue with some white thrown in the middle. Use various shades of blue and sprinkle a bit of bright yellow here and there.

You might have to plant seeds three times very closely. This is because many of the seeds will be lost to the birds and bugs. Water your seeds carefully. But before that, cover the seeds as directed and put a later of mulch on to. Baby plants will die if you use too much water or use too little of it. So water them only when they are dry and not because it is a habit. Once the seeds have sprouted, do not start your thinning for spacing immediately. Wait till at least 4 leaves have sprouted. 6, 12 and 18 inches for shorter, medium and taller flowers is the right distance to be maintained between the flowering plants.

The best part of summer flowers is that the more you pick them for bouquets the more you can expect them to continue to bloom. Seeding is the main purpose of a flower, if you look at it from the perspective of nature. Once that purpose is served, the plant stops blooming but when you remove the flowers the plant continues to bloom. The plant can be made to bloom a second time if, after the first bloom, you cut down the flowers by half. The flowers this time may not be as wonderful as they were the first time, but they would be lovely still. Late spring is the right time to plant seeds for summer flowers, if you want a fantastic display throughout the summer months.

Make Your Summer Vibrant with Summer Flowers

Make Your Summer Vibrant with Summer Flowers

Summer flowers create a mood of vibrancy. They are grown in combinations so that they create a beautiful setting in bright colors. The summer flowers we have here in the UK can put a smile on anyones face. The summer flowers burst with color, fragrance and vibrancy. With summer flowers around, there is no doubt that summer is the time to enjoy and share beauty and abundance. Summer flowers with fresh blooms can be made into a bouquet for sending across for any occasion. Popular summer flowers like Orchids, Calla lilies, protea and heliconias lend magnificence, fragrance and color to any garden.
Plants with heat tolerance and stamina with beautiful appearance through the summer are the tender perennials. They include alternanthera, ornamental pepper, pentas and iresine, periwinkle, angelonia, purslane, impatiens, coleus, scaevola and blue daze. They can even survive through the mild winters and can bloom again in next summer. These plants are grown in such a way that the flowering and colorful foliage plants bring out a bright and colorful display. They create these displays with different varieties of shrubs, perennials and annuals.
Zinnias alone have 300 varieties and they can be mixed with the vincas, lantanas, hibiscus and caladiums to create the magic of colors in the garden. Summer flowers tend to suffer in the winter months and so need tender care during spring. Other examples of summer flowers include Amaranthus, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Carnation, Iris, Heather, Gladiolus and Hydrangea. The annual varieties are often grown from seeds. Summer flowers like marigold, begonia and petunia create a flower bed during summer under the trees adding a touch of color to the environment.
A few of the various summer flowers such as Orchids, Zinnias, birds of paradise and hibiscus etc. can be chosen. Vases or bowls should be clean to display flowers. Nothing looks nicer in a living room than a vase of fresh flowers on the window sill. The exotic varieties include those made with mango wood or bamboos but it depends on your imagination to make it as unique as you like. Glass is a popular vessel for placing flowers in and leaves and foliage plants are added for the green effect.
A dozen long stemmed summer roses can be perfect for expressing love. Radiant yellow sunflowers combined with lilies and white lillies and carnations can set the mood for any party. A bouquet of lavender daisies and orange lilies will make a welcome gift for any occasion. The extensive range of summer flowers is huge and these should be examined closely before making your choice.

Summer Flowers, A Must for a Romantic Wedding

Summer Flowers, A Must for a Romantic Wedding

When it comes to seasonal flowers, perhaps the best range of all is available in summer flowers. Summer is the season where varied types of flowers are seen with amazingly different types of texture, color and shapes. No wonder then that summer flowers are the favorite for most wedding decorators. After all, these lovely blooms really suit the wedding décor with their rich color schemes and tantalizing aroma.

When it comes to the bouquet and overall arrangements, summer flowers stand out as unique and different from others due to the rich blend for which they are famous. There are many ways of using these floral magicians that cost peanuts compared to the joy they bring to the beholder. These include the traditional methods as well as the modern ones which keep on changing with current trends.

The natural aroma emerging from the summer flowers is also fabulous. It greatly adds to making the entire wedding scene passionate and romantic in every sense. White and pink colors are the highly picked favorites as they have a special bond with the wedding occasion to make the event a memorable one.

Among the large variety available, the most <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=“www.americanfloraldecorations.com”> preferred summer flowers </a> include the perennially popular ones – the roses, gerberas and the lilies. The beauty, color and the smell of these make them the all time favorites. Also, a wedding theme with roses and lilies blends well with the costumes of the bride as well as the maid of honors. For that matter, even the curtains and other decorative items can be touched up with the perfect combination of summer flowers.

Celosia with its delicate and soft velvety nature gives a lovely and subtle touch when used in bouquets. Nigella is another very common summer flower used in bequests and weddings. The feathery look of the flower bestows a unique and special look on them.

Summer flowers as a whole make the décor of the wedding perfect, adding up to the joy of the couple getting married.

Summer Flower Girl Dresses: Great Colors – Gorgeous Georgette

Summer Flower Girl Dresses: Great Colors – Gorgeous Georgette

Gorgeous georgette in great colors is this year’s hot trend for cool summer flower girl dresses. A sheer, lightweight, crêpe fabric, georgette is named after the early 20th century French modiste, Georgette de la Plante. Originally made of silk, and later of rayon or blends, modern georgette is often made from synthetic filament yarns. Its crinkly surface is created by alternating S- and Z-twist yarns in both warp and weft. ‘Warp’ is the set of lengthwise yarns through which the weft (horizontal thread) is woven to create the fabric.

Georgette dresses turn every little princess into the belle of the ball. Georgette dresses can be found in various styles including double ruffle dresses with a sleeveless bodice and removable flower and sequin trim. A jewelry stone neckline and bottom ruffle trim on a georgette skirt dress makes every little girl feel like a princess. The intricate detail on georgette dresses adds that extra element of elegance.

Georgette is often seen in tea-length styles and is a smart choice for girls’ summer dresses. Indeed, with its light, airy feel, georgette is a perfect fabric for beach flower girl dresses. Georgette dresses will suit any special occasion during the summer.

Usually, georgette is in bold colors such as flashy fuchsia, pretty purple, or terrific turquoise. These bright colors will make a big splash at any wedding. The vibrant colors can continue in accessories such as pink handbags, pink/fuchsia metallic flowers shoes, or a small bling French hair clip. Remember that georgette has that French connection.

Actually, bold color is showing up more and more in summer flower girl dresses. Many brides still choose soft pastels for their summer weddings such as pale pink all over laced gowns for their flower girls. Yet an ever-increasing number of brides are going with bold and beautiful colors in fine fabrics.

An orange halter top organza adds good style and sunny flavor to a summer wedding. A yellow 3-tier chiffon sequence dress is another sunny choice. Turquoise chiffon is a bright, beautiful fabric – perfect for a beach flower girl dress.

A teal seersucker gown adds two cool summer colors in a single style. Often a taffeta waistband or a sensational sash can add an extra touch of color. This summer’s winning styles for flower girl dresses will be about great colors – and especially – gorgeous georgette.