Easter Flowers and Tablescapes

Easter falls at the time of year when the cold, harsh winter is finally wiped away by the warm, blossoming days of spring. It is a time when a wide variety of flowers begin to bloom again, but one flower in particular is known as the Easter flower: the Easter Lily.

Originally cultivated in Japan, Americans began to grow lilies during the second world war. The lily has roots in the bible as the flower that sprang from the blood drops of Christ. It is also said that the white flowers bloomed in the tomb of the virgin mother, signifying her purity. In depictions of St. Michael telling Mary that she is to bear the son of God, he is often seen handing her a bouquet of white lilies. They are said to represent love and hope and their sprouting in the spring represents Christ’s resurrection, bringing purity back to the land.

Other popular flowers associated with Easter include daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and irises. Daffodils represent rebirth and are said to have bloomed during Christ’s resurrection. In Germany, they are called Osterglocken meaning Easter bells and in England, they are called Lent Lilies. Tulips represent great love. They aren’t directly associated with Easter but are often associated with the idea of Christ’s endless love. Hyacinths are perhaps most famous for their fragrance; a light and sweet scent reminiscent of warm, breezy days. Just like the lily and daffodil, the hyacinth represents rebirth. The iris, which comes in an array of colors, symbolizes faith, hope, and wisdom.

On their own or mixed with other blooms, these flowers make beautiful gifts for loved ones and can be used to decorate your home during the Easter season. One of our favorite ways to decorate for the holiday is to make Easter tablescapes. They don’t have to be big or flashy or expensive. Flowers in soft pastel shades reflect the gentleness of the season while bright, happy colors are perfect for adding cheer to your table. This is also a great time to display bulbs as centerpieces. If you do want something grand or dramatic, arrangements with long blooming branches or pussy willow are compelling while also maintaining a soft aesthetic. The season of rebirth is full of fresh foods and flowers and we love decorating our homes with them to chase away any remaining winter blues.

While it is officially spring according to the calendar, it never really feels like spring until Easter rolls around. The bright colors and fragrant blooms that are always incorporated into Easter décor are what really make the season come to life. Here are a few of our favorite Easter floral designs:

Sweet and Pretty

Sweet and Pretty

Spring Waltz

Spring Waltz

Spring Bling

Spring Bling

Country Morning

Spring Awakening

Country Morning

Country Morning



-Lacey Bouchard












Tulips as Wedding Flowers..Yes!

Tulips say Spring! In wedding bouquets and centerpieces they can really sing!


Thanks to the top bulb growers in Holland there are now so many colors and bi-colors available. All I can say is.. Gorgeous!! These spring flowers can add an affordable yet cheerful element to your spring wedding flowers.


Although tulips span the globe and some varieties have become common, the specialty tulips that we

offer are locally grown in New Jersey and the varieties are far from ho-hum.



The Van Dyk Brothers grow the finest tulips in their greenhouse in Millville, New Jersey.  These premium tulips have bigger blossoms, longer and hardier stem, and brilliant color. As with any locally grown flower they are always fresh! Try our Van Dyk Tulips while they are in season from February to Early May!!


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Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring wedding season will be here soon!  Thinking of getting married then?  You have a TON of options to choose from.  March, April, and May is a wonderful time to have fresh garden flowers to make your wedding day extra special!


Firstly, there is the good old faithful tulip. They pair nicely with hyacinth, grape hyacinth, anenomes, and ranunculus.  The tulips are pretty flexible (no pun intended), when it comes to arrangements.  You can submerge them and illuminate with candles.  Or you can place them into pretty much any other centerpiece of your choice.


spring wedding bouquet_ranunculas&tulips

Fun Fact:  Tulips actually continue to grow while sitting in floral arrangements!  You may receive a floral arrangement with tulips. When  you wake up the next day, they may be turned in another direction and even a little bit taller.  Weird, huh?


Unlike the tulip, which has no scent, the hyacinth has a beautiful, sweet smell to liven any bouquet or centerpiece (if you don’t have allergies!).  They are such cute little bell shaped blooms, we can’t help but say “awww” whenever they enter the shop!


Oh!  And who could forget the lovely peony!  Such elegance and beauty!



You can always call us to see what beautiful blooms have entered our front door!  We would love to hear from you!


Using The Right Soil To Plant Tulips

Using The Right Soil To Plant Tulips

When you are planting tulips for next leap’s tulip patch, don’t make the same error that I did last year. Making a confound at planting time in the plunge is costly. If you make this oversight, you may as well as buy tulips next pounce instead of hurtful clean ones for your own tulip bouquet.

Are you indeed that you are putting tulip bulbs in the best soil to grow? If you have doubts about rising tulips as you diagram your skip backyard, consider these gardening tips.

Let me enlighten. I like tulips, even while the flower playhouse is only two to three weeks long from mid March to tardy May. Last fall, I planted about 60 purple tulip bulbs in my backyard. I eagerly waited at Spring to come so I could bouquet those gorgeous plants. The frost was long and cold with more snow cascade than in preceding years. So, I was timely for Spring to come. Nevertheless I was astounded. Of the 60 flower bulbs I planted, only one tulip flower grew and blossomed. I couldn’t total it out. Later in the Spring, I planted my impatiens. When I went to dig up my tulip bulbs, I discovered that they were smooth and syrupy – like pickled onions.

The wet soiled was so soaked that the bulbs became sponges, not flora! Then, I realized that the soil layer under the top soil caused the dilemma. The dirt layered did not let the water drain so my tulip bulbs were session in an underground swimming puddle!

Tulips grow best in soil that drains best. The source of tulips is in Turkey, where the soil is very dirty and permeable. When traders began to pass the bulbs to stand tulips in Holland, the filthy soil was just right and many fields became like one flower garden after another.

Before you boon forecast your tulip garden, make clearly to dig down about two feet or more to see what the underlying soil is like. If you have a layer of earth near the shallow, dig deeper and exchange that soil with lush gloom top soil. You can buy a 30 mash bag of dirt from a home improvement nucleus for fewer than two dollars.

So when you deposit tulips, impede the soil. Porous dirt is good dirt. And be reliable that before your tulip bulbs assure planted, you know the lean of the planting secrets for the best tulip garden device that will prefer you next Spring.

Find tips about tulip trees and tulip season at the Planting Tulips website.

Viewing Tulips at the Tulip Festival in Holland MI

Viewing Tulips at the Tulip Festival in Holland MI

May 5 through May 12 2007 is Tulip Time in Holland MI. If you are a tulip lover, this is prime time. Tulips have a very short season, blooming from mid-April to mid-May. The Tulip festival in Holland MI is officially celebrated as a large Dutch ethnic event in the midwest United States. If you have ever desired to watch blooming tulips wave in the wind and unveil their silky petals, visit Holland, MI to see tulip after field in full bloom.

Depending on the Spring weather and the growing season, Holland Michigan tulips are ready to salute you as you arrive in town. In 2007, the tulip season appears to be unfolding on time. Through Tulip Time, the city of Holland has lined up tulip viewing, entertainment, events and ethnic celebrations for tulip lovers of all ages. Look for these places to view the tulips in Holland, MI.

Show Meadows of Authentic Festival Holland Tulips

When you leave US 31 and drive down River Street, you behold tulip flowers along eight miles of curbs that line the streets of Holland, MI. The festival boasts more than 5,000,000 tulips are blooming in parks, along streets and in local attractions. To get the most variety and color, start out by visiting the Veldheer Tulip Farm, just north of Holland. In 1945, the Veldheers started this extensive farm with 300 white tulips and 100 red tulips.

Now, millions of tulip bulbs blossom every Spring. Multiple gardens are organized throughout the grounds. Each one garden is thick with white tulips, yellow Big Smile, orange Apricot Dream, red Appeldorn, and literally dozens of other varieties and colors.

The Veldheer Tulip Farm displays peony tulips, triumph tulips, lily tulips, parrot tulips, Darwin Hybrid tulips, and specialty tulips. The grounds show white, pink and blue, hyacinths, white daffodils and narcissi. Each patch of flowers features a numbered stake that identifies the type of flower. You can match the flower number with a printed guide sheet and learn more about each variety of the flowers.

If you want to order Holland tulip bulbs, the Veldheers harvest them after the blooming season. As a visitor, you can order Holland tulip bulbs from the guide sheet. Tulip bulbs from the actual farm (not imported from Holland) are shipped the following September. The Veldheer Tulip Farm is located on Quincy Street, just off Highway US 31, about 3 miles north of Holland. Admission to the farm is for adults, for children.

Another scenic place to discover tulips is Windmill Island. Windmill Island is located just off 7th Street and is home to the “De Zwaan” (graceful bird,) a 240 year-old working windmill from the Netherlands. During Spring, Windmill Island boasts 150,000 tulips; during summer and fall, the gardens offer colorful annuals.Windmill Island offers a shopping area, flags of European nations, historic architecture including the Posthouse museum (14th century replica of a wayside inn.

If you want some inspiring ideas for your own spot tulip gardens, make sure to wander through downtown Holland on 8th Street. There are many beautiful settings and plantings of tulip flowers. Then, drive along the eight miles of curbside tulips planted throughout the city. You may get inspired with your own ideas for your own tulip garden at home.

Make your Spring a joyful one; visit Tulip Time, the tulip festival in Holland MI.

Dave Pipitone loves Spring time and the tulip season. For more information about tulip gardens, visit http://www.tulipreview.com.