Color Combinations To Make Your Fall Wedding An Unforgettable Occasion

Fall weddings have always been occasions that people look forward to. Guests would be nearly as eager as the couple themselves when it comes to gracing the occasion. If you are planning a fall wedding, then it is important that you sit along with your partner and plan things thoroughly.

When the day arrives, you have to be absolutely ready. You should not be facing any unnecessary hassles on the special day. One of the important, yet often neglected aspects of fall weddings is the color combination that is to be used. Right from the wedding stationery to the dresses and the wedding theme, you should take care to choose the right color combo.

One of the most sought after color combinations when it comes to fall weddings is that of burgundy and burnt orange. You should literally let your imagination run riot when it comes to choosing the color combinations for your entire wedding. You could for example have the invitation cards splashed in rich burgundy, while having the bridesmaid wear burnt orange dresses.

Many couples these days also prefer the ginger and mocha combination when it comes to fall weddings. This is a combination which would look great on most couples whatever be their skin tone.

Green and gold is another color combination that is always a hit in fall weddings. It is a well known fact that green dresses tend to stand out from the crowd. You could always mix them up with fresh flowers including <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””> zinnias, gerberas and dahlias</a> for the right look. Sunflowers would also be just about perfect for fall weddings with a predominantly yellow theme.

You could mix the dresses up with gingerbread cookies, neatly laid out on the dinner table. Think of sending chocolate wedding flavors as part of this particular wedding theme.

You can think of a variety of color combinations when it comes to fall weddings. With a little bit of planning and research you could make your fall wedding the truly colorful occasion it isĀ  meant to be!