The Rose

Roses are the national flower of England, and represented two important families in the 15th century. The Lancasters (red roses) and the Yorks (white roses) competed against each other for rule of England in The War of The Roses.

Williams Shakespeare, one of England’s greatest writers was inspired by the rose. Romeo and Juliet has one of the most well-known quotes on roses, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet is reminding Romeo it doesn’t matter that they come from feuding houses because their love is real.

The Rose is one on the most popular and easily recognized flower out there. Many people see them as a gift of love and affection. Well, they are correct, but did you know that different colors and groupings of roses symbolize different things?

A rose’s symbolism changes based on the color and the number of them given. Below is a list of the most popular colors and what they represent.

  • Red roses symbolize love and romance.
  • Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.
  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion.
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship.
  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity.

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Did you know you can send a more specific message with the number of roses given?

  • One rose symbolizes love at first sight.
  • Two roses symbolize shared and deep love.
  • Three roses says “I love you”.
  • Six roses says “I want to be yours”.
  • Seven roses says “I’m infatuated with you”.
  • Nine roses symbolize eternal love.
  • Ten roses says “You’re perfect”.

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Valentine Day Flowers and Chocolates online

Valentine Day Flowers and Chocolates online

Valentines Day is festival that helps us to maintain a warm and loving relationship with our friends, parents and special ones. It’s an occasion that makes you stronger in the road of your chaotic life. Following the same busy schedule for long time makes us fill that we are losing something special in our lives. Valentines Day is one of the occasions that allow us to fill the lost fragrance in your romantic life. A day dedicated to love, peace and Kindness. It’s a festival to cherish love and romance in everybody’s lives.

Valentine’s Day is the premier occasion for giving cakes, flowers and chocolates. Young lovers are fond of giving such special treat to their dear ones. Flowers and chocolates are all time favorite gifts. But with the passage of time the varieties of flowers and chocolates has also change.  Bouquet of Red Roses and chocolates are one of the romantic gifts that will warm your lover’s heart.

Flowers and chocolates are the best gifts to express ones gratitude and affection towards their mates. They are the easy way to increase the emotional communication; relationship between to lovers.  So are you looking to buy valentine flower and chocolate gift? Then I will suggest you to go for online shopping. The best thing about buying Valentines flower and chocolates online is that you can get access to large number of varsities. Online shopping sites provides so many varsities like Red Roses with chocolates, Pink Roses with chocolates, valentines Roses with Rochers etc.

Through online shopping sites you can buy number of unique and Romantic valentines gifts Online for your friends, siblings, parents and sweetheart. Online shopping is better then wasting time on driving for hours and haunting down for the special gift.

Send Online valentine day flowers & gifts from Ferns N Petals

Send Online valentine day flowers & gifts from Ferns N Petals

The most important factor to make her feel the love inside the Valentine day gifts is to give the gift with sincerity, which means the idea has to come from your heart. I’m not saying you have to spend hours on meditation about what you should give her or look for the perfect gift on the internet, because we all know even if we find the perfect gift for her this year, what you are going to give her the next year or what you are going to give her on her birthday that’s only a couple months away?

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that gift doesn’t have to be perfect or very expensive. Sometimes the most easy, affordable and meaningful Valentine gift is right before your eyes. That’s right it’s flowers and card. I know that’s such a cliché and people have been using it for hundreds of years. But do you ever wonder why such a cliché never fade away on the historical stage? The answer is very simple, the deep meaning and continuous innovation. If you are thinking just buy some flowers and a common festival card like most of the insensitive guys right now, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Always remember women are sensitive, they don’t really care that much about how expensive your gift is, what they do care is how much thought you’ve put into the gift. So here’s what you can do to make her remember this Valentines Day more than ever.

Find out her favorite Valentine day flowers in a secret way, ask her friends or parents but don’t let her have any clue that you are buying flowers for her. Then you need to decide the number of the flowers you should buy and better make it meaningful, like if the date you and her first met was 20 th, then you can buy her 20 flowers. And remember to tell her why you buy 20 when you give the flowers to her, I’m sure she’ll surprised you are such thoughtful guy and will love you even more.

Card is also a key role in this. You need to write with your own hand no matter how ugly you think your handwriting is. And make sure what you write is not just a few love sentences or love you, you are my soul, and all that. If you want to impress her and make your card special you need to write something special, like a typical small event happened between you two, a trip you took together or even a fight. And you can write down your feelings about how sorry you are that you were yelling at her or you were so impatient with her every now and then, etc. Those true stories and true feelings can touch women’s very soul.

So never look down upon small gifts as long as it’s from your heart.

Valentine Day Gifts-precious for the Lovers

Valentine Day Gifts-precious for the Lovers

Valentine’s Day is very special for the lovers. It is celebrated on the 14th of February. People usually plan in advance what to give their beloved one on this special occasion. Lovers express their feelings for their loved one in various ways. Some buy expensive gift to impress him or her, whereas, some prefer small and natural gifts like chocolate, flowers etc. Everybody wants their valentine day gifts to be unique. The lovers want their gift to be the best. Chocolate, red roses, scented candles are some of the common Valentine Day Gifts. This particular day is very special for the lovers and they try their level best to make it a memorable one.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in every part of the world. Earlier, the concept of celebrating valentine day is not so popular, but with every passing day, it has become more and more prominent. The shops are filled with various gift items. Valentine day gifts are mostly designed with heart shaped. The whole environment turns to be a festive season. Lovers plan in advance as what to wear on this particular day. Every second, they wish to spend with their beloved one. If unfortunately, your beloved one happens to stay far away from you then the best valentine day gifts will be the gift baskets. An expensive dinner can also be a good valentine gift. If your woman likes to eat a lot then take her to a candle night dinner to a big and beautiful hotel.

It is a great day for the shopkeepers. They display various things in their shop to lure the customers. Florist basically keeps red roses in his shop because on this particular day, red roses are in great demand. The price of everything touches sky high. On that particular day, lovers do not care for his pocket money and purchase his favourite things at any cost. Some people go for costly gift items like diamond, pendant, crystal, while some goes for flowers, chocolate etc. If you are confused as what to gift their beloved one then you can search on internet or you can discuss with your friends. Generally, every valentine day gifts are accompanied with flowers. Gift your sweet heart with a red rose or any flower that she likes the most.

Lovers know what their beloved one likes the most and they purchase gifts keeping in mind the taste of their loved one. The occasion looks like a festive season and every corner of the city is decorated with lights and candles. Restaurants, parks and sea beaches are decorated with flowers and lights. The place is overcrowded with lovers. Some book seats in the restaurants in advance. You can win the heart of your beloved one with beautiful valentine day gifts. If you are confused as what to buy for your loved man or woman, you can get the idea from internet. Google and many other popular sites will give you a suitable idea. Valentine day is a very special occasion for the lovers.

Valentine Day Gifts: the Perfect Way to Show your Love

Valentine Day Gifts: the Perfect Way to Show your Love

Love is a universal term and language. We all speak the language of love and it is the one thing that gives us the power to be nice to all and have a happy life. We all love our family members and our near and dear ones. It is this one of love that makes us feel close to the people we love. Definitely, one should make sure that he or she conveys the love to the people everyday. However, given the kind of schedule we all have, we barely get time to show our loved ones that how much we love them and care for them. Love is of many kinds. It is there between a mother and a child, a father and a child, two lovers, husband and wife and many other kinds. Valentine’s Day is one celebrated day all across the globe when everyone makes sure to show their love to their loved ones. This particular day is specially celebrated by young college going students. However, people who are in a relationship, despite of any age manage to celebrate this day. The one thing that all of them do to show their love and concern to their loved ones is to buy Valentine Day gifts for them.

There are many varieties of Valentine Day gifts that can be given to one’s loved one to show the concern and love. These days n number of products have come up that can be easily purchased from shops and can be given as a gift to a loved one. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, soft toys, cards and many other things are given out as Valentine Day gifts. However, the one thing that is definitely bound to make an impact on your loved ones is something that is specially made for them. This could indeed be one of the best things that they can receive from their loved one. It is a little difficult but if one tries it out, it could turn out to be the best things to receive from someone’s loved one. Therefore, why not go ahead with this thought of creating a unique gift to give to your loved one on the special day of Valentine’s Day.

You could create a beautiful collage of some images of your loved one. This would definitely make them feel nostalgic and would definitely love it. This is definitely one of the best ways to surprise your loved one to show them how much you love them and care for them. Valentine Day gifts if chosen carefully could be really exciting and could make your loved one feel really great about the day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all across the globe. This day is one of the days when people show their love to their loved ones and this day they are very generous in showing their love to their loved ones. Therefore, it is very essential that one gets good Valentine Day gifts for their loved ones. This would definitely make your loved one feel good.

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Every month has a valentine day,Part two

Every month has a valentine day,Part two

Yellow and Rose Day, May 14.May 14 is Yellow and Rose Day, If already arrived in May, your affairs are still no progress. In the day wore yellow shirt or yellow suit,eat yellow curry, Is tells everybody: “I am still available.” The sun shines brightly in May, put on yellow clothes, also quite conforms to the season atmosphere. May is the season which the rose germinates,a pleasant month,is very suitable for traveling. Therefore many lovers elect in this day go for an outing, therefore on May 14 also has “the rose valentine day” say.

Kiss Day, June 14 .As far as I know, more people in valentine day preceding day,on February 13, celebrating Kiss day. to confirm that he or she has become your soul mate, they kiss each other to prove there love and desire.this Kiss Day which I would like to talk about is a day celebrated in Korean on June 14.Passionate about Korean pop culture. kiss is the silent language of the heart also it conveys our innermost feelings to our beloved. So get romance with your sweetheart with the eternal language of love. I think we’ll be very glad to have such a day, isn’t it?

Silver Day, July 14 .I think we should thanks to a concentrated marketing effort,actually, there are many quasi-official days for love in Korea. Youth and marketers have conspired to designate the 14th of almost every month a special day. this is very interesting. July 14 is Silver Day, you can take your lover home to meet your parents,or introduce your lover to other respected elders.and these “lovely elders” will pay all the bills in this day.of couse,you’d better make sure your elders are very fimiliar to this holiday.and Silver Day is a day to give each other silver gifts. the traditional custom is engaged with silver ring.

Green Day, August 14.This Green Day not punk rock band Green Day,and also not says environmental protection. the green valentine day certainly not to be able to escape the relations with the green forest.why not go out and have a trval of fresh forest with your partner in the warm summer afternoons. to enioy life to the full.

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Are you looking for the valentine’s present/ Valentines Gift? today,Shopping online can be very beneficial, saving you time and money. enjoy more discounts in buying cheapest nike shoes at nike storm online store( goods purchased here can be delivered free!Free Shipping All the products!Don’t miss out!

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