Why do we give Red Roses on Valentine’s Day


                Valentine’s day is known as the romantic day of the year.  As you pick up those beautiful long stem red roses for your loved one, you may wonder where the tradition of red roses came to be.

Red roses have long been the symbol of love.  It all started back in Greek mythology when the Goddess of Love, Venus, chose her favorite flower to be a rose.  From then on, a rose would be the symbol of love.  The color red has always related to the emotion of love and passion.

Fast forward to the Victorian era, when lovers would secretly send messages through flowers, using floriography (the meaning of flowers) to communicate to their love ones.  A dozen roses soon became the arrangement of choice to show how much you love them, making it the official arrangement for Valentine’s Day.

The box of chocolate became a Valentine’s Day staple, all because of a guy name Richard Cadbury.  Back in the Victorian era, people became obsessed with showering their love ones with gifts and flowers, then came the box of chocolates.  Richard Cadbury figured out a new way to get the cocoa from the beans, which gave it a much more palatable taste then what Victorian Brits were used too.  He may not have patented the heart shaped box, but he started selling his Valentine’s day candy in a heart shaped box, claiming that after all the treats were eaten from the box, it could still be used to hold love letters or a lock of hair from an admirer.

Valentine’s Day is the second biggest holiday to send cards, one step behind Christmas.  An estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.  The earliest Valentine’s Day card on record was from 1400’s, written by the imprisoned duke of Orleans, in the tower of London, who wrote a Valentine to his wife.

When St. Valentine was imprisoned, he fell in love with his jailer’s daughter.  Before he died he wrote her a letter, and signed it “From Your Valentine.”  How he signed his letter is now the ending in most Valentine’s Day cards.  By the 1800’s it became popular to exchange gifts to friends and love ones. The earliest cards were hand painted and edges covered in lace.  By the 1900’s the invention of better printing presses gave way to paper lace and manufactured Valentine’s Day cards.


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What is the first word I think of when I hear Valentine’s Day?


Maybe because I am a florist but I believe roses are the true expression of love and emotion.

Recently, I visited a grower’s open house to see new rose varieties. The majority of roses are grown in South America. The blooms and colors are awesome but the petal count and vase life are also improving. I try to stay up on the industry trends for my clients but especially for my brides. So many weddings include roses because of the meaning of love and romance but also the range of colors.

For centuries Valentine’s Day has been a time to celebrate love and show appreciation. You will hear women say they don’t care about Valentine’s Day, we find that this is a really just a cover up. They do care! Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. Just a single rose and a note will really go a long way.

I look forward to Valentine’s Day to help customers find the perfect expression of flowers!

Our most popular Flowers behind the rose is tulips, gerbera daisies, orchids, calla lilies and hydrangea. Here are the rose meanings to help you choose a good match for your Sweethearts.


Rose color meanings –

Red – Love, Beauty, Romance & Passion

White- Purity, Innocence, & Peace

Yellow- Joy, Cheer & Delight

Pink- Appreciation, Admiration, & Sweetness

Peach – Appreciation, Sincere Love & Gratitude

Orange-Coral: Desire, Fire, Excitement

Valentine’s Day is Among Us!

As Valentine’s day approaches every year, here at the flower shop we start thinking about how it all began…

Valentines has been recorded in history since AD 269 in roman tradition.  Holy Moly!  Simple tokens of flowers and candy known as “confections” were given, and hand written valentines were sent.  As timeless as the idea of love, the tradition of Valentine ’s Day continues…


Roses are not just red.. they are also available in white, lavender, pink, yellow, orange and peach!!

The premium long stem roses we offer are grown and shipped  from South America.  All year rose plants are tended, groomed, and trimmed in preparation for this “rosie”  holiday!

Upon arrival, we quickly unpack them, remove all of the thorns and leaves.   Now they are ready to be hydrated, cut under water and then dipped into a hydration solution.

Each bloom is given top quality care to ensure longevity. After these little babies drink in fresh water for 24 hours they are ready to be designed! A vase is chosen and now the roses are in the design room to be arranged by our floral designers. After finishing accents are added, your gift of flowers is ready to be delivered!!

Now you ask…How do I choose the best possible Valentine’s Day flowers for your sweetheart?

We can guide you through the process in our store or you can shop our website leighflorist.com.

From Sweet and cute to extravagant, sending valentines flowers is a thoughtful and heartfelt way to express your love this Valentine’s Day!!


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