Oftentimes, an engaged couple will find they share the same friends.  So when planning their bachelor/ bachelorette parties brides and grooms are starting a new trend.  The new “hybrid” bachelor/bachelorette parties that has started is known as Bach-Parties.  This gets everyone involved, and can be an even greater time than two separate parties.

Here are 5 Top Ideas for Bach-Parties:

1. Team Bride/ Team Groom Olympics

When everyone gets together for the party, split them up into team bride and team groom.  Have your Matron-of-honor and Best man come up with sport ideas such as: Olympic flip cup, beer pong, water balloon toss or relay races.  You can rent a field, or if someone in the bridal party has a huge yard, these would be great places to host you Bach-Party.

2. Go Camping

Getting your bridal party together to go camping and hiking is an adventurous bach-party.  Hanging with all your friends and swapping stories about the bride/ groom over a campfire are great way for friends to celebrate the happy couple and become closer with other friends in the bridal party.

3. Go away on Vacation

Having the bride’s best friends and groom’s best friends go on a trip together is a great way to end your single days in style.  A few fun places to travel are Las Vegas, Walt Disney World, New Orleans, or even the Caribbean.  Where ever you choose to go will ultimately end in an amazing bash!

4. Wine/ beer tasting

Rent a party bus and get your closest friends together.  Create a route that makes stops at local wineries, breweries, or both.  The guys would get a kick out of going to the wineries, as the same for the women to the breweries.  It is the best of both worlds.  Plus, who doesn’t love a party bus??

5.  Classy BBQ

Hosting a classy BBQ is a fun way of getting everyone together and celebrating the happy couple.  You can either get it catered, or have someone man the grill.  Having lawn games and cocktails are a chill way to finish off your single days.

5 Perfect Gifts for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom

We searched high and low Etsy to find cute and creative gifts that moms are sure to love on the big day.  They have been with you (or your spouse) from the start, and a special token to say, “thanks” will really put a smile on their face.

1. Whiteliliedesigns creates a charm that can be tailored to both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom.  It has a sweet thank you message with the wedding date engraved at the bottom.



2. Mugable Mugs creates a pretty tote bag that moms can use before, during and even after the wedding.  It features a lovely floral pattern with a script font.


3. Imprinted Thoughts offers a bracelet that is sure to bring a tear to the eyes of any momma out there.  The message is engraved on the underside of the bracelet as a special note for them to keep with them forever.


4. Susabellas offers a jewelry box that has a simple, yet sentimental design.  The outside features “MOM” with a cute little heart.  When mom opens the box, the inside features a message for her.



5. FancyType offers a funny spin on the traditional mother of the bride/mother of the groom gift.  This mug features a message saying “Thanks Mom, I turned out awesome.”  What mom wouldn’t love to hear that?


Another gift for moms is floral preservation.  You can preserve flowers from the wedding inside a shadow box.  Include a wedding invitation or photo to create a memory mom is sure to love.  For more information on floral preservation call us (856) 547-1090 or visit our website

Hanging Flower Arrangements

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A fabulous trend going from coast-to-coast is hanging flowers.  From the ceremony to the reception, these hanging blooms, are making a statement.

  1. One of the trends is called the upside-down garden.  It’s where you take hundreds of flowers, and hang them from the ceiling, making a sea of  of flowers, transforming your ceremony or dance floor into a lush garden above them.  Almost like your floating above the ground.
  2. Another flora trend is flower chandeliers.   Imagine gorgeous blooms, overflowing and draping down off of a chandeliers, or circle hoops over your heads, or dance floor.  They are sure to set the mood, to your nuptials and will have your guests staring in awe!
  3. Inverted Centerpieces.  Does your venue have tall ceilings? A great idea is to have inverted centerpieces, which where you suspend your table center pieces above your guest, drawing their eyes upward.  These look great with long tables, and can really take your wedding to the next level!
  4. Curtain of flowers.  Have a curtain of flowers draped as your backdrop for your ceremony looks stunning.  You can even have it as your back drop of your sweetheart table.  Flowers draping from top to bottom, add a bit of modern flair.  A great idea is to have them monochromatic, and start lighter at the top, and grow dark, as it goes to the bottom.  Another idea is to hang them in picture frames.  They will look like framed works of art.
  5. Hanging glass globes look very modern, and look absolutely amazing.  You can have them as your backdrop of your ceremony, or suspend them across guest tables.  In each globe your can put a single flower for bright glam look, or add more lush greens and succulent for a more of a garden look.

Lynn & John – Hotel DuPont – Wilmington, DE

This was a romantic wedding that matched perfectly with the reception venue. Lynn’s bridal bouquet was lush and white, with dramatic pops of burgundy and plum. Her design style was elegant and timeless. So happy to be a part of their special day. Wishing these two love birds all the best!!

Photo credit: Casto Photography & Cinema

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Bridal Henna

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   The art of henna  has been practiced for over 5000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East.   Henna is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays,birthdays and weddings.  The most popular of the traditions is the Mehndi (henna) Night where the bride, her family, relatives and friends get together to celebrate the wedding to come. The bride gets extensive henna patterns done on her hands and feet that go to her elbows and sometimes, knees.  The night is filled with games, music and dance performances.  The bridal patterns can take many hours and are often done by multiple henna artists. The family and friends will usually receive small designs on the backs of their hands as well. To a bride the darker the henna the better. Tradition holds the darker the stain the better the marriage and the better the mother-in-law will be! Also, as long as the henna stain appears on the bride, she doesn’t have to do any housework.  Now, you can understand why the bride would want the henna to last a long time!

Will you be my bridesmaid?


The proposal was amazing, the ring was all you dreamt it would be, and you couldn’t be happier.  You said yes to the perfect guy, and now it’s your turn to propose – to your bridesmaids!  Your ladies are going to be there through all the planning ups and downs, risking life and limb to ensure your day is the best it can be.

Proposing to your besties is a huge trend for today’s bride.  Some brides go all out with their proposals, making gift boxes with shirts saying “Bridesmaid”, bridesmaid wine glasses, and a bottle of champagne.  Another fun idea is a balloon filled with confetti.  Your unsuspecting bridesmaid must pop the balloon showering them in confetti, and read the note that was inside asking them to be your bridesmaid.  It’s an instant celebration!

We have heard stories of brides proposing to their girlfriends on one knee with a ring box that has a Ring Pop inside, asking them to be their bridesmaid.  Or If you know your crew has a sweet tooth, why not ask them to be by your side with some cookies or cupcakes.   That’s a treat they are sure to love.  How will you propose?

Paige & Derek – Sea Isle Yacht Club

Paige had a beautiful garden vision for her day at the beach. We used hydrangea, roses, tea roses and lots of draping eucalyptus! The centerpieces were so fun to make, we had a variety of vases, footed bowls and tall fluted vases. The mixed designs really created a fun garden mix, accented with rustic wood slices. We love this design style that is simple, beautiful and timeless.

Photo credit – Brook Bakken Photography

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Fabulous Favor Ideas


We have all been there at the end of a wedding and all receive our wedding favors.  Some are greatly excited, while other guests could care less and leave them on the table. Here are some examples of some favors that your guests will love.

1. Food.  I start number one with food, because that’s is what the people want.  In recent surveys, most guests said they would love the favor if was something to eat. Some examples are homemade cookies, mini cakes, pretzels, candy, and many more.  There are all sorts of ways to add a cute saying with your food favor of choice, Like “We just tied the knot! C & J” on a bag with a soft pretzel inside. Your guests will love it, and it will give them something to snack on at the end of the night.

2. Wine opener, or beer opener.  A gift with a purpose are always good choices as good favors.  Many people lose these small objects, and are always in the need for another beer opener.  It is a great way to remember your wedding date, years down the road when they use it at a part, or get together.

3. Succulent plants.  These small plants make great favors, and with proper care your guests can have these for years to come as a small reminder of your wedding date.  Succulents are a great favor for a garden or rustic theme wedding.  They will have your guests scooping up any and all extras from you.

4.  Sparklers, or confetti launchers are great favor ideas. It gets your guests to interact in your wedding.  They will also look great in photos. Plus, they are super amounts of fun. Who doesn’t like confetti?

5. A Donation.  Some couples feel favors are a waste of money, and they would rather see that money go to a good cause.  Some couples have a charity of their choice in lieu of favors.  Having a cute sign, or putting it in your program are a good way to let guests know about your choice to donate instead of favors.

Jamie & Daniel -Sheraton, Society Hill Philadelphia

This was a pretty wedding designed with a simple garden flowers in lavender and blush. Jamie loved succulents, so we added a few into her mix of hydrangea, garden roses, dahlias, eucalyptus, and sweet touches of Queen Anne’s lace. These giant balloons are an awesome photo prop! So fun and lovely!

Photo credit: Asya Photography

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Make your own flower halo

Materials you will need:

• Wire (cut to size of your head)

• Floral tape

• Wire Scissors

• Flowers and foliage accents (leave a bit of the stem for taping)


1. Start with a piece of greenery 1” – 2” from end of wire.

2. Wrap tape around base of stem and wire.

3. Add flower bloom and repeat steps 1 & 2, to add blooms and greenery down wire to create desired look.

4. Leave extra space at bottom of wire so you can attach to other end.

5. Bend wire end into hook shape

6. Thread opposite end of halo through hook.

7. Bend other wire over to hook halo together.

Flower Halo Collage

Print the steps here – flower halo diy (2)