The Anemone

The Anemone is a beautiful classic flower that has many uses from bridal bouquets to everyday centerpieces. The genus Anemone consists of 120 species of perennial flowering plants, which grow from tubers. Anemones grow wild in many European countries, North America, and Japan. The name Anemone is of Greek descent and roughly means wind flower because it’s the wind that opens them up. They were also once used for medical purposes as well. They have been known to help treat cramps and emotional distress.

The anemone comes several different colors such as red, pink, magenta, purple and blue, but the white anemone has proven most popular.

When it comes to wedding flowers the anemone is mostly used in the bridal bouquet. With its pure white petals and deep black center it creates a classic look on its own. You can also create a more dramatic look depending on what other flowers you pair them with. These flowers are typically available from October to May, only two of the major wedding months. If this is a flower you love and would like to incorporate into your wedding be sure to consider your time frame. Check with your local florist to inquire about their availability, and color options.

Springtime Weddings – Ideas For The Perfect Spring Wedding  

Springtime Weddings – Ideas For The Perfect Spring Wedding

Springtime is one of the favorite times of the year where most couples decided to get married. This is the time when the flowers begin to bloom and the trees begin to green; the perfect time to tie the knot and say “I do”.

To make your spring wedding a perfect one, here are some ideas that can help you in your wedding preparations:

The Color SchemeThere are many possible colors you can mix and match to be your wedding colors. You can pair two or more colors together such as ivory, lavender and pastel green or pastel green, pink and lavender. Since spring is associated with airy and vibrant colors, stay away from deep colors that represents autumn season. There are lots of colors you can choose, so make sure that what you pick are well-coordinated colors.

The Wedding InvitationUsually, spring themed wedding invitations have flowers printed on it. Stationary used are colorful and the font styles mirrors the feel of springtime. Don’t be anxious to use colorful papers or prints because spring is all about colors.

The FlowersThere are lots of flowers blooming during springtime so you have several choices to choose from. Flowers with vibrant colors are daffodils, forsythia, peony and ranunculus. Beautiful flowers with the shade of blue are anemone, hyacinth, pansy, wisteria, and violet. If you want pink flowers you can use hydrangea, cherry blossoms and lilac. White spring flowers like lilies, narcissus, snap dragon, stephanotis and sweet pea are great to combine with other colorful spring flowers. Make sure that whatever flower you use in your bouquets and floral decorations, they will complement each other.

The Wedding Dress and AttireFor your wedding gown, choose a light fabric where you can also wear a wrap just in case a cold breeze happens on your wedding day. For a springtime wedding, perfect styles are sleeveless gowns, spaghetti straps; tea length dresses and strapless dresses. You can also incorporate spring colors to your wedding gown; floral embroidery or tie a ribbon that matches your color scheme to your waist to accentuate your gown. Incorporate colors to the attire of men by wearing colored ties.

The Wedding Reception and DecorationsOutdoor weddings are perfect during springtime. You can have a garden wedding full of flowers so you don’t have to decorate it with flowers anymore, just add some props like candelabras, urns, drapes and some fabric like lace and tulle. If you want to use candles to make an elegant and classy ambiance, schedule your wedding in the late afternoon. Be reminded that you should have another plan just in case the weather change; there’s a big possibility of changing weather during spring season.

The Wedding FavorThere are many wedding favors you can choose that suits your spring themed wedding. You can have personalized soap with your names and the date of your wedding written on the box or potted plants or flowers to represent spring or even cardholders with floral designs. For more unique favors you can search the internet or ask your friends.

The Wedding CenterpiecesFor your centerpieces, a vase with a single flower on it is elegantly beautiful; or you can have an urn full of colorful flowers on it, it will depend on other decorations in the reception area. Slices of fresh fruits is also a great idea to have as a centerpiece, your guests will surely love to nibble them after eating a full meal.

The Wedding MenuFor your menu, the best foods that will go with the season are light foods. Serve some spring lamb with vegetables for the main meal and some slices of fruits for dessert. Drinks like lemonade and iced tea are perfect for the weather. As for your wedding cake, carrot cake or strawberry cake will definitely a delicious choice; top it with fresh carrot and strawberry respectively to highlight the finest of the season.

Autumn Weddings Make For Romantic Moments

Autumn Weddings Make For Romantic Moments

Autumn weddings have a distinct romantic air to them that makes a lot of couples time their own weddings during this season. Is it the nip of the air, or the glorious burst of colors, perhaps? Or maybe, the symbol of endings and beginnings that autumn can easily stand for? Whatever the reason, autumn weddings are especially beautiful.

Autumn Weddings – Additional Touches to Go With the Season

Autumn is the time of the year when trees present themselves in their best appearances. You can actually pick up their colors for your own autumn wedding motif. Your wedding invitations, give-aways/favors, cake and decorations can also be designed with autumn in mind. The wedding entourage can also be clothed with a similar motif, from the color to the designs of the outfits.

You can actually be liberal with touches and highlights reminiscent of the season with your wedding decorations. After all, an autumn wedding should really echo the colors of the season for more drama.

It may not be a straightforward autumn motif. You may have another equally lovely motif in mind. But you can still incorporate hints of autumn into your original plans. A vineyard motif, for example can readily integrate an autumn mood.

Fabric leaves dyed with colors of fall are fantastic highlight or accent pieces to your wedding decorations. Add to this vine garlands with autumn-colored leaves and bunches of grapes and you are on the right track. Other great accent pieces would be wide gold bows and ribbons. Again, to go with the season, you can forgo too much flowers and add more greenery instead. Anyway, there are not much flowers during this season.

For your autumn wedding give-aways or favors, they can be anything wrapped in fall-themed boxes or accented with dyed fabric leaves or leaf-shaped cookies with autumn colors.

Autumn Weddings – The Bridal Gown and the Setting

If you have settled for the autumn colors – varying degrees of reds, oranges, browns and yellows, it is wise to forego the traditional virginal white and go for ivory or off-white material for your wedding gown. This blends well with the over-all motif.

As for the venue or setting of your autumn wedding, look for something that is elegant but not flashy. An old church would be a good idea. Or, to take advantage of the cool, dry season, you can have an outdoor wedding somewhere in the heart of a vineyard, an elegant garden or even an orchard. Settings like these bring out the best effect of your autumn wedding in the photos.

The idea is for the wedding to reflect the spirit of the season and remind everyone that you are getting married in this time of the year when nature is at its best.

Summer Weddings – Nothing Can Beat the Beauty of Summer Weddings

Many people have always dreamt of having the perfect summer wedding. The weather is at its best and there is the fresh smell of exotic flowers in the breeze. This is the season of love and beauty. Who does not want to start a new life in the season of love?

Summer weddings are the latest trend in the market. The market is overflowing with concepts related to summer weddings specials. The best part about having a wedding in the summer is that it can be held out in the open under the clear blue sky. Many feel that the idea of having a beach theme wedding is the best they could have for a wedding.

Having chosen the summer season for your wedding, you do not have to worry about the cold or the rain. You as well as your guests can wear the nicest of dresses and flaunt it happily. And since the weather is good it puts everybody in the mood of merriment.

Moreover, summer weddings are especially preferred by the groom and the bride because it makes the arrangements all the more easier. One does not have to worry about a stray blizzard that might pose a problem.

The use of flowers is the most important thing in any summer wedding. Weddings are incomplete without the flowers that deck every part of the venue and touch the hearts of the onlookers. <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=“”> Colorful summer flowers </a> add to the beauty of the occasion and spread the freshness around.

Flowers play an integral role in every occasion related to a wedding, be it a shower or the honeymoon suite. Flowers can give a special touch of the love that forms part of each wedding. Summer weddings are incomplete without the excellent display of myriad varied flowers of different colors.

Summer weddings can be the ideal time to hold a wedding because there is a magic in the air. It is lovely to get married in this time of the year because in a marriage everything has to be perfect. What better perfection can be asked for – perfect weather, perfect flowers, perfect environment and perfect love for the perfect wedding!

Wedding Flowers Pink – Love And Warmth With Pink Flowers For Weddings

Wedding Flowers Pink – Love And Warmth With Pink Flowers For Weddings

Pink wedding flowers can make excellent floral arrangements for your wedding. If you want to decorate your wedding with flowers that represent love and warmth, without doubt are the wedding pink flowers most suitable for you. Rosa in its various hues has long been a favorite part of wedding themes. Pink wedding flowers to look elegant, refined and romantic for your wedding.

Pink wedding flowers are able to stand alone in style or try to mix with stronger red and burgundy flowers. If you have any favorite flowers, found in shades of pink, which allows it to adapt better to your wedding to your personality and individual preferences.

Some beautiful flowers for your wedding Pink Wedding!

Pink Rose

Pink roses generally used for wedding bouquets. They will definitely increase the beauty of the bridal wedding gown. The roses are available in different shades of pink, from purple to hot pink. The roses are a favorite because they look great variety of wedding and commercial do not want on you. Pink roses stand for style and romance.

Pink gerberas

Gerberas can be used alone or together with other flowers such as orchids or Lisianthus can make an agreement of great table centerpiece. Is not a lack of variety, if you want to have pink gerbera flowers for you wedding. Gerbera like Serena are used to decorate the wedding area. His thin, pale pink and dusty roses are also available.


There is several types of lily, and there are still only as part of a contract of marriage or bouquet of flowers. Cymbidium Lily Rose gives a soft look for your wedding. This flower is white and pink streaks in it. Oriental lilies are fine, much like tiger lilies, but with white and deep pink accents instead.

Other flowers are pink Wedding:

Dahlia, pansy, hydrangea, tulips, freesias and Calla Lily
Tulips and Gerbera daisies like flowers wedding rose contribute to a sense of fun and light heart for your wedding or reception. And for large, loose flowers, your best choice is the beautiful pink Peony.

Pink wedding flowers work well in a mixed system when combined with lilac and purple flowers. They also combine well with both light and dark green plant material. White flowers can be used to lighten your disposal, if necessary.

For a subtle effect pink, choose a flower that is predominantly white but has streaks of pink in it. This color scheme works well if you wear a pink dress and do not want to be “not too pink.” Flowers that have this coloring include certain types of lilies and cymbidium orchid.

Decorate their surroundings wedding flowers blue and pale yellow with pink flowers, will make your wedding even more romantic. You can also go on green leaves or flowers to enhance the beauty of the flower pink wedding. You can also create a tonal look using red and pink flowers together. For example, put a zinnia flower center with some pink flowers all around.

Remember to use flowers in season. This is an important consideration when deciding which flowers to use. Using a flower of the season will be cost increases and availability decreases. But what are the flowers of the season, at the time of my marriage? Fortunately, there are a variety of pink flowers available all year.

Here is a list of wedding flowers pink and their season:

Spring – flowers pink wedding flowers or most are widely available this season. Specifications pink flowers in spring are the anemone, peony, star Gazer lily, sweet pea and tulips.

Summer – A summer wedding flowers pink as such offers the chrysanthemum, Freesia, Gerbera daisy, hydrangea, Larkspur and more.

Autumn – pink flowers for fall include Aster, dahlia and zinnia.

Winter – Winter can produce pink color selections such as the anemone, cosmos, camellias and ranunculus.

Pink wedding flowers are suitable for the marriage of Easter. It gives a soft romantic touch to your wedding. So what are you waiting for? If you want to have an airy, romantic, delicate and elegant floral decoration for your wedding, choose wedding flowers pink!

How To Increase The Charm and Grace Of The Venue With Summer Flowers In Weddings

How To Increase The Charm and Grace Of The Venue With Summer Flowers In Weddings

Weddings are unfinished without the use of the proper flowers and they can add to the beauty of the bride and the groom. Perfect summer flowers weddings can provide the special ceremonious look at an affordable rate.

Choosing the proper flowers for the wedding can be difficult and may require some professional help. A wedding planner can give you a clear cut idea about the proper flowers to use and that too the proper combination. Since the use of wedding flowers in summers should be done with a lot of consideration, a little extra money spent on the decoration part would do no harm.

Beautification of summer weddings can be made to stand out from the others with the perfect use and blend of the ornamental summer weddings flowers. The lovely weather of summer brings the best of flowers in the most beautiful of colors. The vibrant colors of these summer flowers make the whole occasion memorable and accentuate the happiness in the hearts of the couple. The whole décor greatly depends on the summer flowers chosen for the wedding.

Choosing the right combination of summer flowers is important as by means of summer flowers weddings acquire the look of splendor and magnificence. The taste and quality of the flowers used speaks of the charm and the grace that the bride has to carry. The flowers show off the élan of the groom and together they portray the passion and the anticipation of the new couple.

Making use of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=“”> summer flowers in wedding arrangements </a> can leave a lasting impact on the minds of the guests. Who does not want to be remembered for having the perfect wedding?  One would always look back and think of their own wedding and cherish the memories throughout their life. Your wedding is of course a once in a lifetime occasion and by utilizing the attractiveness of summer flowers in weddings is considered to be more than just a ceremony.