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Floral Preservaton Art

preserved wedding bouquet

Preserve the love...

Leigh Florist offers 3D flower preservation art. Every design is uniquely customized with your event and style in mind. Save your memories in a hand made design using the flowers from your wedding encased in a professionally crafted frame with museum grade UV glass.

Our team will work closely with you during your initial assessment to choose the best design style based on the style and size of your bouquet. 

Your flowers and botanicals are preserved, dried and cared for prior to designing. During the design phase you will receive a preview that allows you to request adjustments. We offer in studio pick up and nationwide shipping.

Custom Floral Art

Our process begins with quality evaluation before drying the elements of your bouquet. Choose your design style, your frame and decide what memories you would like to include like an invitation or add a custom initial or monogram.

The size of the design will determine the amount of details, flowers and elements that can include in your shadow box. You can expect the first phase of drying to take 8-10 weeks. Once your flowers are ready, we will contact you about the next steps.

floral preservation photo

Let's get started!

For best results please plan to provide your flowers within 1-3 days after the event.

A deposit is required at the time of reservation or drop off. If your bouquet requires repair, we offer bloom replacements and recreations.

Shadow box designs require a $300 deposit / Terrariums require a $100 deposit.

floral preservation pricing

Bouquet Care

Keep the bouquet at room temperature and out of the refrigerator, place in a vase and keep base of stems within an inch of water. The bouquet flowers should remain dry, do not spray or saturate. Please be mindful that bouquets are made of delicate and this makes delivery time sensitive.

For local clients

Plan a visit to our studio during business hours for a bouquet assessment
Leigh Florist Studio - 400 Amherst Rd Audubon, NJ 08106

Monday-Wednesday 9-5   Thursday-Friday 9-6   Saturday 10-2p

For shipping clients

Contact us to schedule a reservation prior to shipping and we will walk you through the steps!

flowers preserved in terrarium

The nature of dried flowers

Dried flowers will appear deeper in color from your original fresh blooms, as shades and hues will naturally darken. For example, whites will appear cream/beige and reds will appear dark burgundy. While most flowers will dry successfully, there are a few exceptions due to the high moisture content. Examples of these flowers are tulips, succulents, gardenias and stephanotis.

We offer replacement services to replace a few blooms or even can recreate your bouquet. If it has been more than one week after the wedding. Send us a photo of your wedding bouquet, we will recreate and capture the look of your original bouquet. Also, this makes a unique anniversary gift!

Download to review your Floral Preservation Terms and Conditions for bouquet preservation process and guidelines.

floral presentation ideas

We look forward to creating your custom design with your memories!

Contact our team with any questions


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