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Complete Bouquet Shipping Instructions:

Important Shipping Instructions:   We recommend overnight priority shipping due to the perishable nature of the flowers. When selecting priority overnight shipping be sure the shipment is guaranteed for delivery by 4:00pm the next day.

Important Bouquet Care:   Please do not spray bouquet or saturate with water. Dry shipping is best to prevent mold. Keep bouquet in room temperature before shipping.

Shipping Checklist:

  • ___ Floral Preservation Shipping Form - please print our shipping form then fill it out and place inside shipping box with your items    
  • ___ $200 deposit – please write your payment information on floral preservation shipping form
  • ___ your invitation (if desired) – please place between two pieces of cardboard to prevent bending (be sure to place in a zip lock bag to protect them from any moisture) **Please provide two copies of your invitation.
  • ___ If you are including any additional items for your shadow box (i.e. boutonniere, locket, etc.) please write them down on your floral preservation shipping form – just to be sure they are not missed in the shipping materials

**Upon receipt, you will receive an email confirmation. In addition, we will also make suggestions for sizing if you have included extra items that may not fit into the standard 11x14 shadow box. (For example - one medium bouquet and a standard size invitation will fit into an 11x14.)

Tips for Shipping:

  • Place the bouquet (handle down) into a “nest” of packing paper. The key is to stabilize the bouquet as much as possible so it will not shift during shipment.
  • Please notify us prior to shipping so we can expect your bouquet

You are now ready to OVERNIGHT SHIP your bouquet to us.
Please address the shipping label to:

Leigh Florist, LLC.
400 Amherst Road
Audubon, NJ 08106