Tip #1: Ask questions

For those planning this may be the biggest event you have ever planned and designed.  Your vendors are your source for advice, inspiration and experience. There are so many ways for you to customize and create a unique event experience! Ask questions and you may become our inspiration, we are ready to make new ideas happen!

Tip #2: Take the time to understand and get to know the company in which you are investing

We see clients who are price shopping and seem to overlook that designing flowers is an art and a personal journey that is perfected over time. The studios ability to handle weddings, the design skill of the team and their portfolio should be considered. Every studio has a different design style and can vary greatly by their supporting staff.  At Leigh Florist, we realize that every member of our team plays a part in your event experience.

Tip #3: Make sure you are not planning too early

We are the icing on the cake when it comes to bringing your event design vision to like.

It is suggested that you have your venue chosen, photography, color pallet, gown and bridal party dresses chosen. We will take all of these elements into consideration when helping you to plan the flowers and designs for your wedding day.

Tip #4: Be open to contrasting colors

Photo Credit: Asya Photography

Flowers are full of beauty and variation. The wonder of working with nature and seasonal elements is that weather has an impact on colors. We see clients make the mistake of choosing a safe color pallet or matching everything to Brides maid’s dresses. There is so much beauty in contrasting and complimenting colors. For example your color pallet may be peach, Ivory and Gold determined by dresses, jewelry and shoes. To take this color scheme to the next level add a rich tone of deep plum or a pop of raspberry. This may be just what is needed! I am a believer that your reception can include more color than the ceremony, adding an element of surprise to your wedding day designs!

Tip #5: Design and event that is within the appropriate scale

When designing in large scale event spaces, ballrooms, cathedral ceilings, barns. It is important to consider the size of the space you are designing. This is a mistake we often see when clients that supply their own table top décor. For example, a mantle is typically larger than that found in your home with a grand vaulted ceiling, we will help you to choose design elements with the proper scale in mind.  We will help you to think big and choose layers that coordinate with your event style!