It all starts with the bouquet! If you’re a bride-to-be, deciding what you’ll carry down the aisle is actually a pretty important decision. When floral planning, this is one of the first places florists recommend beginning as the whole vision for your event will stem (pun intended!) from this integral piece and tie the whole vision together.

Bridal bouquets have their beginnings in ancient Rome, where we still find a lot of our modern traditions in practice today. These days the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your perfect bouquet. At Leigh Florist we treat them as natural art pieces that reflect your style and personality. The team at Leigh Florist design studio has created an easy guide to help you create your unique bouquet.

The Wedding Gown

The wedding dress is one of the first pieces that a bride-to-be invests in, and the bouquet should naturally complement this pivotal piece. Whether it’s a clean modern silhouette, a mermaid, princess, or even 70’s inspired design – the flowers should enhance the dress style and the type of fabric used.

The Season

Designing in the moment of the season is always best. Our team can recommend the best flowers blooming for your season and pairing with fresh in-season colors.  In the years to come and as you look at your wedding photos, your bouquet will take you back to this romantic day.

Cultural Traditions

Traditional ceremonies may call for neutrals or cultural colors. Less formal wedding ceremonies are more open to seeing a mix of wildflowers, textures, draping greenery, or brightly colored blooms. If you are having a fusion or multicultural wedding, it is important to consider the types of flowers that are significant to your traditions. 

The Shape

The shape really comes down to the personality of the bride and overall style of your event. If you are more carefree, a loose whimsical style may compliment you most. Whereas if you are going for a black tie, modern, or sophisticated event a modern layered or classic round may look great. Here are a few popular bouquet shapes to consider:

Greenery Detail

Do you love the idea of greenery, or do you prefer just a natural hint? Minimal to almost no greenery has been a trend in recent years we’ve been seeing more of, as it focuses more on the blooms for an elevated and chic look. While greenery can really complement and enhance your venue’s landscape.

The Size

Bouquets are created with you in mind. They can be petite, medium, lush, or made extra large for a dramatic impact. In order to create a bouquet you are comfortable carrying we may discuss your height and fit of dress.

Something old

This tradition is always a sweet way to incorporate sentimental items like a family heirloom, mom’s dress lace, broaches, lockets, or a gift from your groom. If you want to accent your bouquet with something old, new, borrowed, or blue, we can incorporate this into the handle detail.

Adrienne Matz Photography

Ask your photographer to capture it well!

Your bridal bouquet is a beautiful wedding memory. Be sure to ask your photographer to capture detailed pictures of your wedding bouquet from various angles (with or without you holding it).

To have and to hold

Hold it just below your navel or belly button so that the shape of your waist does not get covered. If you hold it too high it will lift up your shoulders and can look a bit awkward. Hold your bouquet lower than your waist and slightly away from your dress. Be relaxed and observe proper posture so you won’t look lopsided or tensed when the photographer captures your pictures with the bouquet.

Saltwater Studios

Don’t just toss it when you can preserve it!

Why toss the bridal bouquet when you can keep it by preserving it! order to keep your flowers looking fresh all day you can keep the stems in water. Delegate this task to a friend or family so you won’t forget. Ask our team about our bouquet preservation designs!

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