2019 is the year of the house plant. The latest home décor trend is all about bringing the outdoor indoors. Adding a lush healthy touch of green to book shelves and walls and displaying plants in both old school and unique ways.

Plants add life and vibrancy to the home and some help purify the air. This year’s plant trend focuses on bringing the outdoors indoors with botanical walls and indoor gardens. So what plants work well indoors?

Fun Plants to Consider for Your Indoor Garden:


Succulents are a wonderful plant for an indoor garden as they are easy to care for and tend to be small so they don’t take up much space. They are native to desserts and prefer dry sandy soil so they don’t require much water. Place in a sunny window and water about every 7 – 10 days being sure the soil dries completely before the next watering.

Air Plants

Air Plants are another easy care option for the home and they don’t require soil which is great because no soil = no dirt. To care for an air plant simply soak bottom of the plant in a bowl of water for a few hours once a week. Let dry before placing in it’s receptacle. Mist regularly between watering.


Orchids are easy to care for once you get the hang of it. They do require special orchid soil as their roots need circulation but other than that they prefer filtered sunlight and about a shot glass amount of water to the roots once a week.