Save the Bouquet! Your wedding is over, now what? Get your bouquet into our shop asap and we’ll start the process of preserving your wedding flowers.
We at Leigh Florist LOVE flowers, and we love preserving wedding memories. Our shadow box designs are heirloom quality and make a beautiful gift for your bride. When you are considering floral preservation there are a few things to keep in mind:


1. Keep your bouquet in water as often as you can during your wedding. After your wedding freshen the water in your vase trying not to wet the ribbon. You do not have to freeze or refrigerate your bouquet just keep it indoors and away from heat.


2. Get your bouquet to our shop the Monday or Tuesday after your wedding. The sooner the better so we can get to the flowers before mold sets in. We will thoroughly check each flower in your bouquet and let you know of there are any issues that would require replacements. We will let you know if replacements are needed and what their cost is.


3. The drying process takes approximately 8-10 weeks and during this time you can customize your order. If you haven’t already you can pick the frame, the Background, horizontal or vertical positioning and how you would like your dried flowers arranged (bouquet or surrounding the invitation.) You can add enclosures such as a wedding invitation, photograph or something sentimental. Check out our website: or pop by the store for ideas. We take floral preservation very seriously and hold ourselves to a very high standard. That is why we only allow our approved frames and backgrounds to be used. All of our frames are all made by hand, they are high quality wooden frames that will stand the test of time. The background mats we have available are the perfect choice for mounting flowers and other enclosures. We have chosen these mattes because the dry flowers adhere to them best.

5. Once dried we will arrange the flowers to your specifications, take a photo and send you the proof for your approval. Once you give us the green light we will complete your order.

And there you have it! Your bouquet.